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LBN-INVESTIGATES: Some members of the cast of Hamilton, who delivered a message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence about their fears of the new administration, have abstained from voting for years, records show. There are no records available for this year, so it’s unclear if the cast members voted in 2016, but years prior show many were absent on Election Day. A look in whether or not the actors had voted and revealed many leads hadn’t in years. The actor who delivered the message to Vice-President Pence, Brandon Dixon‘s records show he didn’t vote during president Obama‘s reelection bid in 2012. Javier Munoz, playing the titular role of Hamilton, registered to vote in 2006 and voted in the mid-term elections, but hasn’t been on record as voting since. Seth Stewart, who plays Thomas Jefferson, voted in 2008 when Obama ran for the first time. He did not vote in 2012. Okieriete “Oak” Onaodowan, who players James Madison and Hercules Mulligan, registered to vote in 2005 but hasn’t been on record voting since.  Since the clash with the Hamilton cast, Pence told Fox News he wasn’t offended by the message and said the booing ‘is what freedom sounds like’.

Team Trump: We Won’t Pursue Charges Against Clinton:

President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue an investigation against Hillary Clinton, MSNBC’s Morning Joe confirmed Tuesday. Despite encouraging his supporters to chant “Lock her up” and his “Crooked Hillary” nickname for Clinton, Trump will back off his campaign promise to further probe the ex-secretary of State over her private email server. Trump’s campaign manager and senior transition adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed the change to the cable-news talk show. “When the president-elect, who’s also the head of your party now, tells you even before he’s inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content to the members,” she told the MSNBC hosts. Conway additionally suggested that Trump could “help [Clinton] heal” her image of being dishonest and untrustworthy, and that the president-elect is “thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them.”

Trump Charity Admits to ‘Self-Dealing’:

President-elect Donald Trump‘s charity admitted to the Internal Revenue Service that it violated a legal ban on “self-dealing” in 2015, according to a new report in the Washington Post. The ban keeps nonprofit leaders from using their own charity’s money to help themselves, including their businesses and families. The Donald J. Trump Foundation’s IRS tax filings for that year were available on Monday evening via the foundation’s law firm. On part of the form, the IRS asked if the foundation transferred “income or assets to a disqualified person.” That would including another member of Trump’s family, his other businesses, or Trump himself. According to the Post, the foundation wrote “yes.” The foundation also indicated on the same forms that the charity had engaged in self-dealing in prior years.

Illegal immigrants pose as families, tell tales of woe to gain entry to U.S.: 

Illegal immigrants are trying a bold new strategy to sneak into the U.S. — pairing up with unrelated children and pretending to be families, fabricating tales of heart-rending woes back home to try to convince border agents to admit them into the country, according to internal Homeland Security documents.. That is one of the tactics feeding the surge of illegal immigrants in recent months, which the Border Patrol’s intelligence unit says was part of a pre-election rush to try to get into the country. The U.S. set records for illegal immigrant children and families in fiscal year 2016 and is on pace to break those records one month into fiscal year 2017. Intelligence analysts said the patterns are shifting as migrants figure out how to game the system.

Record-High 77% of Americans Perceive Nation as Divided Reveals Media Expert:

According to media expert and author Michael Levine(, seventy-seven percent of Americans, a new high, believe the nation is divided on the most important values, while 21% believe it is united and in agreement. “Over the past 20+ years, the public has tended to perceive the nation as being more divided than united, apart from two surveys conducted shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks” said Levine. All major subgroups of Americans share the view that the nation is divided, though Republicans (68%) are less likely to believe this than independents (78%) and Democrats (83%). Levine claims that “is consistent with the findings in the past two polls, conducted after the 2004 and 2012 presidential elections, in which the winning party’s supporters were less likely to perceive the nation as divided.”


San Antonio Cop-Ambush Suspect: I Wanted to See My Son:

A 31-year-old Texas man told reporters he shot and killed an unsuspecting San Antonio detective in his patrol car Sunday morning because he was upset about his child-custody battle and “lashed out.” Otis Tyrone McKane was arrested late Monday afternoon after a 30-hour manhunt. The officer, Benjamin Marconi, 50, died after he was reportedly ambushed near police headquarters during a routine traffic stop. McKane was taken into custody after his vehicle was surrounded on a highway by a SWAT team, while a female adult and a 2-year-old were in the car. As he was brought in for booking on capital murder charges, McKane spoke to the assembled TV crews. “I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in, and I lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it,” McKane told reporters. “I just want to see my son.”


Kanye Hospitalized After Canceling Tour:

Kanye West has been hospitalized after abruptly canceling the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour, amid fears he has suffered a breakdown in his mental health. West was reportedly handcuffed to a gurney while being transported to a Los Angeles-area hospital for his own health and safety Monday, after a week of unusual behavior, strange even by West’s outspoken standards. During a Thursday concert, West claimed that, if he had voted, he would have voted for Donald Trump. At subsequent events, West arrived late, criticized Jay Z and Beyoncé, and left the stage after performing just three songs, prompting backlash from fans.

