LBN – Sunday, August 27th, 2017


*Houston Faces Catastrophic Flooding As Tropical Storm Harvey Lingers With Pouring Rain

Two days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southern Texas, the city of Houston faced life-threatening, catastrophic flooding that authorities warned could become “historic.” The National Weather Service reported on Sunday morning that while winds were decreasing and Harvey had been downgraded to a tropical storm, heavy rainfall created life-threatening hazard across much of the state’s southeast region. Authorities in Houston, the country’s fourth largest city, declared a flood warning overnight Saturday when “a deluge” unfolded as an extremely intense band of rain pivoted through the area.  Thousands of homes in the metropolitan area were threatened by the rising water.

*Floyd Mayweather Defeats Conor McGregor to Remain Undefeated


Boxer Floyd Mayweather defeated UFC champion Conor McGregor on Saturday night in 10 rounds, extending his unbeaten record to 50 straight matches. The fight, which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, was highly anticipated, as it pit the undefeated Mayweather, 40, against McGregor, 29, who had never boxed before. Mayweather’s reward for the win is expected to be around $200 million. “I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see,” he said after the fight. Mayweather used a homophobic slur last month against McGregor during the run-up to the fight, while McGregor used racial slurs.

*MY REVIEW: “I have developed enormous respect for LBN over the last four or five years. As a political independent, I am especially impressed by unbiased and fearless approach of LBN. They are tough on both sides. In today’s world – extraordinary! Day in and day out, LBN holds power to account, impartially and unflinchingly. I rely on LBN to bring fairness, scrutiny and independence to both sides.” —– Cameron W.,an LBN reader from Stamford, Conn.

*NABBED – 30 Arrested for Trying to Reach U.S. Through Underground Tunnel

Thirty undocumented immigrants were arrested on Saturdayafter allegedly entering the U.S. illegally through an underground tunnel that led to San Diego, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said. “US Agents searched the area and discovered a crude opening in the ground with a ladder inside and determined that is was a smuggling tunnel,” the agency said in a statement, adding that 23 of the 30 individuals were Chinese and seven were Mexican. Officials also warned of similar tunnels being “used to facilitate human smuggling.”



*Floyd Mayweather already cashing in on historic win, notes media expert

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is making sure to get every last cent out of his historic victory over Conor McGregor. Commemorative hats went on sale minutes after Mayweather pushed his record to 50-0, surpassing Rocky Marciano’s hollowed boxing mark, with a 10th-round TKO of the UFC lightweight champion at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegason Saturday according to media expert and author Michael Levine ( . ESPN reporterDarren Rovell tweeted a photo of the black, snapback, New Era cap with 50-0 in large gold numbers across the front, saying they were being sold at the area for $40 each. “Las Vegas Fight Shop, which also sells other “The Money Team” apparel, tweeted the hats were already on their shelves at 1 p.m., about 10 minutes after the bouts conclusion” said Levine. Another big payday and the merchandise possibilities should keep Mayweather comfortable as he again enters retirement and help him pay back the $22 millions he reportedly owes the IRS.

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Chicago gangster Al Capone (1899-1947), in one of his sporadic attempts at public relations, opened a soup kitchen during the Great Depression. For millions, soup kitchens provided the only food they would see all day.


*LBN-HEALTH WATCH: A drug that fights inflammation can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and possibly lung cancer, in people who have already had one heart attack and are at high risk for another, a new study finds. Researchers outside the study say the findings represent a major milestone — proof of a biologic concept that opens the door to new ways of treating and preventing cardiovascular disease in people who are still at risk despite standard therapies. “This is fantastic,” said Dr. David J. Maron, the director of preventive cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine. “The green light just went on for full-fledged investigation and development of effective and cost-effective new therapies.”

