LBN – Special Report – Tuesday February 21, 2017

Feds Detail Crackdown on Undocumented Immigrants:

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday issued aseries of memos detailing how the Trump administration plans to crack down on undocumented immigrants and implement President Trump’s executive actions with regard to immigration. The memos, which were sent to U.S. agency heads and released publicly, do not include information about implementation of the travel ban that Trump issued last month, which is still on hold in court. The guidelines show plans for a significant increase in the number of individuals who will be deported under the Trump administration’s “expedited removal” regulations. Undocumented immigrants who are unable to prove that they have been living in the U.S. for two years could be subject to “expedited removal.”

Trump Chooses H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser: 

President Trump appointed Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster as his new national security adviser on Monday, picking a widely respected military strategist known for challenging conventional thinking and helping to turn around the Iraq war in its darkest days. Mr. Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he interviewed candidates over the holiday weekend to replace Michael T. Flynn, who was forced out after withholding information from Vice President Mike Pence about a call with Russia’s ambassador.

NO SURPRISE! – Millennials are the most narcissistic generation ever:

We might not agree on phone etiquette, or what to put on the radio – but there’s one thing older and younger generations agree on. Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) are the most narcissistic – according to a study that consulted both millennials and their grandparents’ generations,  But there is one thing they disagree on: the extent of their narcissism. Older generations think millennials’ narcissism goes beyondwhat millennials themselves will admit. Joshua Grubbs, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University, asked millennials and adults 60 years and older to rank generations on their narcissism. The older group ranked millennials 65.3 on a 100-point narcissism scale, whereas millennials rated themselves as 61.4, according to the Huffington Post. He also found that millennials don’t like being called narcissistic, even though they admit to having the trait. But having this label might not be a good thing. Grubbs said: Over time, the ‘narcissistic’ label could impact how millennials feel, their mental health (and) their attitudes about themselves and general generation.

MY REVIEW: “I must confess that after some initial doubt I have come to the conclusion that LBN is fearlessly independent. I was introduced to LBN about three years ago by my grand-daughter who was in college. Day in and day out LBN has proven to be an unbiased, unafraid, indispensable source of my news and information.” —–Dr. Lawrence G., an LBN reader from Montreal, Canada.

Trump Denounces Anti-Semitism as ‘Horrible’:

President Trump on Tuesday denounced the spike in anti-Semitic attacks occurring across the U.S. in recent days. “Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s going to stop,” Trump told NBC News’s Craig Melvin, while answering reporters’ questions during a tour of Washington, D.C.’s new National Museum ofAfrican American History and Culture. “The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful,” Trump said. He was referring to the more than 10 bomb threats on Jewish community centers on Monday alone, as well as the vandalism of a Missouri cemetery full of Holocaust survivors. Meanwhile, Trump said the museum was “fantastic” and a “beautiful” tribute to American heroes. “They’ve done an incredible job,” he added. Trump was accompanied by Ivanka Trump; Housing and Urban Development nominee Ben Carson; Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC); and presidential aide Omarosa Manigault.

‘Trump Bump’ for Dow Industrials Is Biggest Post-Inaugural Move Since FDR: 

President Donald Trump has been doing a lot of bragging about the stock market rally lately. How does it measure up? By some measures, the rally that took place during Mr. Trump’s first 30 calendar days in office has been the largest for any president’s first month on the job since 1945. Since inauguration day on Jan. 20 through Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed more than 4%. That’s the biggest gain over the first 30 days of a presidency since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated for is final term 72 years ago, according to WSJ Market Data Group. During that period, the Dow rallied 4.1% to 159.01 points.

Texas Surgeon Gets Life in Prison for Maiming Patients:

A former Dallas neurosurgeon was sentenced to life in prison Monday on charges that he maimed patients on whom he operated. Christopher Duntsch, 44, was convicted of first-degree felony injury to an elderly person by a Dallas County jury last week, and prosecutors lodged several other claims of malpractice against him. Two of Duntsch’s patients died. He allegedly wrongly placed screws and plates along the spines of patients and left a surgical sponge inside another person. One surgeon testified during Duntsch’s trial that it was like he watched an amateur being let loose in a surgery. His lawyers had argued his intentions weren’t criminal.

Student Discovers Walt Whitman Novel:

A University of Houston doctoral student is being credited with the discovery of a previously unknown novel by poet Walt Whitman. The student, Zachry Turpin, noticed an ad in a newspaper from 1852 that teased a six-part “Life and Adventures of Jack Engle.” Turpin eventually discovered the novel, which was published anonymously and reveals information about Whitman’s early life. The novel will soon be published by the University of Iowa Press. An English professor at the university, Ed Folson, said Turpin’s discovery “is going to change everything we thought we knew about Whitman’s writing career.” Turpin said it would “probably please” Whitman, whose work was often published uner a pseudonym, to know that his work was discovered.

WHO READS LBN? Actress Margo Martindale:

LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***Milo Yiannopoulos, a polemical Breitbart editor and unapologetic defender of the alt-right, tested the limits of how far his provocations could go after the publication of a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of pedophilia by Roman Catholic priests. On Monday, the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded their invitation for him to speak this week. Simon & Schuster said it was canceling publication of “Dangerous” after standing by him through weeks of criticism of the deal. And Breitbart itself was reportedly reconsidering his role amid calls online for it to sever ties with him.

