LBN – Special Report – Thursday, May 25th, 2017

*U.K. Cuts Off U.S. From Manchester Attack Intel Over Leaks
U.K. officials have stopped sharing information related to Monday night’s Manchester bombing with their U.S. counterparts after repeated leaks to the American media, the BBC reports. Crime-scene photos showing blood from the victims of the attack were published in The New York Times, enraging British authorities. The name of the suspected bomber, Salman Abedi, had already been given to the U.S. media, while the British press remained in the dark. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham told reporters, “We quite frankly can’t afford to risk it any more.” The attack killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert and injured dozens more. Prime Minister Theresa May said she will tell President Trumpat this week’s NATO meeting that shared intelligence “must remain secure.”

*Trump Budget Takes Broad Aim at Illegal Immigrants: 
President Trump’s first budget offers up dramatic policy shifts and hundreds of millions of dollars to clamp down on illegal immigrants living in the United States, denying them tax credits, jobs and haven while funding a deportation force and flights home for those being removed. The proposals, part of the $4.1 trillion blueprint the White House released on Tuesday, offer the clearest indication yet of how Mr. Trump, who campaigned on a promise to build a southern border wall to keep immigrants from illegally entering the United States and hunt down and banish those who are already here, intends to carry out his crackdown. In a budget marked by steep cuts to social safety net programs, it is one of the few areas besides the military where the president proposes to increase funding. “In these dangerous times, our increased attention to public safety and national security sends a clear message to the world — a message of American strength and resolve,” Mr. Trump said in the message accompanying the document. “It follows through on my promise to focus on keeping Americans safe, keeping terrorists out of our nation, and putting violent offenders behind bars.”
*Ellen DeGeneres’ First Stand-Up Special in 15 Years to Premiere on Netflix

Ellen DeGeneres is the latest superstar comedian to jump on Netflix’s stand-up special train. The daytime talk show host announced this week that she will tape her first special in 15 years for the streaming service. When Netflix reached out to her, DeGeneres told her talk show audience, “I said I’m going to have to think about it and then 30 seconds later I said yes.” The financial details of the deal have not yet been disclosed, but recent deals with comedians like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle netted those comedians approximately $20 million per special. DeGeneres’ previous special, The Beginning, was broadcast on HBO in 2000, three years before her talk show premiered.

*Hannity Loses 7 Advertisers Amid Uproar

Several companies have pulled advertising from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show after he promoted a conspiracy theory about the death of a former Democratic National Committee staffer. Hannity was still peddling a story— even after it was widely discredited—that Seth Rich was shot and killed because he had supplied DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Police say it was a botched robbery. His family and parents for a long time pleaded with Fox News to quit speculating about his death. said in a statement on Wednesday: “In this case, we’ve been watching closely and have recently made the decision to pull our advertising from Hannity.” Others followed suit: Leesa Sleep, Peloton, USAA, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Casper, and Ring. Ring told BuzzFeed News in a statement: “We are always evaluating and monitoring our advertisements to ensure they align with the Ring brand. As of May 23rd, we have asked our media buying partners not to place Ring ads on The Sean Hannity Show.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Chicago was the only city among the nation’s 20 largest to lose population in 2016 — and it lost nearly double the number of residents as the year before, according to newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s the city’s third consecutive year of population loss. Chicago’s population fell by 8,638 residents between 2015 and 2016, to 2,704,958. The year before, it declined by 4,934.

*MY REVIEW: “I read LBN daily because in today’s world information is power and LBN is a power tool!”—— Andrew G., an  LBN reader from Berlin, Germany

*Ben Carson: Poverty Is a ‘State of Mind’

President Trump’s housing secretary on Wednesday proposed one way to cut down on poverty: Stop having a “defeatist attitude.” In a radio interview on SiriusXM, Ben Carson, the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, described poverty as a “state of mind” that could be prevented in some cases, saying parents should be passing down to their children “the mind-set of a winner.” “If you take somebody with the wrong mind-set, you can give them everything in the world and they’ll work their way back down to the bottom,” he said. Carson, who grew up in a low-income family in Detroit, said the government needs to steer people away from negative thinking. “I think the majority of people don’t have that defeatist attitude, but they sometimes just don’t see the way, and that’s where government can come in and be very helpful,” he said.
*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Americans spend 10% of their income on food, which is the lowest of any country.

