LBN – Wednesday, May 9, 2017

*Obama: Trump’s Withdrawal From Iran Deal Is a ‘Serious Mistake’:
Former President Barack Obama released a statementTuesday in reaction to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran deal, calling it “misguided” and a “serious mistake.” Obama insisted that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is “working” and said that while Iranian behavior is troubling, the country is “is far more dangerous if their nuclear program is unconstrained.” “Our ability to confront Iran’s destabilizing behavior—and to sustain a unity of purpose with our allies—is strengthened with the JCPOA, and weakened without it,” he said. Obama added that the U.S. could be left with a tough choice “between a nuclear-armed Iran or another war in the Middle East.” He also remarked on how the diplomatic back-and-forth might look going into negotiations with North Korea. “At a time when we are all rooting for diplomacy with North Korea to succeed, walking away from the JCPOA risks losing a deal that accomplishes—with Iran—the very outcome that we are pursuing with the North Koreans,” he said. The Iran deal was Obama’s signature foreign-policy achievement—adopted in 2015 and implemented before he left office.

*Texas Teacher Who Says She Was Suspended for Being Gay Sues School:

A teacher filed a lawsuit against a Texas school district on Tuesday, saying she was suspended in September after a parent claimed she was promoting a “homosexual agenda” during Get to Know Your Teacher Day. Eight months ago, a Mansfield Independent School District official told Stacy Bailey “you can’t promote your lifestyle in the classroom” after she showed her students a photo of her “future wife,” according to court documents. Parents also allegedly accused the art teacher of showing “sexually inappropriate images” in class. Bailey says she “did no such thing.” She was asked to resign in October by administrators but refused. The two-time Teacher of the Year at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School was then transferred to a secondary school after MISD renewed her contract in April, according to the court documents. School administrators are “sending the message that it believed LGBT teachers were not acceptable to teach elementary students,” her attorney, Jason Smith, said. Bailey is calling on the school district to include sexual orientation and gender-identity language in its anti-discrimination policy. Concerns over Bailey were not about “her request to have our nondiscrimination policies reviewed and/or revised with regard to LBTQ rights,” Mansfield school districts said in a statement. The teacher is suing for emotional damages and wants to be reinstated.

*Trump to Cash In on NYC Subsidized Housing Sale:

President Donald Trump is expected to cash in on a major sale of a subsidized housing complex in New York. Starrett City in Brooklyn, which encompasses 46 buildings, was sold for $906 million. The Associated Press reports that Trump owns 4 percent of the housing complex, according to his financial disclosure forms. The AP also notes that the Trump administration has proposed cuts of more than 11 percent to such housing programs nationwide.

*Report: Israeli Missiles Struck Syrian Targets:

Israeli missiles hit a military target in Syria on Tuesday, according to Syrian state-run media. Two of the missiles were reportedly intercepted. The strikes, which occurred just outside the capital city Damascus, come just hours after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Iran is backing groups in Syria that are propping up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

*AT&T Paid Michael Cohen’s Firm for ‘Insights’ Into Trump Administration:

AT&T acknowledged on Tuesday that it sent money to Michael Cohen’s limited-liability company so that it could receive “insights” about the Trump administration. The revelation comes after The Daily Beast confirmed that a firm controlled by a Vladimir Putin-aligned Russian oligarch also paid Cohen’s firm. The LLC was the entity that paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels as part of a hush-money agreement to ensure that she would stay silent about an alleged affair with President Donald Trump. Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, alleged earlier Tuesday that AT&T made four payments of $50,000 each to the LLC. AT&T also said the LLC “did no legal work for us, and the contract ended in December 2017.”

*Trump Threatens to Take Away Press Credentials From ‘Fake News’ Media:

President Donald Trump threatened to take away the “Fake News” media’s credentials in a tweet Wednesday morning. “The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91% of the Network News about me is negative (Fake),” he wrote. “Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?” Trump famously banned certain news outlets from attending events in his 2016 campaign, and his propensity for attacking “fake news” has gained popularity with international governments.

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*Climate Change Ruining California’s Environment, Says Report:

There is “unequivocal” evidence that man-made climate change is having a ruinous effect on California’s environment, according to a new report from the California Environmental Protection Agency. The 350-page report—based on research from scientists, academia, and research institutions—sets out how forest fires, droughts, and warmer ocean temperatures all point to man-made climate change destroying the state’s environment. Despite a downward trend in greenhouse-gas emissions measured in California, CO2 levels in the atmosphere and in seawater continue to increase at a steady rate. The report shows that night temperatures have increased 2.3 degrees over the past century. “To me, it shows how important it is to bring carbon emissions down to zero and to limit the amount of climate change that occurs as much as possible,” said Christopher Field, a top climate scientist whose research is reflected in the report. “The risks are coming into sharper focus, the range of impacts are coming into sharper focus. [The report] reinforces and amplifies the messages we’ve already seen.”

