LBN – Wednesday, August 6th, 2017

*Trump: “If Congress Can’t Fix
DACA, I’ll ‘Revisit’ It.”

President Donald Trump said Tuesday night that if Congress cannot pass a legislative fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that his administration scrapped, he will “revisit” it. “Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA (something the Obama Administration was unable to do). If they can’t, I will revisit this issue!” Trump tweeted. He declined to offer specifics on what “revisiting” would entail. Congressional Republicans have yet to pave out a path forward on a legislative fix, and lawmakers remain divided on the issue. Trump frequently makes promises he doesn’t keep, and earlier Tuesday his administration announced that DACA would be phased out over the next six months to buy Congress time. The New York Times reported that Trump asked his staff if there was a “way out” of deciding on DACA.

*U.N.: There Have Been 33 Uses of
Chemical Weapons in Syria

United Nations war-crimes investigators have found the most conclusive evidence to date on chemical-weapons attacks in Syria, announcing in a new report that at least 33 uses of such weapons have been documented so far in the war-torn country. Twenty-seven of those attacks were perpetrated by forces representing the government of President Bashar al-Assad, according to the report. At least 83 people were killed in the April sarin-gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun, and most of those victims were women and children, according to the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria. The findings declare that the attack was, in fact, a war crime.


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*This is Hillary’s idea of taking
responsibility for losing the election:

Hillary Clinton takes sole responsibility for her stunning election loss to Donald Trump in her new tell-all, acknowledging, “It was my campaign. Those were my decisions.” “I go back over my own shortcomings and the mistakes we made. I take responsibility for all of them. You can blame the data, blame the message, blame anything you want — but I was the candidate,” she writes in “What Happened,” CNN reported Wednesday. In the book, which is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, the former secretary of state admits she misjudged the political environment and Trump’s unorthodox presidential campaign. “I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t realize how quickly the ground was shifting under all our feet,” she writes, CNN reported, citing an early copy of the book. “I was running a traditional presidential campaign with carefully thought-out policies and painstakingly built coalitions, while Trump was running a reality TV show that expertly and relentlessly stoked Americans’ anger and resentment.” But she takes time to fault James Comey — whom she refers to as a “rash FBI director” — for re-opening the investigation into her email server a week before the election, and Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders for muddying the message about how Democrats could help the middle class. And she wonders why, after years as first lady, secretary of state, senator from New York and two-time presidential candidate, the public turned against her. “What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking. I’m at a loss,” she writes. Then she says: “I think it’s partly because I’m a woman.”

*Political Divisions in U.S. Are
Widening, Notes Media Expert:

Image result for michael levine publicist

Divisions in America reach far beyond Washington into the nation’s culture, economy and social fabric, and the polarization began long before the rise of President Donald Trump, notes media expert and author Michael Levine( ). Recent poll findings help explain why political divisions are now especially hard to bridge, Levine commented. People who identify with either party increasingly disagree not just on policy; they inhabit separate worlds of differing social and cultural values and even see their economic outlook through a partisan lens. The wide gulf is visible in an array of issues and attitudes: Democrats are twice as likely to say they never go to church as are Republicans, and they are eight times as likely to favor action on climate change. One-third of Republicans say they support the National Rifle Association, while just 4% of Democrats do. “More than three-quarters of Democrats, but less than one-third of Republicans, said they felt comfortable with societal changes that have made the U.S. more diverse” said Levine.

Suspended for Opening Body Bag to
Gawk at Dead Man’s Genitals: 

Five nurses in Denver have been suspended after inappropriately gawking at a deceased man’s genitals and discussing the body in inappropriate terms, a hospital spokesman at the Denver Health Medical Center said. The nurses are under suspension for three weeks after allegedly admiring the size of the patient’s penis after he died. Another nurse overheard the conversations and reported them. “Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased,” a Denver Police report says. “The complainant, Risk Management for Denver Health, made a mandatory report.”

