LBN- Special Report- Wednesday

*Democrats Make Hillary Clinton a Historic Nominee:

The Democratic convention formally nominated Hillary Clinton for president on Tuesday, making history by choosing a woman to be the first standard-bearer of a major political party, a breakthrough underscored by a deeply personal speech by Bill Clinton calling her “the best darn change-maker I have ever known.” At 6:39 p.m., the hall erupted in cheers and joyful tears as South Dakota cast the decisive 15 votes to put Mrs. Clinton over the threshold of 2,382 delegates required to clinch the nomination. A sea of delegates waved multicolored signs with Mrs. Clinton’s “H” campaign logo, while others fell into hugs and several women jumped up and down with elation.

*Remaining 3 Freddie Gray Cops’ Charges Dropped:
Prosecuting state’s attorneys on Wednesday dropped all of the remaining charges against the three Baltimore cops involved in the death of Freddie Gray. The move came after three other officers were already acquitted in Gray’s death. The 25-year-old died after he suffered serious spinal-cord injuries in the back of a police van last year while in police custody. He was handcuffed but left unrestrained in the back of the van. The hearing this week was supposed to relate to the impending trial of Officer Garrett Miller, but Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow instead informed him that prosecutors would be dropping all charges against him, as well as those against Sgt. Alicia Whiteand Officer William Porter. The dropped charges mean that State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby won’t have secured any convictions in the high-profile criminal case that sparked outrage and protests.

*35 YEARS LATER – John Hinckley Jr., Would-Be Reagan Assassin, to Be Freed:
John W. Hinckley, Jr., the man who shot president Ronald Reagan and three others in March 1981, will be released from a government psychiatric hospital next month. Hinckley shot the men 35 years ago in front of the Washington Hilton. According to a judge, the 61-year-old no longer poses a danger to others and will be allowed to live with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia. He will be released on Aug. 5, and he will have to undergo treatment and monitoring for at least one year, said U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman. In a 103-page ruling, he wrote: “After thirty-four years as an impatient at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, and in view of the foregoing findings, and the successful completion of over 80 … visits to Williamsburg over the last 10 years, the Court finds that Mr. Hinckley has received the maximum benefits possible in the in-patient setting.” He said, “The court finds by the preponderance of the evidence that Mr. Hinckley will not be a danger to himself or to others if released on full-time convalescent leave to Williamsburg under the conditions proposed.” At the time of the assassination attempt, Hinckley said he’d shot Reagan in order to impress Jodie Foster, with whom he was “obsessed.”

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*Priest’s Killer Freed from Jail Despite Threat to Attack Church:

The man who slashed the throat of a Catholic priest in Normandy, France on Tuesday, identified as Adel Kermiche, 19, was previously freed from jail despite his attempts to join militants in Syria. Kermiche and another attacker killed Father Jacques Hamel, 86, after forcing him to his knees. Both attackers were killed by police. French PresidentFrançois Hollande had meetings on Wednesday to discuss how Kermiche was allowed to be released from detainment after he tried to reach Syria to join ISIS twice. He was awaiting trial. Classmates say Kermiche was a “buffoon” and “easily influenced.” One teen who knew the 19-year-old said he wasn’t surprised to hear about his involvement in the church attack. “He talked about it all the time. He talked about Islam, the things like this he was going to do. He talked about the Quran and Mecca and he told me ‘I’m going to attack a church.’ He said this two months ago on leaving the mosque. On my mother’s life, I didn’t believe him.”


*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Have consumers lost their affection for Apple gadgets, or are they just waiting for the new iPhones to come out in September? Every one of Apple’s major hardware businesses posted declines in the three months that ended in June, the company reported on Tuesday. It was the second quarter in a row of falling sales as the technology giant wrestles with a saturated market and a slow shift to services, not gear, as a major driver of the company’s profits. Over all, the company posted revenue of $42.4 billion, down 15 percent compared with the same quarter last year. The quarter that ended in March was the first time in 13 years that revenue at Apple, which has spent much of the last five years as the world’s most valuable company, was lower than in the same period a year earlier.   ***Former L.A. Mayor and businessman Richard Riordan will be the next guest-of-honor at the popular “City Talk” conversation series on Monday August 1st at Baltaire in Brentwood. The event will be co-moderated by KNX radio anchors Frank Mottek and Bob Brill.

*LBN-HEALTH WATCH:   ***Being out of shape could be more harmful to health and longevity than most people expect, according to a new, long-term study of middle-aged men. The study finds that poor physical fitness may be second only to smoking as a risk factor for premature death.  It is not news that aerobic capacity can influence lifespan. Many past epidemiological studies have found that people with low physical fitness tend to be at high risk of premature death. Conversely, people with robust aerobic capacity are likely to have long lives.

*LBN-SPORT INSIDER:   ***As increasing numbers of parents keep their children from playing tackle football for safety reasons, the National Football League and other groups have sought to reassure them that continuing reforms are making the game less dangerous. No reform has received more backing and attention than Heads Up Football, a series of in-person and online courses for coaches to learn better safety procedures and proper tackling drills. The N.F.L. funds and heavily promotes the program. The league and U.S.A. Football, youth football’s governing body, which oversees the program, have sold Heads Up Football to thousands of leagues and parents as having been provedeffective — telling them that an independent study showed the program reducing injuries by 76 percent and concussions by about 30 percent. That study, published in July 2015, showed no such thing, a review by The New York Times has found. The research and interviews with people involved with it indicate, rather, that Heads Up Football showed no demonstrable effect on concussions during the study, and significantly less effect on injuries over all, than U.S.A. Football and the league have claimed in settings ranging from online materials to Congressional testimony.