*Mormon Church Ends Century-Old Alliance With Boy Scouts:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday ended its century-old alliance with the Boy Scouts of America, pledging to place hundreds of thousands of its boys into a gospel-focused youth program instead. The move, which will put an 18.5 percent dent in the youth organization’s membership, comes after the Boy Scouts began allowing girls into the traditionally all-boy program and announced it would allow openly gay troop leaders. The Mormon church, which opposes gay marriage, said it was “deeply troubled” by that decision at the time. The church said it now plans to create its own youth program similar to the Boy Scouts that will begin in 2020 and help members “develop life skills and fulfill their divine roles as daughters and sons of God.”

*Former CIA Officer Charged With Spying for China:

The Justice Department on Tuesday indicted a former CIAoperative who allegedly passed on information to Beijing that allowed Chinese spies to kill U.S. informants and largely cripple American intelligence operations there. In a statement announcing the charges, the Justice Department said Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 53, sold Chinese intelligence officers information “relating to the national defense of the United States.” Lee, who worked for the CIA from 1994 to 2007 before moving to Hong Kong, was lured back to the U.S. by the FBI in 2012 as part of a long-running operation. He was first arrested in January on charges of illegally retaining classified information, but federal prosecutors on Tuesday added a new charge of conspiring to commit espionage for a foreign government. Lee is believed to have been the mole behind a series of killings of U.S. informants in China that crippled the CIA network in the country.

*LBN- INVESTIGATES: Odd Strip-Club Requests:

Stormy Daniels has embarked on a “Make America Horny Again” strip-club tour—she didn’t choose the name—in the months since the payoff story broke, and according to an anecdote she gave to Penthouse, the anti-Trump crowds at her performances have been making some strange requests. At a strip club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Daniels recalls coming face-to-face with a huge crowd of gay men clutching bags of Cheetos and offering to pay her $20 to stomp Cheetos into the ground. “Money was exchanged, Cheetos were scattered, and the hardworking porn star turned international news story ground them to orange powder beneath her high-heeled stripper shoes,” read the piece.

LBN- FACT OF THE DAY:   In the United States alone there are nearly 700,000 physicians. In appreciation of doctors and physicians, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on March 30every year, commemorating the day that general anesthesia was used in surgery for the first time.

LBN- THOUGHT OF THE DAY:  “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman: It is impossible to visit China these days and not compare and contrast the drama playing out in Beijing politics with the drama playing out in Washington politics. While the differences are many, I am sorry to report that some of the parallels are getting too close for comfort.Let’s start with the fact that the anti-corruption crackdown by President Xi Jinping has created a climate of fear in China these days — whether about interacting with foreigners or saying the wrong thing or behaving too extravagantly so as to attract the state “anti-corruption” detectives. But because “corruption” has not been clearly defined — and can be used to get rid of anyone for any reason — people don’t know where the line is, so they’re extra cautious. That’s why during a week in Beijing the most frequent expression I heard was, “You’re not quoting me on this, right?” But if the Chinese are afraid to talk to one another, in America we’ve forgotten how to talk to one another.

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*LBN- INVESTIGATES: Clinical Lycanthropy

A rare psychiatric syndrome involving the delusion that one can or has transformed into an animal, clinical lycanthropy derives its name from the mythical belief that some humans have the capacity assume the physical characteristics of a wolf, an ability known as lycanthropy. In clinical lycanthropy, patients report transforming into a variety of creatures; thus, the condition is sometimes referred to as zoanthropy.

*LBN- TODAY’S FAMOUS BIRTHDAY: Billy Joel, May 9, 1949 (age 68)

Across the 20 years of his solo career, Billy Joel produced 33 Top 40 hits in the US, all of which he wrote himself, and three of which (“It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”, “Tell Her About It”, and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”) managed to top the charts. He is also a six-time Grammy Award winner who has been nominated for 23 Grammy Awards. With over 150 million records sold worldwide, he is one of the best-selling artists of all time as well as the sixth best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States.


LBN- INVESTIGATES: 5 Random Fun Facts

1. Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday.

2. Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which is why they were called “trailers”.

3. “Facebook Addiction Disorder” is a mental disorder identified by psychologists.

4. Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories per hour.

5. During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

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