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*Michigan Republicans Cancel Election Night Party:

Michigan’s state Republican Party has opted to cancel its election-night bash and instead funnel that money into campaigning. “It is a costly endeavor and we are using all available resources to elect Republicans,” said Sarah Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Republican Party. The state Democratic Party is still holding a large party at the MGM Grand casino in Detroit. The cancellation is an unusual move for a state that usually holds two competing parties on the night to celebrate elected officials and activists. Current polling has Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton winning the state by a wide margin, with an RCP average indicating at least a 10-point victory.

*Duterte Threatens to Kick U.S. Troops Out of Philippines:

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday threatened to kick U.S.troops out of the Philippines. Duterte said he resents the presence of American troops on his soil and says Washington can “forget” an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with his country. If he remains president for more than one term, Duterte said, he would end all military deals with the U.S. because the Philippines is treated “like a dog with a leash.” He added, “I look forward to the time when I no longer see any military troops or soldiers in my country, except the Filipino soldiers.” Last week, Duterte called for the country’s “separation from the United States,” but other government leaders said he didn’t mean what he said. Duterte has insisted he didn’t start the fight with the U.S., blaming Ambassador Philip Goldberg for denouncing him during his presidential campaign. Duterte afterward called Goldberg a “gay son a bitch.”

*4 Killed on Australian Theme-Park Ride:

Four people—two men and two women—were killed Tuesday afternoon when an Australian theme-park ride malfunctioned at Dreamworld in Queensland. Two people were thrown from a raft, and another two were trapped by machinery. Witnesses reportedly ran from the ride screaming after seeing the incident. Staff at the park performed first aid until paramedics arrived at the scene. The family-friendly ride is 28-years-old and allows children as young as the age of 2 onto it. It features six chairs on an inner tube, as visitors ride through the 448-yard water course. The entire park was closed following the malfunction, and it will remain shut down in the coming days.

*Canadian Nurse Charged in 8 Patient Deaths:

A Canadian nurse has been charged with eight counts first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of eight patients at nursing homes where she worked. The facilities were located in Woodstock and London, Ontario. Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer, 49, is in custody and appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice on Tuesday. The nursing home, Caressant Care, said it is cooperating with investigators, who began looking into the incidents in late September. The victims all were killed between 2007 and 2014.

*Gunmen Kill at Least 59 Police Trainees in Pakistan:

Gunmen who stormed a police training center in the Pakistan city of Quetta late Monday killed at least 59  recruits by detonating explosive vests. Health officials said at least 117 others were wounded, with several in critical condition at local hospitals, and indicated fears the death toll would rise. Survivors said between four and six militants stormed the Baluchistan province academy while most recruits were asleep in their dorms and began firing before detonating suicide vests. “They were rushing toward our building firing shots, so we rushed for safety toward the roof and jumped down in the back to save our lives,” one police trainee told local television, according to an AP report. The siege ended early Tuesday after a four-hour shootout with troops and police. By daylight, conflicting claims of responsibility had emerged, including one from the media arm of ISIS and another by the Hakimullah faction of the Pakistan Taliban.

*Peter Thiel Sorry for Date-Rape Comments:

Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and prominent Trump campaign donor, apologized Monday for comments in his 1995 book that called date rape “seductions that are later regretted.” Thiel and his co-author, David Sacks, also issued an apology. “More than two decades ago, I co-wrote a book with several insensitive, crudely argued statements,” Thiel said. “As I’ve said before, I wish I’d never written those things. I’m sorry for it. Rape in all forms is a crime. I regret writing passages that have been taken to suggest otherwise.” Sacks’ apology was reported in Recode. “It does not represent who I am or what I believe today,” he said.

*Trump Lays Groundwork for Trump TV:

Donald Trump has made his first foray into his rumored post-campaign broadcast career. On Monday night, the Trump campaign aired a Facebook Live stream featuring campaign advisers Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren. The show will air every night at 6:30 on Trump’s Facebook page. The broadcast’s inaugural run drew some 40,000 viewers, and featured an interview with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and a livestream of Trump’s Monday night rally in Tampa, Florida. Epshteyn told Wired that the broadcast had nothing to do with a future Trump TV run. But The Dallas Morning News reported that Lahren is interested in joining a Trump broadcast effort, should one take shape after the campaign.

*Americans Can’t Wait Until The Election Is Over Says Media Expert:

No matter whom they support at the polls, Americans can mostly agree on one thing about this presidential campaign ― they’re really, really ready to be finished with it. An 81 percent majority of Americans say they wish this election were over, according to media expert and author Michael Levine( , with just 12 percent saying they’re enjoying watching things play out. More than three-quarters of people in both parties say they’re ready to move on. An identical 59 percent of Democrats, Republicans and Independents say they’ve heard too much discussion of the presidential election. Just 7 percent of all Americans say they wish they’d heard more. “People are extremely fatigued by the campaign and feel restless for it to end.” said Levine.

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*Vatican: No More Scattering of Cremation Ashes:

The Vatican has released new rules for Catholics who plan to be cremated, mandating that remains may not be scattered or separated and must be stored in a church-approved location. The guidelines, released Tuesday, also prevent storing cremated ashes at home. The Vatican for many years only allowed burial, but in 1963 the Catholic Church amended that regulation to allow cremation. Burial remains the preferred choice because of the church’s belief in resurrection.

*Dad Jumps From NJ Bridge Holding 2 Kids:
A man jumped from a bridge on Interstate 287 holding his two children in Wanaque, New Jersey, on Monday night, police said. The man died from the fall but the two kids survived. New Jersey State Police were notified of a possible suicide attempt at around 8 p.m., and they found the man’s car parked on the side of the road near where he is thought to have jumped. The man’s body was later recovered in a wooded area near the Wanaque River. He was pronounced dead at the scene; his children were found to have  non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital for treatment. No further details were available on the man’s identity or the ages of the children.

*Investigators Replaced in Eric Garner Death Case:

The Justice Department has replaced its team investigating the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man killed by police inStaten Island in 2014, The New York Times reports. Garner’s death was captured on video as NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleoplaced him in a chokehold, suffocated him—and touched off weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality. The federal investigation into Garner’s death has been at a standstill, after prosecutors and the Justice Department sparred over whether to press charges against the NYPD officers involved. The Justice Department’s replacement of its investigators and lawyers is unconventional, and could signal new movement in the case. Pantaleo previously avoided indictment by a New York state jury in 2014, but could still face federal civil-rights charges.

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