*Pharma Bro Shkreli Selling His $2M
Wu-Tang Clan Album

Martin Shkreli, the former drug-company executive dubbed the most hated man in America for hiking up prices on life-saving medicines, is selling his $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album. Just a month after he was convicted of securities fraud, Shkreli listed the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album on eBay with a starting price of $1. Bidding quickly hit $56,000 in the auction set to run through Sept. 15. The record was the only one sold by the rap group, and Shkreli butted heads with its members after releasing snippets of it online to celebrate President Donald Trump’s election victory. Shkreli claims he will give proceeds from the auction to “medical research,” though he did not provide any further details. “I am not selling to raise cash—my companies and I have record amounts of cash on hand,” Shkreli wrote on eBay. He also offered a disclaimer to potential buyers: “At any time I may cancel this sale and I may even break this album in frustration.”

*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***Top UTA agent Jeremy Barber saved a woman from choking to death during a flight headed back to LA from the Telluride Film Festival, sources say. Barber — a partner in the agency with clients including Anthony HopkinsDon Cheadle, Sigourney Weaver,Noah Baumbach and Julian Fellowes — was on the same Delta shuttle that’s been transporting stars such as Christian Bale and Natalie Portman to and from the remote Colorado town. As Barber boarded the starry flight, he helped a woman stow her overhead bag,  sources say. But there was trouble later when “the same woman, who was sitting directly in front of him, started choking,” said a source. “She was about to die. It was not good. People were freaking out . . . he really saved her life.

*Richard Simmons left with huge legal bills after failed National Enquirer suit:

Richard Simmons’ lawsuit against the National Enquirer is officially over — and Simmons is looking at a huge legal bill, we’re told. Simmons sued the newspaper in May for claiming that he is transitioning into a woman. Over the holiday weekend, LA Judge Gregory Keosian rubber-stamped his decision to dismiss the enigmatic fitness guru’s case, arguing that it’s not defamatory to say someone is transgender. Simmons is now on the hook for the legal expenses of the National Enquirer, which sources say could run into “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:Steve Bannon, the ousted White House strategist, sat for an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Roseon Wednesday afternoon in New York, sources say. The full interview will air Sunday on 60 Minutes with portions of it set to run Thursday afternoon on CBS This Morning.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Now here’s something to really jump up and down on the couch for. Hollywood’s worst-kept romantic secret—the relationship between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes — is finally out of the bag, after the couple was photographed walking hand in hand on the beach in Malibu on Labor Day, wearing matching fedoras no less. They have repeatedly denied they are in a relationship over the past few years, despite incessant rumors and frequent sightings of them together.   ***Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost at Nick & Toni’s “holding hands and enjoying a late-night dinner” andBilly Joel with Gov. Andrew Cuomo dining outside.   ***Veteran Hollywood manager and producer Steve Glickhaving lunch yesterday at Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica.   ***Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are definitely a couple, according to spies who saw them together on the beach at Soho House in Malibu on Sunday. One witness told us, “They spent all day together on the beach and at Soho House’s Little Beach House. It definitely looked like a date, or the early stages of a romance. They were laughing and having a good time.”


  • Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and is the largest city both in the state and in New England. It is also the sixth largest city in the United States and the 12th largest globally.

  • Foreign-born residents from over 100 different countries make up a fourth of Boston’s population. In Boston public schools, half of the students either speak a language other than English or speak another language in addition to English.

  • Children under the age of 18 only make up 17% of Boston’s population. These lower numbers are largely attributed to high housing costs.

  • Urban legend has it that Boston’s difficult-to-navigate streets are paved cow paths. While some streets are paved over cow paths, most of the streets follow the original coastline of Boston Proper before the city expanded over 1,000 acres during the landfill projects in the 19th century, giving them their seemingly strange pattern.

  • On April 15, 2013, two bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring over 300. Rather than instilling fear, this event triggered over 36,000 participants in the race the following year in 2014, the most since the record-setting year in 1996 when the race had 36,748 starters for the marathon’s 100th anniversary.

*LBN-HEALTH WATCH:   ****One of the nation’s most prestigious prizes in medicine will go to Planned Parenthood and two scientists who played a crucial role in developing the vaccine to combat HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer. A third honor will go to a Swiss molecular biologist, who made a groundbreaking discovery about cell growth. The Lasker Awards, sometimes called the “American Nobels” because 85 of the awardees have gone on to win the international honor, were announced by theAlbert and Mary Lasker Foundation Wednesday. Each prize comes with $250,000. The citation for the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award credits Planned Parenthood “for providing essential health services and reproductive care to millions of women for more than a century” and for helping “men as well.”   ***Pet chicks and ducklings seem unlikely culprits in a serious public health problem. But they’re responsible for infecting more than 900 people with salmonella this year — the highest number to date, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency is investigating multi-state outbreaks of salmonella infections linked to people who keep poultry in their backyards. As the local-food movement grows across the nation, more people are raising chickens, ducks and other birds. But along with the benefits of connecting with nature and easy access to fresh eggs comes the risk of disease. While most people who contract salmonella typically recover without treatment after a few days of diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, some cases require hospitalization and some can be fatal.