*Dozens of Middlebury Students Are Disciplined for Charles Murray Protest: 
More than five dozen Middlebury College students were disciplined for their roles in shutting down a speech by the author Charles Murray in March, the college announced this week. But the students were spared the most serious penalties in the episode, which left a faculty member injured and came to symbolize a lack of tolerance for conservative ideas on some campuses. The college, in Middlebury, Vt., issued a statement on Tuesday describing sanctions against 67 students “ranging from probation to official college discipline, which places a permanent record in the student’s file.” The statement did not disclose how many students received the harsher punishment, but said, “Some graduate schools and employers require individuals to disclose official discipline in their applications.”
*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***Several things have been credited with driving Stephen Colbert’s recent ratings surge: liberals craving a safe space, a backlash to his rival Jimmy Fallon’s hair tousle of Donald J. Trump, and Mr. Colbert simply being more comfortable as the host of his late-night show on CBS. But when the September-to-May TV season ends on Wednesday night, Mr. Colbert will be the victor in total viewers over Mr. Fallon because of an unlikely reason: the DVR. Mr. Colbert’s remarkable comeback is one of the biggest stories in TV, and it is the first time in 22 years that CBS will best NBC in the time slot other than 2010, when Conan O’Brien was removed from “The Tonight Show” in favor of a return to Jay Leno.
*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:    ***Former California GovernorGray Davis will be the guest-of-honor at the next “City Talk” conversation event on Monday, June 5 in the private room of the elegant Baltaire restaurant in Brentwood.
*LBN-HEALTH WATCH: What if you carried a genetic mutation that left you nearly impervious to heart disease? What if scientists could bottle that miracle and use it to treat everyone else? In a series of studies, the most recent published on Wednesday, scientists have described two rare genetic mutations that reduce levels of triglycerides, a type of blood fat, far below normal. People carrying these genes seem invulnerable to heart disease, even if they have other risk factors. Drugs that mimic the effects of these mutations are already on the way, and many experts believe that one day they will become the next blockbuster heart treatments. Tens of millions of Americans have elevated triglyceride levels. Large genetic studies have consistently suggested a direct link to heart disease.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***David Hasselhoff dining at Jean-Georges restaurant in Trump Tower in NYC, eating a giant ice cream for dessert.   ***Tracy Anderson at Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in NYC celebrating the opening of the health-focused Saks Wellery.   ***Carol Burnett eating beet salad and Key lime pie at Gallaghers Steakhouse in NYC, before heading to the Broadway production of “Groundhog Day”.   ***AthletesKevin Klein and Kevin Lindstrom eating at Freds at Barneys in NYC.   ***Controversial film director Roman Polanski was spotted arriving by boat at the luxe Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc this week — and soon after repaired to the terrace of his suite overlooking the property to take calls in nothing but a pair of droopy designer drawers. The self-exiled Oscar winner’s latest film, “Based on a True Story,” is debuting at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Richard Porton: In interviews leading up to Tuesday’s premiere of The Beguiled, the directorSofia Coppola (one of the few directors at Cannes whose star status is almost as great as her cast) claimed that the film should not be deemed a remake of the 1971 Don Siegelpotboiler of the same name. Coppola maintains that her script relies more on the Thomas Cullinan source novel than Siegel’s enjoyably lurid movie, which gave the young Clint Eastwood one of his best early roles. Savvy film buffs may have also sensed an unstated assertion that Coppola yearned to move away from the macho preoccupations of Siegel and Eastwood (who made an appearance at Cannes several days ago to give a master class) and take the opportunity to infuse her script with a distinctly feminist, or at least female, sensibility.  If truth be told, however, Coppola has only tweaked the structure of Siegel’s movie and delivered a slightly sleeker, and only incrementally more politically correct, version of this tale of a wounded Union soldier who finds temporary refuge in a Virginia girls’ school whose ranks have been depleted as the fighting rages during the last phase of the U.S. Civil War. Siegel and Eastwood regarded the story of Corporal John McBurneylanguishing among Southern belles as the impetus for a male wish-fulfillment fantasy. Coppola almost seems to view the erotic ambiance as a variation on the themes of her 1999 debut feature, The Virgin Suicides.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Vickie Casas (Small business owner):David Brooks is absolutely 100% correct.  Alienation is exactly what our last President, Barack Obama, accomplished. This is why Donald Trump won the presidency. The regular folks were tired of having Democratic Liberals and their leaders tell them how they should think, feel and believe. The Deplorable’s, asHilary Clinton referred to them, have found in President Donald Trump a man that is listening to what is important to them. Does this make him a Bad President or does it just make the Democratic Liberals and their leaders upset that the regular folks of this nation will actually have a say in how our country moves forward? Hopefully, Donald Trumps Presidency will help to balance out the extreme left agenda we have been forced to live for the last eight years

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Tom Sykes: Back in 2015, the film ofMartin Amis’ classic novel London Fields, starring Amber Heard as a psychic temptress who knows she is about to be murdered, was supposed to be one of the highlights of the Toronto film festival. The film was plunged into controversy when the movie’s cast and director, including Heard, refused to show up to support it, alleging that the producers had hijacked the final cut of the movie and secretly inserted sex scenes filmed with a Heard body-double, and cutting scenes with references to the 9/11 terror attacks. Now the producers are alleging that Heard’s sex scenes were a factor in the breakdown of her relationship with Johnny Depp.  The once hotly tipped film has been mired in legal limbo without a distributor for the past year, whilst a series of claims and counterclaims have swirled around it.

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