LBN- Special Report- Tuesday

*Warren Buffett Is Latest Billionaire to Excoriate Donald Trump:

The investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett unleashed a withering attack on Donald J. Trump on Monday for refusing to release his tax returns, asserting he had something to hide, and for misleading voters about his success as a businessman and ability to improve the American economy. Mr. Buffett, known to investors as the Sage of Omaha, said a monkey throwing darts at the stock pages in 1995, when Mr. Trump first offered stock in his Atlantic City hotels, would have come out far ahead of anyone who listened to Mr. Trump’s “siren song” and invested in his company that lost money year over year. The attack from perhaps the nation’s most revered investor undercut a core argument of Mr. Trump’s presidential candidacy: that his success as a businessman qualified him to run the country despite his lack of political experience.

*Pope Francis Orders Study on Appointing Female Deacons:

In an effort to resolve a longstanding conflict within the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has directed his administration to establish a commission to study whether to allow women to be appointed as deacons. Deacons can officiate at a wedding or funeral, but cannot preside over a Mass. The pope is not, however, considering women as priests, which is one rank above a deacon. The commission will be comprised of seven men and six women.

*Poll: 48% of Americans Say Russia Is Trying to Control the Election:
In a new CNN/ORC poll, 48 percent of Americans surveyed said they believe the Russian government is trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Of those polled, about 60 percent said they see the Cold War rival as having an “unfriendly” relationship with the U.S.; a majority said Russia’s possible hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s emails is a bigger issue than Republican nominee Donald Trump’s reaction to it, in a 61 percent to 31 percent split. Of those surveyed, Trump supporters said they were more likely to see Russia as friendly to the U.S. Those who said they intended to vote for Clinton, in turn, were more likely to say Moscow is trying to control the U.S. presidential election.
*Feds: Flossing May Have Few Benefits:

Dental floss might not be as effective as originally believed, according to a new report. One year after the Associated Press asked the federal government for scientific evidence of the effectiveness of flossing—a requirement in order to be listed as a guideline—it was omitted from the newest version this year. The government acknowledged to the Associated Press that it was never researched. In a separate review, the news organization found the evidence was “weak” and “very unreliable.” Additionally, studies conducted by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology were using “outdated methods or tested few people.”

*Bill Bratton to Resign as NYPD Commissioner:
Bill Bratton is set to voluntarily resign Tuesday as commissioner of the New York Police Department, multiple outlets confirmed. Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce Bratton’s departure today, along with his succession by NYPD chief James P. O’Neill. Bratton has twice served as New York City’s commissioner, and has also served the same role in Los Angeles and Boston. Bratton’s departure comes several months after three NYPD commanders—a deputy chief, deputy inspector, and a sergeant—were arrested on federal corruption charges. The month before that a former officer filed a $200-million lawsuit alleging she had an affair with a department chief who then beat her. The most recent high-profile NYPD resignation came in 2014 when Chief of Department Philip Banks—a one-time favorite to replace Bratton—stunned the city by stepping down, only later to have it revealed he was the subject of a federal corruption probe.

*LBN-READER QUESTION? Why Aren’t Feminists Up in Arms About the Slut-Shaming of Nude Melania Trump?

The New York Post has run two days of full-frontal images of Melania Trump from her early modeling days. Strangely, there are no feminists expressing outrage for her. Why? Send your reply to: (Please put “LBN-Reader Question” in the subect line.

*Anton Yelchin’s Parents Sue Over Death:

The parents of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin are planning to sue the companies they believe are responsible for his death. Yelchin was found dead in June after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled and pinned him against a security gate in Los Angeles. The Like Crazy star’s parents are seeking punitive damages “for the wrongful death of their son due to significant defects” in the vehicle, TMZ reports. A class-action suit has already been filed against automaker Fiat Chrysler with claims the model had a faulty e-shift that led drivers to believe the vehicle was safely in park when it was, in fact, in neutral. The Yelchins’ suit will reportedly seek damages from Fiat Chrysler, AutoNation, and ZF North America.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Nick Denton, the founder and chief executive of Gawker Media, filed for personal bankruptcy on Monday to protect himself from a legal judgment awarded in March to the former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit. “Ever since the verdict, this was a likely outcome,” Mr. Denton said in an instant message. Gawker, which faces a $140 million judgment, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June and put itself up for sale. The company will be sold at an auction that is expected to occur later this month.

*LBN-SEE IT: On May 26, 1996, Mariana Cook visited Barack and Michelle Obama in Hyde Park as part of a photography project on couples in America.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Bill Bratton, Clive Davis, Sharon Bush and Butch Elias at Primola in NYC.    ***Audrey Gruss, the founder of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, leading Richard and Karen LeFrak, plus 200 others, on her benefit walk around Southampton.    ***Damian Lewis at the East Hampton Grill …***Beatrice Alda and gallerist Janet Lehr hosting an art show for the late Larry Rivers (who created the controversial Sag Harbor sculpture Legs) at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton.    ***Another sold -out crowd last night from “City Talk” featuring former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan at Baltaire restaurant in Brentwood. Included in the group of movers and shakers was Variety’s Peter Bart, KNX Radio’s Bob Brill and Frank Mottek, film producer Mark Joseph, former CBS reporter Linda Breakstone, Fox New reporter Hollie McKay among others.