*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:   ***Who would have thought musty old Fenway Park, the 105-year-old dowager of the Back Bay, would be a battleground for technological espionage? In exposing a sign-stealing operation by the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees did not find evidence within the manually operated scoreboard in left field, along the Pesky Pole in right, or in the pattern of the neon lights on the Citgo sign above Kenmore Square. They found it on the Apple Watch of an assistant athletic trainer. The Red Sox have countered by saying that the Yankees have used a YES Network camera to spy on them, which the Yankees quickly denied. Major League Baseball is investigating the claims. After the initial disclosure of the Boston sign stealing by Michael S. Schmidt of The New York Times, Commissioner Rob Manfred all but said “boys will be boys” in a meeting with reporters at Fenway Park on Tuesday afternoon.



*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Rick Stevens, the former lead singer of Oakland’s Tower of Power rhythm and blues band who spent 36 years in prison, has died. He was 77. KTVU-TV reported that Stevens died Tuesday after a short battle with cancer. Stevens joined the band in 1969 and sang lead on the group’s first two albums, including on the hit songs “Sparkling in the Sand” and “You’re Still a Young Man.”

*LBN-VIDEO LINK: TV’s revealing interview show ——“Without Notes” with Susan Estrich – Episode 2: The Kennedy Campaign —-

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Frank BruniIt’s funny, and sad, that for all the reverence we accord athletes, we objectify them, casting them as hunks and hulks. We do that in spades with football players. Maybe that makes it easier to treat them as disposable. Maybe that’s why Patriots fans worry more about how Tom Brady will perform in Thursday night’s season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs than about what kind of father he’ll be to his children a decade from now, or about how intact his memories of his own glory will be. There isn’t a stronger drumbeat for him to retire mostly because he gives so many spectators so much pleasure — and seems to be having a blast himself. But there also isn’t a stronger drumbeat because in the same way that he and Bündchen don’t talk about his brain, the rest of us barely give it a thought.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by M. Zuhdi Jasser (Author, Political commentator):  In Jerusalem today on a trip to Israel with the American Conservative Union (ACU). We are meeting and learning this week from like-minded minded leaders and thinkers in Israel.  More to come later, but I broke off very early this AM to visit the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque at Temple Mount and was so inspired I thought I’d post a few pictures. Sadly the mosques are only open to Muslims and in fact non-Muslims who yes, may visit the common area between the structures but no, may not go in, and are prohibited from publicly or noticeably praying. That so runs against the spirit of the Islam I know.


*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Are YOU a Brand? —–

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Conan O’Brien: At yesterday’sTrump rally, the crowd was chanting “CNN Sucks!” And man, you do not want to hear what they had to say about the Science Channel.



*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Aaron Carter suffered injuries after a serious car crash Tuesday morning. “Life is really so precious,” the troubled singer shared on Twitter. “I just got into a terrible accident and completely totaled my BMW M4.” “TBH this s–t hurts my arms hurt my legs hurt all my airbags went off I broke my nose this is f–-ked up,” he continued. A rep for the star confirmed Carter didn’t actually break his nose. “Aaron was in a car accident yesterday,” his rep added. “Fortunately no one was hurt and Aaron is at home doing fine. He is looking forward to his shows in Memphis on Saturday and New York on Tuesday.”   ***Don’t expect George and Amal Clooney to expand their brood anytime soon. “I’m 39,” Amal told The Hollywood Reporter with a firm shake of her head when asked if she wanted more kids with her Oscar-winning husband. “I already had them quite late.” Despite rumors that George, 56, and Amal used fertility treatments to conceive their twins, Ella and Alexander, the “Suburbicon” director insists that Amal’s pregnancy was a surprise to them both — and that her pregnancy with twins was an outright shock at Amal’s ultrasound.