  1. The origins of the word “monkey” are unclear. It could come from Moneke, the name of the son of Martin the Ape in a medieval animal story. It appears also to be related to manikin, from the Dutch manneken (“little man”).
  2. Monkeys make up two of the three groups of simian primates, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. The other group is the apes.
  3. A monkey is any primate that is not a human, prosimian, or ape.
Long-tailed Macaques
Monkeys have tails, but apes do not
  1. Monkeys are most easily distinguished from apes by their tails. Apes have no tails.
  2. Apes and spider monkeys swing arm-to-arm in trees, but most monkeys don’t. Instead, they run across branches.
  3. Monkeys use vocalizations, facial expressions, and body movements to communicate.
  4. Grinning or pulling the lip is a sign of aggression in monkeys, along with yawning, head bobbing, and jerking the head and shoulders forward.
  5. Monkeys express affection and make peace with others by grooming each other.
  6. A group of monkeys is called a “troop.”
  7. Monkeys live in trees, grasslands, mountains, forests, and on high plains.

*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***Sissy Spacek has signed with UTA. Spacek’s breakout performance came in Terrence Malik’s 1973 crime drama Badlands, in which she starred opposite Martin Sheen. She followed that role with one of her best known performances in Brian De Palma’s thriller Carrie. Playing the titular Carrie in the Stephen Kingadaptation earned the actress her first Academy Award nomination.

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*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Miss Cleo — who was a regular on informercials for the Psychic Readers Network — has passed away after a battle with cancer. The psychic’s long career came to an unexpected end after the Psychic Readers Network folded. Miss Cleo still enjoyed a strange kind of fame after she was hired to replace “Miami Vice” star Philip Michael Thomas as the company’s spokesperson.   ***James M. Nederlander, who, with mercenary guile and an admittedly plebeian aesthetic, presided for nearly half a century over a theater empire that encompassed as many as 10 houses on Broadway and stretched across the country to California and across the Atlantic to London, died on Monday in Southampton, N.Y. He was 94. His death was confirmed by Nick Scandalios, executive vice president of the Nederlander Organization.   ***Sandy Pearlman, a producer, lyricist, manager, executive and college professor who was a herald of developments from heavy metal and punk to the digital distribution of music, died on Tuesday in Novato, Calif. He was 72. He had suffered a debilitating cerebral hemorrhage in December, and died of pneumonia and other complications, Robert Duncan, his longtime friend and conservator, said.

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: Bill tried to augment Hillary’s sparse vision, talking about how she would be the right pilot for “the ride to America’s future.” “In the greatest country on earth we have always been about tomorrow,” 42 said, urging America to choose Hillary as 45. In other words: As Donald Trump tries to drag us back to the past — and to the Clintons’ past — don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman: Yes, we’re having a national election right now. Yes, there are two parties running. But no, they are not the two parties that you think. It’s not “Democrats” versus “Republicans.” This election is really between “Wall People” and “Web People.” The primary focus of Wall People is finding a president who will turn off the fan — the violent winds of change that are now buffeting every family — in their workplace, where machines are threatening white-collar and blue-collar jobs; in their neighborhoods, where so many more immigrants of different religions, races and cultures are moving in; and globally, where super-empowered angry people are now killing innocents with disturbing regularity. They want a wall to stop it all. Wall People’s desire to stop change may be unrealistic, but, in fairness, it’s not just about race and class. It is also about a yearning for community — about “home” in the deepest sense — a feeling that the things that anchor us in the world and provide meaning are being swept away, and so they are looking for someone to stop that erosion. Wall People have two candidates catering to them: Donald Trump, who boasts that he is “The Man” who can stop the winds with a wall, and Bernie Sanders, who promises to stop the winds by ending our big global trade deals and by taking down “The Man” — the millionaires, billionaires and big banks. I don’t see how the country could afford either man’s plans, but they have a simple gut appeal, and there is overlap between them.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Erotic members-only club Snctm — LA’s exclusive “theater of sexuality” — is bringing its “Eyes Wide Shut” parties to New York City and the Hamptons. The private club, which holds monthly erotic parties in the Holmby Hills neighborhood, will start a quarterly party in Manhattan during Fashion Week on Sept. 10. Snctm club owner Damon Lawner is now scouting for locations in New York, and tells us he is looking for a private townhouse or a loft for his members, who he says include A-list actors, models, top lawyers and CEOs of public companies. Lawner also plans to throw a party in a discreet mansion in the Hamptons on Sept. 16. Lawner said of his parties — which have been profiled on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and are the subject of an upcoming HBO doc — “Guests have to be masked when they enter the party; men wear tuxes and women wear elegant gowns or lingerie; but after midnight, masks and other items of clothing fall off. The first few hours are about mystique and intrigue. This is not a sex party — it is erotic theater. We have performances. Some just watch while others want to indulge.”

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