  1. The word “influenza” comes from the Italian influentia because people used to believe that the influence of the planets, stars, and moon caused the flu—for only such universal influence could explain such sudden and widespread sickness.
  2. The English adopted the word “influenza” in the mid-eighteenth century, while the French called it la grippe from gripper, meaning “to grasp or hook.” There is also a similar-sounding phrase in Arabic, anf-al-anza, which means “nose of the goat,” used because goats were thought to be carriers of the disease.
  3. Annual flu viruses (not including flu pandemics) infect up to 20% of Americans, put 200,000 in the hospital with flu-related complications, and kill about 36,000 people.
  4. The cost of treating annual flu epidemics, including lost wages and productivity of workers, is billions of dollars each year in just the United States alone.
  5. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between three and five million people worldwide get a serious case of the regular flu each year; tens of millions get milder cases. Between 250,000 and 500,000 people globally die of the flu every year.
  6. There have been four major global flu pandemics since 1900. The most recent pandemic is the current swine flu (officially named “Novel H1N1 Influenza A”). The last global pandemic was the Hong Kong flu (1968-1969) which killed approximately one million people. The Asian flu pandemic (1957-1958) originated in China and is estimated to have killed between one and four million people. The Spanish flu pandemic (1918-1919) killed between 50-100 million people worldwide.
  7. Scientists believe that flu pandemics occur two or three times each century.
The Spanish flu was the single deadliest plaque of the twentieth century
  1. The single deadliest flu pandemic in history was the Spanish flu pandemic during 1918-1919. Occurring in the three waves of increasing lethality, the Spanish flu killed more people in 24 weeks than AIDS did in 24 years. It also killed more people in one year than smallpox or the Black Plague did in 50 years.
  2. The Spanish flu killed more Americans in one year than the combined total who died in battle during WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
  3. At the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, any student caught without a mask during the Spanish flu was automatically suspended, and a town in Arizona passed a law forbidding people to shake hands.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Gloria DeHaven, the perky daughter of vaudeville stars who grew up to sing, dance and play vulnerable, pouty-lipped ingénues in movie musicals of the 1940s and ’50s, died on Saturday in Las Vegas. She was 91. Her publicist, Scott Stander, confirmed her death.   ***Elio Guaitolini, whose namesake restaurant on the Upper East Side, Elio’s, has served as an informal clubhouse for Manhattan’s social and media elite since opening in 1981, died on Sunday at his home in Manhattan. He was 83. The cause was complications of pneumonia, his wife, Colleen Croft, said.

FBI: Crime in the United States, 2013
“Crime in the United States, 2013, presents data tables containing information on the topics listed below. Data users can download Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of the data tables and Adobe PDFs of most of the text. Offenses Known to Law Enforcement – Includes information about violent crime offenses (murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crime offenses (burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson).”
*LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: As usual, there were a ton of artists and musicians at the political conventions this year. And that raises some questions. How much should artists get involved in politics? How can artists best promote social change? One person who serves as a model here was not an artist but understood how to use a new art form. Frederick Douglass made himself the most photographed American of the 19th century, which is kind of amazing. He sat for 160 separate photographs (George Custer sat for 155 and Abraham Lincoln for 126). He also wrote four lectures on photography. Douglass used his portraits to change the way viewers saw black people. Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Harvard points out that one of Douglass’s favorite rhetorical tropes was the chiasmus: the use of two clauses in a sentence in reversed order to create an inverse parallel. For example, Douglass wrote, “You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man.”


*Jazz Vocalist, Sarah Partridge Joins Singer/Songwriter Janis Ian On New Album:

In preparation for a new album reimagining songs by legendary singer/songwriter Janis Ian, jazz vocalist, Sarah Partridge travelled to Nashville, TN in mid June to pen two songs with the Grammy winner. Partridge, who landed her big break by accident while performing karaoke with friends, has been collaborating with Ian, who wrote her first hit at the age of fourteen 50 years ago. Partridge, who according to the New York Times, “belongs to a tradition of jazz singers who use hard rhythm as a kind of emotional armor, will sing,  “Somebody’s Child” and “Quarter Past Heartache” with Ian on the forthcoming album. “I believe that the two songs we wrote in only two days will make the album really special,” said Partridge. The recording will take place in Paramus, NJ on August 18th and 19th. Partridge has spent months listening, choosing, and fine-tuning a collection of Ian’s music that she feels will lend itself to jazz interpretations. “Writing with someone who I consider to be a master of her craft was truly an exhilarating experience. We worked hard, laughed, and drank a lot of coffee!” said Partridge. Partridge will join the impressive list of Ian’s duet partners, which includes Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Mel Torme.
*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Everyone is constantly unconsciously interpreting signs around them.”


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