LBN – Special Report – Tuesday January 17, 2017


Poll: Trump Transition Approval Plummets:

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Donald Trump will take office Friday with the lowest approval ratings for any recent president and his transition efforts. The president-elect will be sworn in while his approval rating is 44 percentage points below outgoing President Barack Obama’s; and while approval ratings for his transition efforts are more than 20 percentage points below Obama’s, George W. Bush’s, and Bill Clinton’s. Across the board, approval ratings for various aspects of Trump’s transition have plummeted since November. Nearly 53 percent of Americans surveyed now say Trump’s handling of his transition since Election Day has made them less confident in his ability to handle the highest office in the land—a 10 percentage-point increase in disapproval since November. Additionally, the disapproval of his handling of transition efforts has climbed 7 percentage points to 52 percent, and the percentage of those who think Trump will be a good president dropped 5 points since the election. Trump himself responded on Twitter on Tuesday morning, declaring approval polls “rigged.”

IN CUSTODY – Turkey Nightclub Attack Suspect Confesses:

The suspected shooter in the New Year’s Eve attack on an upscale nightclub in Istanbul was captured late Monday night and then reportedly confessed to his actions. Abdulkadir Masharipov, reported to be from Uzbekistan, appears in photos posted by Turkish state media with a heavily bruised face. Masharipov, who was detained in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul, is alleged to have killed 39 in the assault on the Reina club. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. “The terrorist actually said that he did it,” Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin told journalists on Tuesday.

Chinese President Warns: No One Wins a ‘Trade War’:

Speaking Tuesday at the World Economic Forum, ChinesePresident Xi Jinping warned the U.S. that engaging in a global trade war will do more harm than good. “No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war,” Xi said. “We must remain committed to developing free trade and investment, promoting liberalization and facilitation through opening up, and saying no to protectionism.” Xi never mentioned Donald Trump by name, but seemingly called out the incoming U.S. president for his repeated overtures to anti-globalization policies such as tariffs and import restrictions.

UNCOMPROMISING – British PM Announces Hardline Brexit:

Theresa May, the prime minister chosen by Britain’s Conservative Party to guide the country out of the European Union, outlined her desire Tuesday to withdraw fully from the single market and customs union. After months of near silence following the shock Brexit vote, May has dashed the hopes of moderate voices who were hoping to maintain strong trading, customs, and judicial links with the rest of Europe. “We do not seek to hold on to bits of membership as we leave,” May is expected to say Tuesday. “Not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership of the European Union or anything that leaves us half-in, half-out.”

MYSTERY CONTINUES – MH370 Underwater Search Suspended:

Nearly three years after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished over the Indian Ocean, officials have suspended the underwater search for the wreckage and the 239 people aboard the doomed airliner. Officials from the three countries leading the search—China, Australia, and Malaysia—said in a statement Tuesday morning: “Despite every effort using the best science available, cutting-edge technology, as well as modeling and advice from highly skilled professionals who are the best in their field, unfortunately the search has not been able to locate the aircraft.” The officials concluded: “The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness.” MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.


Laura Ingraham Confirms: I’m Mulling VA Senate Run:

Conservative talk-radio host Laura Ingrahamconfirmed Tuesday that she is mulling a run for U.S. Senate in Virginia, challenging Democratic senator and vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine. “I’m considering it,” the firebrand hostconfirmed to Fox & Friends. “I think it’s always good to mix things up, and I’ve been in Washington for a long time, and I have great respect for the Congress and institutions of government,” she explained. “I’ve had a great privilege to serve the country in the Judicial Branch, as a law clerk; at the Executive Branch for President Reagan. And it might be something I’m interested in.” The prominent Trump booster, previously rumored to become the president-elect’s press secretary, indicated that “a number of folks in Virginia, who are well connected, are very interested in my running, and it’s very flattering.”

LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:    ***The latest filming of “American Expert” in Brentwood attracted a wide assortment of business owners yesterday including: Alan Au, partner in Jimmy Au’s Men’s Clothing, leading dental expert witness Dr.Jay Grossman, film producer B.D. Gunnell, comedian sensation Ismo, and Baltaire’s Director of Private Events,Khrysta Ramos.


LBN – VIDEO LINK: George Carlin’s Advice on Dealing with the 2016 Election —

LBN- SPOTLIGHT: What’s Your Leadership Strategy?
Richard Branson practices it at Virgin Group. Paul Polman implements it at Unilever. Mark Benioff pioneered it early-on at The world’s top CEOs are all doing well by doing good. Are you?

LBN-BOOK NEWS: SoCal-based talk show host Hugh Hewitt interviewed Trump 15 times during the campaign and now has a book out Jan. 24, The Fourth Way: The Conservative Playbook for a Lasting GOP Majority.

LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”—–

LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Eugene A. Cernan, the commander of the Apollo 17 lunar-landing mission in 1972 and the last human to walk on the moon, died on Monday in Houston. He was 82. His death was announced by NASA.   ***Davis Dutton, who ran the North Hollywood location of Dutton’s Books with his wifeJudy and other family members for almost 50 years before its closure in 2006, died Friday at age 79. The Laurel Canyon Boulevard store was in a converted liquor store. Dutton was also the editor of Westways Magazine from 1970-72. His brother Doug ran the Brentwood Dutton’s.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Chelsea Handler: I like Megyn Kelly. She’s a badass. There’s a toddler in the White House, and it’s not one of the children. The other thing about his children, they have absolutely no influence over him. The idea that Ivanka is going to help women, or do anything for women, is absurd, because she’s a puppet. They’re all his puppets. They’re scared s–tless of him, and the fact that they’re still around him means they have never stood up to him.

LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: King David was most compelling when he danced. Overcome by gratitude to God, he stripped down to his linens and whirled about before the ark of the covenant — his love and joy spilling beyond the boundaries of normal decorum. His wife, Michal, the daughter of King Saul, was repulsed by his behavior, especially because he was doing it in front of the commoners. She snarked at him when he got home for exposing himself in front of the servants’ slave girls like some scurrilous fellow. The early Christians seem to have worshiped the way David did, with ecstatic dancing, communal joy and what Emile Durkheim called “collective effervescence.” In her book “Dancing in the Streets,” Barbara Ehrenreich argues that in the first centuries of Christianity, worship of Jesus overlapped with worship of Dionysusthe Greek god of revelry. Both Jesus and Dionysus upended class categories. Both turned water into wine. Second- and third-century statuettes show Dionysus hanging on a cross. But when the church became more hierarchical, the Michals took over. Somber priest-led rituals began to replace direct access to the divine. In the fourth century, Gregory of Nazianzus urged, “Let us sing hymns instead of striking drums, have psalms instead of frivolous music and song, … modesty instead of laughter, wise contemplation instead of intoxication, seriousness instead of delirium.”


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