LBN-INVESTIGATES: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s fall in the Trump circle was weeks in the making. There was already grumbling, particularly from former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York, and from Mr. Trump’s children. Mr. Christie, they believed, had gone off-message after an “Access Hollywood” tape was released in which Mr. Trump made vulgar comments about women; the governor first canceled Sunday show appearances, then emerged on the radio the next week to call Mr. Trump’s comments “indefensible.”

LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Exxon Mobil, under fire over its past efforts to undercut climate science, is accusing the Rockefeller family of masterminding a conspiracy against it. Yes, that Rockefeller family. The company, which has been accused of scheming to pay surrogates to deny the threat of climate change, is trying to turn the tables by calling its opponents the real conspirators. It is fighting state attorneys general, journalists and environmental groups in an all-out campaign to defend its image. But the oil and gas giant has directed some of its fiercest fire at the descendants of John D. Rockefeller, who in 1870 founded Standard Oil, the company that became Exxon Mobil. Rockefeller family charities, longtime backers of environmental causes, have supported much of the research and reporting that has called the company to account for its climate policies, and Exxon Mobil is crying foul.

LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:   ***After disclosures of an extensive, state-run doping program in Russia, sports officials have been retesting urine samples from the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, in Beijing and London. Their findings have resulted ina top-to-bottom rewriting of Olympics history. More than 75 athletes from those two Olympics have been found, upon further scrutiny, to be guilty of doping violations. A majority are from Russia and other Eastern European countries. At least 40 of them won medals. Disciplinary proceedings are continuing against other athletes, and the numbers are expected to climb. Anyone looking at the record books for the Beijing and London Games might think them an illusion. Medals are being stripped from dozens of athletes and redistributed to those who were deprived a spot on the podium.

LBN-NOTICED:   ***Billy Bob Thornton at Ascent Lounge in NYC.   ***Emma Stone commenting on how much she loves Tracee Ellis Ross backstage at the StyleMakers Awards in West Hollywood.   ***Morgan Freeman and Lionel Richiehaving dinner at Catch in LA.   ***Martin Short and Eugene Levy at Nello in NYC.   ***Top broker Royce Pinkwaterunveiling a $25 million townhouse at 14 E. 11th St in NYC. ***Acclaimed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotlerhaving dinner at the elegant Baltaire restaurant in Brentwood.

LBN-INVESTIGATES: World War II ushered in plastic surgery techniques that included rebuilding entire limbs, extensive skin grafts, microsurgery, antibodies, and increased knowledge about tissue health.

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LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: I’ve been thinking a lot about the best imaginable Trump voter. This is the Trump supporter who wasn’t motivated by racism or bigotry. This is the one who cringed every time Donald Trump did something cruel, vulgar or misogynistic. But this voter needed somebody to change the systems that are failing her. She needed somebody to change the public school system that serves the suburban children of professors, journalists and lawyers but has left her kids under-skilled and underpaid. She needed some way to protect herself from the tech executives who give exciting speeches about disruption but don’t know anything about the people actually being disrupted. She is one of those people whom Joan C. Williams writes about in The Harvard Business Review who admires rich people but disdains professionals — the teachers who condescend to her, the doctors who don’t make time for her, the activists whose definition of social justice never seems to include the suffering people like her experience. This voter wants leaders tough enough to crack through the reigning dysfunction, and sure enough, Trump’s appointments so far represent the densest concentration of hyper-macho belligerence outside a drill sergeant retirement home.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Phil Collins (Singer – Songwriter): I didn’t know I was close to dying. If I had carried on drinking, my organs would have started shutting down. I also didn’t know the effect it was having on my kids. I was falling down because I was mixing alcohol with [pain] medication. One time I was watching TV and I got up to give my sons a hug. I fell down and my teeth made two marks in the tiles. There was lots of blood. I remember Matthew saying to their nanny, “Daddy’s fallen over!” Putting an eight-year-old through that, it gives me chills. By the time I stopped, my family disintegrated. Within six months, they’d moved away.

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LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***It will be a bittersweet Thanksgiving for Jill and Bobby Zarin this year. As the former “Real Housewives of New York City” star revealed Monday, her husband’s thyroid cancer has returned. “He’s getting the best care,”a tearful Zarin told E! News at the Angel Ball in New York. “We have a great team … He had thyroid cancer that spread to the lungs but it’s all going to be good.” Bobby, 70, was first diagnosed in June 2009. While he had his thyroid removed and underwent radioactive iodine treatment, doctors found the cancer had spread to his lungs during a checkup at the Princeton Longevity Center in 2015.   ***It looks like “Spider-Man” star Tobey Maguire isn’t simply sitting around brooding over his recent split from his wife of nine years, Jennifer Meyer. Maguire plopped down almost $13 million on a newly constructed mansion in Brentwood, says Yolanda’s Little Black Book, a Hollywood real estate blog.   ***Kim Kardashian was flying to New York for a celebrity gala honoring her late father, Robert Kardashian — but turned around and flew back to LA after learning her husband, Kanye West, was suffering a medical emergency and was hospitalized. On Monday, Kim had boarded a private jet for her first public appearance following her traumatic Paris robbery. She was scheduled to appear at The Angel Ball, hosted by Denise Rich, along with her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters Khloe and Kourtney at Cipriani Wall Street. Monday night’s black-tie gala was honoring Robert Kardashian, the famed attorney who died of cancer in 2003.

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