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*‘Break the Cross’: Islamic State Magazine Mocks Christianity, Claims Jesus Is ‘a Slave of Allah’: 
In the latest issue of its English-language magazine Dabiq, the Islamic State calls on Christians to abandon Christianity, arguing that Jesus himself was “a slave of Allah” who will “wage jihad” upon returning to earth. The fifteenth issue of the magazine, titled “Break the Cross,” is dedicated to convincing Christians that Jesus was a prophet of Allah, was never crucified, and that most of the New Testament is a perversion of Jesus’s story orchestrated by St. Paul, a “criminal” “treacherous Jew” who gave up massacring Christians in order to subvert the religion from the inside. Its articles strive to depict Christianity as a pagan religion based on a false Jesus, arguing that the only true Jesus is the prophet of Islam. The feigned compassion towards Christians in most of the volume stands in stark contrast to the actions of the Islamic State’s terrorists towards Christian communities, which includes rape, torture, crucifixion, and slavery.

*D.C. Transit Cop Charged with Trying to Support ISIS:
A Washington, D.C., transit police officer has been arrested and charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. According to the indictment, Nicholas Young, 36, sent mobile messaging codes to an undercover agent, believing the technology would be used by militants with the terror group to communicate among themselves. Young, who officials said has been on the FBI’s radar since 2010, joined the capital’s force in 2003.

*Ignoring Advice, Donald Trump Presses Attack on Khan Family and G.O.P. Leaders:
Donald J. Trump’s unabashed and continuing hostility toward the parents of a slain Muslim American soldier, and his attacks on Republican leaders who have rebuked him for it, threaten to shatter his uneasy alliance with the Republican Party at the outset of the general election campaign. Ignoring the pleas of his advisers and entreaties from party leaders in Washington, Mr. Trump only dug in further on Tuesday. He told a Virginia television station that he had no regrets about his clash with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an Army captain killed in Iraq. And in an extraordinarily provocative interview with The Washington Post, Mr. Trump declined to endorse for re-election several Republicans who had criticized him, including the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, and Senator John McCain of Arizona, who both face primaries this month. He also belittled Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who had criticized his treatment of the Khans, for not being supportive of his campaign.

*Obama Says Republicans Should Withdraw Support for Trump:

In an extraordinary denunciation of Donald J. Trump’stemperament and competence,  President Obama urged leaders of the Republican Party on Tuesday to withdraw their endorsements of Mr. Trump’s candidacy, flatly calling him “unfit to serve” as the nation’s 45th president. Speaking in the East Room of the White House while Mr. Trump rallied supporters in a nearby Virginia suburb, the president noted the Republican criticism of Mr. Trump for his attacks on the Muslim parents of an American soldier, Capt. Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq. But Mr. Obama said the political recriminations from Republicans “ring hollow” if the party’s leaders continue to support Mr. Trump’s campaign.

*Docs: Elite Cell Directs ISIS’s EU Attacks:
New York Times interview with a former ISIS operative sheds new light on the group’s apparent plans to spread attackers throughout the world, including what he claims are “hundreds” of sleeper agents in the European Union. Operatives who carry out or coordinate European attacks reportedly belong to an elite intelligence unit called the Emni. According to documents obtained by the Times, the unit is part internal police force, part external operations branch. Its sole job is to export terrorists abroad and to recruit others to carry out attacks in their home countries. When Harry Sarfo tried to join the Islamic State terror group in Syria, members of its secret service allegedly told him they needed Europeans like him to stay home and work from there. “He was speaking openly about the situation, saying that they have loads of people living in European countries and waiting for commands to attack the European people,” Sarfo told the Times on Monday from inside his maximum-security prison. “And that was before the Brussels attacks, before the Paris attacks.” He noted that seemingly unrelated attackers are often go-betweens or “clean men” for undercover operatives, who help connect those interested in carrying out attacks with those who can pass on instructions from the terror group.

*WHO READS LBN? Columnist and author Maureen Dowd:

*USA’s Rio 2016 Flag Bearer Is Michael Phelps:
Michael Phelps has been selected as Team USA’s flag bearer for Friday night’s Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Phelps is the first male American swimmer to qualify for five Olympic Games, and he is the most decorated Olympian of any sport in history, with 22 medals. He was chosen by other Team USA members. “I’m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the U.S., and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for,” Phelps said. “For Sydney, I just wanted to make the team. For Athens, I wanted to win gold for my country. For Beijing, I wanted to do something nobody else had done. In London, I wanted to make history. And now, I want to walk in the Opening Ceremony, take it all in, represent America in the best possible way and make my family proud. This time around, it’s about so much more than medals.”