*LBN-VIDEO LINK: Best trap for burglar (thieves)  — A shop owner set trap for a burglar. See what happens! —

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Intelligent people are more likely to swear and walk around naked at home, according to a new study. Quizzing about 1,000 people on 400 typical behaviors, researchers at the University of Rochester in the US also found that extroverts are prone to telling dirty jokes, while those with agreeable personalities are more likely to sing in the shower. During the study, participants were asked if they performed each of the 400 behaviors, and how often. The results were then compared with their own personalities, with the aim being to identify signature behaviors for each of the main personality types.

*LBN-VIDEO LINK: Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference —-



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*LBN-R.I.P.: Tobe Hooper, the director of horror classics like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist, diedSaturday in Sherman Oaks, California at the age of 74. The Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed Hooper’s death to Variety. No cause of death was provided.

*LBN-VIDEO LINK:  The revealing TV interview show – “Without Notes” with Susan Estrich – Episode 1: The Early Years  —-



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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Dana KennedyPity those planning the memorial service for legendary comedian Jerry Lewis reportedly scheduled for Labor Day weekend, at least when it comes to figuring out which of Lewis’ sometimes feuding—or possibly missing—children will show up. One thing seems certain: Lewis’ daughter Danielle, 25, whom he and his second wife adopted when Lewis was 66, will be front and center since she was as much Lewis’ Chosen One as Ivanka is President Trump’s favorite child. Lewis’ 64-year-old alleged illegitimate daughter with former fashion model Lynn Dixon, who calls herself Suzan Lewis (née Minoret) and is a dead ringer for her father, will probably be sleeping somewhere on the streets of Philadelphia. She’s been homeless for several decades, ultimately turning down help from a close friend of Jerry Lewis’ a few years ago. And don’t get anyone started onRonnie Lewis, the son Jerry and his first wife adopted in 1949. When The Daily Beast mentioned Lewis’ six sons to his Las Vegas spokeswoman Candi Cazau, she insisted he had only five sons. Cazau has worked for Lewis since 1998 and swore she never heard of a son named Ronnie, although Ronnie can be seen in many family photos online as well as in a YouTube video singing with his father on TV back in the 1950s.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Zudhi Jasser, M.D.: Over the past several years, innocent people the world over have endured blow after blow: Islamist terrorist attacks from San Bernardino to Beirut, Paris, London and now Barcelona and more. Children have seen blood pour into the aisles of concert venues, colleagues have watched their peers slaughtered, and families have lost everything at the hands of ISIS, aka the Islamic State. There is no denying that the ISIS monster is committed to destroying innocents in its path and taking as many lives as it can – and relishes every time its savagery and carnage dominate the headlines. It is vital that we pay close and vigilant attention to ISIS: its plans, its whereabouts, and its public statements. We must also pursue it, relentlessly and until it is decimated. Sadly, this is the same tail we chase with the rise of each radical Islamist terror group in what has become a global whack-a-mole program. As we were on the verge of decimating al-Qaeda, the violent jihadist brand shifted to ISIS. Without treating the real root cause of theocratic Islamism, any chance of decimating ISIS will disappear as the global terror movement shifts to the latest “brand” of violent jihad.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Adam GrantNot long ago, after interviewing a venture capitalist onstage, I announced to the audience that we would take questions but no pitches. The first person at the microphone asked the investor to fund his start-up. I cringed as the second person started to pitch, too. Our educational event had quickly turned into a bad episode of “Shark Tank.” The following week, at a similar event, I saw a student ask a C.E.O. for her personal email address in front of the crowd. I’ve been stunned by the lengths people will go to at tech and business conferences to make a connection with a big name: sneaking backstage for a selfie, slipping business cards into briefcases, chasing them out the exit. If the very thought of networking makes you throw up in your mouth, you’re not alone. Networking makes us feel dirty — to the point that one study found that people rate soap and toothpaste 19 percent more positively after imagining themselves angling to make professional contacts at a cocktail party. Just reading that research made me want to take a shower. Yet we’ve all been warned that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Success is supposed to come to the suave schmoozers and social butterflies.