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*FBI Arrests NSA Contractor:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently arrested a National Security Agency contractor and are probing whether he stole and disseminated classified computer codes built to hack foreign governments. The New York Times reported Wednesday that, according to several senior intelligence and law-enforcement officials, the contractor worked for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton—the same company that employed government leaker Edward Snowden—and that his theft of coding “appears to be different in nature from Mr. Snowden’s theft.” The suspect was identified Wednesday as Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, from Maryland. The highly classified “source codes” were reportedly developed by NSA agents to breach the computer networks of countries like Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea.

*VP Debate Draws Smaller Audience Than 2012, 2008:

One week after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met for the most-watched presidential debate in television history, earlyNielsen ratings numbers show Tuesday night’s vice-presidential sit-down saw a drop in viewers from the previous two cycles. Total ratings for the debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are expected to fall somewhere in the 40-50 million range, according to an analysis by CNN. That is not only far fewer than the 84 million viewers who tuned in to see Clinton and Trump, but also less than the 51.4 million who watched Vice President Joe Biden debate Rep. Paul Ryan in 2012. Four years before that, the fascination surrounding Sarah Palin made her showdown with Biden the most-watched VP debate in history, at 69.9 million viewers.

*Antonio Guterres Chosen as New UN Secretary-General:
The United Nations Security Council selected former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres to be the new secretary-general. Guterres, 67, will succeed Ban Ki-moon. Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, tweeted Wednesday morning that the Security Council is “united” behind Guterres. He served as prime minister from 1995 to 2002, and most recently was the UN high commissioner for refugees, a position he held from 2005 until 2015. He was a member of the Socialist Party in Portugal.

*Kellyanne Conway: Kaine Sexist for Debate Interruptions:
Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, attacked Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine on Wednesday morning for sexism during Tuesday night’s debate against Gov. Mike Pence. Conway said Kaine’s performance was “terrible” because of his repeated interruptions. “The interruption and frankly the ignoring of the female moderator was really a low point throughout the debate,” she said on Fox & Friends. When host Steve Doocy asked if Conway was calling Kaine sexist, she side-stepped the question and then said: “Why in the world was her running mate interrupting and ignoring the female moderator, Asian-American female moderator by the way, completely? It was almost like it was a strategy. It was almost like he didn’t hear her. And it came off terribly on TV.”

*Officials Probe Belgium Police Stabbing as Terrorism:
Officials in Belgium are probing a Wednesday morning stabbing attack on two Brussels police officers as a possible terrorist act. According to a report, one was stabbed in the neck and the other in the stomach, while a third responding officer came away with a broken nose. Their injuries are not life-threatening. The suspect was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital. The case was transferred immediately from local prosecutors to federal prosecutors, suggesting a terror link.

*Hurricane May Hit Florida as Category 4:

Officials were bracing for Hurricane Matthew to hit Florida, as the storm was expected to regain Category 4 strength before making landfall. At 5 a.m. Wednesday, Matthew was located about 65 miles northwest of the eastern tip of Cuba and was making its way north. The storm has killed nine people so far and left a damaged Haiti, still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, in its wake. A storm surge had begun to hit the Bahamas on Wednesday morning, as the National Weather Service issued a hurricane watch throughout Florida and up the coast to Fernandina Beach, north of Jacksonville. Storm winds are expected to hit the coast Thursday, even before the hurricane itself makes landfall. Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys are largely under tropical-storm warnings. “You need to take this very seriously,” National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb said. “The impacts are going to happen no matter what.” An evacuation decree in South Carolina has ordered an estimated 1.1 million people to flee the state’s coastal and beach areas, with officials urging them to get at least 100 miles inland, causing massive traffic tie-ups.

*U.K. Defends Proposal to Require Companies to List Foreign Workers:

Britain’s Conservative Party is facing criticism for a proposed new policy that would require U.K. companies to submit a list of their foreign workers, fending off charges of racism and xenophobia. Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Wednesday defended the policy, which was offered up at the annual Conservative Party conference this week. “We mustn’t ignore the fact that people do want to talk about immigration; if I want to talk about immigration, don’t call me a racist,” she said on BBC Radio 4. “We should be able to have a conversation about immigration, about what skills we want to have in the U.K. and where we need to go to get them, in order to help business and boost our economy.” Andy Burnham, a member of the opposition Labour Party, dubbed the conservatives the “Nasty Party” over the proposal.

*First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Performed in U.S.:

The first living donor uterus transplants in the United States were performed at Baylor University Medical Center, officials announced on Wednesday. The experimental procedure was done four times between Sept. 14 and Sept. 22. In three of those cases, the organ had to be removed after the procedure because blood was not flowing to it successfully. Those patients are in recovery, according to officials. The fourth patient may be more receptive to the transplanted organ. “Her tests are showing good blood flow to the uterus,” a statement said. “There are also no signs of rejection or infection at this time.”

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