*North Korean Missile Lands Near Japan:
A North Korean ballistic missile launched Wednesday landed near Japanese waters—a strike that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a “grave threat.” The missile’s landing was the first time a device fired by the Pyongyang regime has gotten close to Japan and its launch defied United Nations Security Council resolutions. The main part of the missile reportedly hit Japan’s economic exclusion zone, according to Japanese officials. The prime minister said Tokyo “strongly” protests the launch and is on alert for more in the future. The U.S. State Department said the move by the long-belligerent Hermit Kingdom would “only increase the international community’s resolve to counter” Pyongyang’s actions.


*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Google’s elite “Camp” has returned to Sicily, Italy — and the collected Masters of the Universe were stunned to see magician David Blaine swallow a live frog during one session. The most exclusive conference in tech, called simply “The Camp,” is back for a third year, and VIP guests at the invite-only retreat hosted by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were treated to a performance by Blaine, who spit up, then reswallowed, the unlucky frog. One spy told us, “David Blaine came to stage with a live frog in his stomach, and he regurgitated it on demand. Then, he swallowed it back. He says he’s training himself to create an aquarium in his stomach.” The source added, “Last act before lunch, urggh.” When asked about his new stunt, Blaine’s spokeswoman could only say, “That’s all probably true. He’s pretty amazing.” Google’s Camp is a gathering of power players from tech, finance, music and fashion, dubbed “Davos on the sea,” and held at a luxury resort in the southwest Sicilian fishing town of Sciacc.   ***Calvin Klein Inc. has named Belgian designer Raf Simons as chief creative officer of the brand. Simons, a former creative director at Christian Dior who is known for his minimalist and linear style, will oversee all aspects of design, global marketing, communications and visual creative services. His first collection will make its debut for the fall 2017 season.

*Time Warner Buys 10% Stake in Hulu:
Time Warner has acquired a ten-percent stake in Hulu, as part of an effort to bring Turner cable shows to the live-streaming TV service launching in 2017. While terms of the deal were not made public, Variety reports that “Time Warner is investing $583 million, implying Hulu is worth nearly $6 billion.” The media conglomerate joins Hulu’s existing owners Disney, 21st Century Fox, and Comcast.


*Hollande: Trump Makes Me ‘Want to Retch’:
French President François Hollande said U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump makes people want to throw up and that he’s concerned by how much the candidate could shift world politics, because “an American election is a world election.” In a meeting with the presidential press Tuesday, Hollande said he believed a Trump victory could affect France’s presidential election next spring. He added, “His excesses make you want to retch, even in the United States, especially when—as was Donald Trump’s case—he speaks ill of a soldier, of the memory of a soldier,” Hollande said, referring to the family of felled U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, whose parents have engaged in a back-and-forth with the Republican nominee since they spoke at the DNC last week. “If the Americans choose Trump, that will have consequences,” he said.


  1. North Korea is slightly smaller than Mississippi. It constitutes almost 55% of the Korean Peninsula, covering 46,540 square miles (120,538 km.) of the peninsula’s 85,052 square miles (220,283 square km.).
  2. Founded in 1948, the official name of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The local name for North Korea is Choson-minjujuui-inmin-koughwaguk or Choson (“Land of Morning Calm”).
  3. When Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 15, 1945, U.S. president Truman and Soviet leader Stalin agreed that the U.S. would temporarily act as trustee for the southern half of Korea and the Soviet Union would act as trustee for the northern half. This temporary measure became permanent in 1948 when North Korea declared itself an independent sovereign state under a Communist system.
Rapid deforestation has revealed many North Korean weapons
  1. North Korea has experienced rapid deforestation, which has revealed many of its long-range artillery tubes previously hidden by trees. Deforestation is one of the major environmental crises facing North Korea.
  2. Though smaller in size, South Korea has a population more than double that of North Korea.
  3. President and DPRK founder Kim Il-sung (1912-1994) was born Kim Song-ju, but took the name Kim Il-sung, which means “become the sun,” in 1935. He was raised Presbyterian, and his grandfather was a Protestant minister.
  4. The word Korea, which many believe Marco Polo took with him to Europe, means “land of high mountains and sparkling streams.”
  5. Christmas is a nonevent in North Korea. Instead of Christmas celebrations, many North Koreans celebrate the birth of current president Kim Jong-il’s mother on December 24. North Koreans also do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but instead celebrate “The General’s Birthday” on February 16. A popular “Valentine’s” gift between couples is a “Worker’s Party badge” case.
  6. Though the people of North and South Korea share one language, one history, and one cultural base that reaches back at least 5,000 years, 10 million Koreans remain separated from family members since 1948 because of the 38th Parallel.
  7. Japan and Russia first suggested dividing Korea at the 38th parallel in 1896 as a way to ease tensions between the two countries. However, Japan gained control over the entire country in 1904.