LBN-NOTICED:   ***Robert Redford in the audience at “Sunset Boulevard” on Broadway in NYC.   ***Janelle Monáedancing at Lobby Lounge at Dream Downtown in NYC.   ***Degrees star Jeff Timmons and AMP 92.3’s Astra on the Air at Beautique.   *** deep in conversation with yogi-to-the-stars Rainbeau Mars at his I Am Angel charity event.   ***Kevin Hart watching the NBA All-Star Game at Bounce Sporting Club in NYC.   ***Base Coat execs Ali Elman andTran Wills at Ryan Seacrest’s Purse Party.   ***Malia Obama’s glamorous winter tour continues. The former first daughter — who has been recently seen partying at the “Girls” premiere after-party in New York and shmoozing at Sundance in Park City, Utah — has also been spotted hanging with the fashionable set in Aspen, Colo.   ***On Saturday night, John Travolta shared a joint birthday party with John Gotti Jr. and Kevin Connolly, who is directing Travolta in the upcoming biopic of John Gotti Sr. We’re told the group serenaded each other with “Happy Birthday to You,” and drank red wine “late into the night” at Hunt & Fish Club in NYC.   ***Sen. Bernie Sanders packed the Ace Hotel theatre on Sunday for a book talk at the Los Angeles Times Ideas Exchange that resembled a political rally.   ***Jane Fonda, Troy Garrity, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and FatherGregory Boyle were among the speakers at a Sunday memorial for Tom Hayden at UCLA’s Royce Hall. Singers during the event included Bonnie Raitt, Holly Nearand Barbara Williams, Hayden’s widow.   ***Former Los Angeles Richard Riordan, 86, was married on Sunday toElizabeth Gregory, the director of admissions at Harvard-Westlake School — Eric Garcetti‘s alma mater in Studio City. The ceremony, Riordan’s fourth marriage, was conducted at St. James’ Episcopal Church. “It was a beautiful day,” the mayor tweeted.’

LBN-SPOTLIGHT: It’s good news for awkward teenagers all over the world, as it turns out you really do become a completely different person as you get older. Scientists carried out personality tests on people at the age of 14, and then again more than sixty years later when they were 77 years old. The team found hardly any relationship between traits people had as adolescents and those in their golden years.  —–

LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Richard Schickel, who was so captivated byWalt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” when he was 5 years old that he grew up to be a noted film critic, Hollywood historian and prolific author and documentarian — and estimated that he had watched 22,590 movies — died on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 84. His daughter Erika Schickel said the cause was complications of dementia.   ***Vitaly I. Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, who represented his country through times of domestic tumult and rising tensions with the West, died on Monday morning while at work in Manhattan. He would have turned 65 on Tuesday. The Russian government said he died suddenly but did not specify a cause. The New York City police said there were no indications of foul play.

LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: Most of us came of age in the last half of the 20th century and had our perceptions of “normal” formed in that era. It was, all things considered, an unusually happy period. No world wars, no Great Depressions, fewer civil wars, fewer plagues. It’s looking like we’re not going to get to enjoy one of those times again. The 21st century is looking much nastier and bumpier: rising ethnic nationalism, falling faith in democracy, a dissolving world order. At the bottom of all this, perhaps, is declining economic growth. As Nicholas Eberstadt points out in his powerful essay “Our Miserable 21st Century,” in the current issue of Commentary, between 1948 and 2000 the U.S. economy grew at a per-capita rate of about 2.3 percent a year. But then around 2000, something shifted. In this century, per-capita growth has been less than 1 percent a year on average, and even since 2009 it’s been only 1.1 percent a year. If the U.S. had been able to maintain postwar 20th-century growth rates into this century, U.S. per-capita G.D.P. would be over 20 percent higher than it is today.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Noam Chomsky: If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all.


LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Hoda Kotb has breaking news—she is a mom. The Today co-anchor announced Tuesday that she adopted a baby girl named Haley Joy Kotb. “She’s a Valentine’s baby,” the proud new parent said while phoning into the show. “She is the love of my life.”   ***Kris Jenner doesn’t sound like she’s ready to be married for a third time. During Monday’s appearance on “Ellen,” the Kardashian matriarch revealed she and boyfriend Corey Gamble won’t be exchanging vows anytime soon. “You know, I’ve done that twice and it didn’t work out so well,” said Jenner. “So I don’t know. You never know.”   ***Angelina Jolie and her children aren’t squeamish — they indulged in cooked tarantulas, crickets, and other bugs during a recent visit to Cambodia. “I think it’s always been a part of the diet, the bugs, but then I think there is a truth to the survival during the war of course,” she said in a short segment for the BBC. “When people were being starved they were able to survive on things like this and they did.”   ***Former “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy says he’s struggling with memory loss. The 66-year-old actor-singer tells People magazine his family has a history of dementia and he sensed “this was coming.” He says for now he wants to stay focused and “enjoy life.”

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