*Meg Whitman to Support Hillary:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman said Tuesday that she would “put country first before party” and vowed to contribute a “substantial” sum to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidential race. Whitman, a Republican fundraiser and former candidate for governor of California, said in an interview with The New York Times, “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her” Conceding that she didn’t agree with Clinton on everything, she made it clear that she agreed with Trump on even fewer issues—and that if he were to win, it could mean the end of American democracy. Calling the Republican nominee a “dishonest demagogue,” she warned that he could lead the country “on a very dangerous journey,” noting that it would be naive to think a tyranny “can’t happen here.” “Time and again history has shown that when demagogues have gotten power or come close to getting power, it usually does not end well,” Whitman said. The move is considered a huge win for Clinton, as Whitman is not only an influential Republican and billionaire, but also a female executive with substantial ties to the nation’s business elite.
*LBN-INVESTIGATES: In general, carbs make you sleepy while protein makes you more alert.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Paul Rudd singing “Rhinestone Cowboy” and Fred Armisen crooning “Raspberry Beret” during David Wain’s birthday bash at Sid Gold’s Request Room in NYC.   ***Joeand Jill Biden at the River Café in NYC nearby powwowing judges A. Gail Prudenti, Raymond Dearie and Joanna Seybert.  ***Real Madrid star James Rodríguez at Alfredo 100 in NYC.   ***Bill O’Reilly at Hamptons food fest Dan’s ClambakeMTK.   ***Eric Schmidt, Campion Platt and Candace Bushnell at a Water Mill fête for the Palm Beach Audubon Island Sanctuary.    ***Prominent Texas financial planner and author Neil Gallagherfilming “American Expert” yesterday at Baltaire in Brentwood.

*LBN-HEALTH WATCH:   ***Lice are becoming more difficult to eradicate in young children’s hair, according to a study released last week in the Journal of Medical Entomology (JME). New evidence shows that head lice have developed resistance to two types of common over the counter insecticide treatments for lice infestation. JME studied 48 states and found that, on average, 98 percent of head lice in at least 42 states managed to grow gene mutations that enable them to become resistant to different insecticides otherwise known as pyrethrins, pyrethroids, and permathrins.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Make Your Computer Serve You —–


“Breaking science news and articles on global warming, extrasolar planets, stem cells, bird flu, autism, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution – the latest discoveries in astronomy, anthropology, biology, chemistry, climate and environment, computers, engineering, health and medicine, math, physics, psychology, technology, and more – from the world’s leading universities and research organizations.”
*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Episode 1 of the TV interview show “Without Notes”  with Catholic priest Father Michael Manning

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman: Maybe I just missed it. But in all the testimonials at the Democratic convention about what Hillary Clinton has done for other people, I don’t recall anyone saying, “I started a business because of Hillary Clinton.” Or, “I hired someone because of Hillary Clinton.” We heard from first responders, veterans, grieving parents and victims of terrorism, rape and various forms of discrimination. There was just one group that was conspicuously absent: the people who drive our economy by inventing things or by borrowing money to start companies that actually employ people. Watching the convention, you would never know that what also makes America great is that generation after generation, people full of ideas risk their savings to start companies that provide work and paychecks. And only by generating more of these risk-takers will more people get hired for the good jobs Clinton promised. The only things that were remotely growth-related in her speech were glancing references to a government-led infrastructure investment program (Go for it!) and her vow “to give small businesses a boost. Make it easier to get credit.”

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Dennis Prager: My #NeverTrump colleagues and friends make valid points about Donald Trump. I know — I made them myself during the Republican primaries. But it is vital to understand what will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. This country will be so far from what the Founding Fathers wanted, so different from what the #NeverTrumpers have always fought for, that it is almost impossible to see how America could recover from her — or any Democrat’s — victory. Thanks to the universities’ leftist indoctrination of two generations of Americans, and thanks to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is now in all but name a socialist party. In fact, it is actually to the left of many European socialist parties. For example, if Clinton wins, the government will tell companies how much employees must be paid. “If you believe that companies should share profits with their workers, not pad executive bonuses, join us,” she brazenly announced.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   *** “Over the last six years, Ozzy Osbourne has been dealing with a sex addiction,” the rocker’s rep told People on Wednesday. The news comes on the heels of Ozzy’s mistress and hairstylist Michelle Pugh gushing about the Black Sabbath frontman. “When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it,” Pugh told People. “He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshiped woman in the world.” Pugh also claimed that Ozzy, 67, was “unhappy” in his 33-year marriage with Sharon, 63, and that she had “undeniable chemistry” with him. Pugh also said Ozzy “consistently and willingly and generously gave [her] his love.”   ***As Shannen Doherty continues to battle cancer, she and husband Kurt Iswarienko aren’t taking one moment for granted. “I told him, ‘You need to enjoy every single second you have with me because I’m going to be dead in five years,’ and he just burst out in tears,” the actress shared in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.”

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