LBN- Special Report- Thursday December 8, 2016

NICE WORK? – Inspectors Hadn’t Entered Oakland Warehouse in 30 Years:

Officials on Thursday announced that a building code enforcement inspector hadn’t entered an Oakland warehouse—where 36 people died on Friday evening—in more than 30 years despite complaints about the building. Usually, the agency only enters properties when the city’s planning and building department is prompted by a complaint or if the owner is seeking a permit, the organization’s interim director said. But the city says it had received complaints about the warehouse for alleged safety problems and was already investigating those reports when the catastrophic fire broke out last weekend. The building had received about two dozen code complaints and other city actions in the past three decades. It’s not yet clear why an inspector had not yet visited the interior of the art venue, home, and music space, called the Ghost Ship. An inspector did visit the site two weeks before the blaze but did not enter the structure. The city has not yet released any fire inspection records about the property.

Tina Fey Explains Why Hillary Clinton Lost:

Accepting the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at Wednesday morning’s 2016 Women in Entertainment breakfast,SNL alum and 30 Rock creator Tina Fey said she was going to avoid talking about the presidential election—“when I get written up in Breitbart, I want it to be because they’re mad that I’m making an all-female Hitler biopic”—but ultimately couldn’t help herself. “I have to say, I think the real reason that Hillary lost—and it’s the thing that people are afraid to talk about: not enough celebrity music videos urging people to vote,” Fey joked. “I just think if there had been, like, one more funny rap, or like, another Hamilton parody, or something.” Fey also worked a Donald Trump joke into her speech, telling the crowd that she’s been wondering lately, “What’s next for me? What is my role in this business going to be once nobody wants to grab me by the pussy anymore?”

Giraffes Now ‘Vulnerable’ to Extinction:

The giraffe has been added to the international watch list of threatened and endangered species. The tallest land animal isnow “vulnerable” to extinction after its population shrunk about 40 percent in 30 years. “There’s a strong tendency to think that familiar species (such as giraffes, chimps, etc.) must be OK because they are familiar and we see them in zoos,” said conservation biologist Stuart Pimm. “This is dangerous.” In 2015, there were only about 97,562 giraffes in the world, reports the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Scientists blame habitat loss, in part, for the decrease in population. “Everyone assumes giraffes are everywhere,” said co-director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation Julian Fennessy, adding that giraffes are experiencing a “silent extinction.”


Congress Passes Sweeping New Health Bill:

The U.S. Senate passed legislation on Wednesday to fund cancer and Alzheimer’s research, reshape the way the FDA approves medication, fight the opioid epidemic, and increase access to mental health treatment. The 21st Century Cures Act was passed by the House of Representatives last week and heads to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law. “For the second consecutive year, the Senate is sending the President another Christmas miracle for his signature,” GOP Senator Lamar Alexander said, adding that the measure “will help virtually every American family.” Though the legislation has many supporters and passed in a 94-5 vote, critics of the measure—including Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—say it lowers standards for drug approvals and gives unnecessary handouts to the pharmaceutical industry. “This gift—which 1,300 lobbyists, mostly from pharmaceutical companies, helped sell—comes at the expense of patient safety by undermining requirements for ensuring safe and effective medications and medical devices,” said a statement released by consumer watchdog Public Citizen.

Walmart to Invest $1.3 Billion in Mexico:

Walmart on Wednesday announced plans to invest $1.3 billion in Mexico, even as President-elect Donald Trump threatens to crack down on companies moving money and jobs abroad. The retail giant intends to build new distribution centers and expand on existing ones, creating more than 10,000 jobs, Walmart’s Mexico director Guilherme Loureiro said in comments carried by Agence France-Presse. Loureiro announced the news alongside Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who said the investment was a major boost at a time of “great uncertainty and big risk-aversion,” a comment apparently referencing Trump. Walmart already has 2,300 stores in the country and plans to open another 1,000 over the next ten years. The announcement of even more investment in the country may be a slap in the face for Trump, who has not only lashed out at Mexico but also vowed to punish any U.S. companies that move jobs overseas.

LBN-SEE IT:….The comedian and musician Reggie Watts is a leading proponent of a subgenre of stand-up that is aggressively silly and improvisational.

Judge’s Order Suspends Michigan Recount:

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith suspended a recount in Michigan on Wednesday that began three days ago and hadn’t revealed any fraud or information that would significantly alter results. The recount cost as much as $3 million and was initially commissioned by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. There were various arguments in state and federal courts as to whether Stein was qualified to request this, given that she had no chance of winning the election based on the results. She also was involved in recount efforts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Trump to name fast-food CEO as labor secretary:

President-elect Donald Trump will name restaurant CEO Andrew Puzder to be the next labor secretary, a source said Thursday. Puzder, who runs the parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, supported Trump during his campaign, praising him as a “pragmatic centrist” and “negotiator.” Puzder also served as one of the candidate’s economic advisers.

LBN-NOTICED:   ***Steven Tyler at Joe’s Pizza in the West Village in NYC ordering two pies “extra crispy”.   ***Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis at the Alibi in Fort Greene in NY.   ***Katie Couric at Barclays Center in Brooklyn to see the Islanders beat the Rangers.   ***Kevin Durant toasting his business manager Rich Kleiman’s 40th birthday at Tosca Cafe in San Francisco.   ***Tony Bennett at the Django in NYC.   ***Emmy award-winning TV and music producer Sandy Chanley and author/comedian Adam Christing at the ACE Hotel Theatre for Robbie Robertson’s Testimony book release event.

LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***Gayle King has signed a $16.5 million deal to remain co-host of “CBS This Morning” for another three years. King has agreed to a three-year deal at $5.5 million per year to stay in the anchor chair with Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell.

LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Musician Greg Lake, a prog-rock pioneer who co-founded King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died. He was 69. Manager Stewart Young said in a statement that Lake died Wednesday after “a long and stubborn battle with cancer.”

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LBN-COMMENTARY by Vickie Casas: The Time comment on Person of the year Donald Trump, President of the Divided States of America is a very deceptive. We really only have two states in the United States of America that are divided from all the others. Those states are California and New York. In all actuality if we removed just California from our presidential election Donald Trump would of received the majority of the popular votes in the presidential election of the United States of America.  Just a thought for all out there!

LBN-COMMENTARY by Elliot Mintz (Media consultant):Three weeks ago I was in the Vedado section of Havana, Cuba at the ‘John Lennon park’. A sculpture sits atop one of the benches. It was created by an artist named Jose Villa Soberon. People sit on the bench and take photos or reflect, remember and imagine. It has been 36 years…..half a lifetime for me. There are some people who shared some of their time with us that will always remain unforgettable.  John was one of them.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Michael Levine (Media expert and author – ) : During surveillance of shoplifters, researchers note that thieves will try to hide their physical presence by restricting their motions and by limiting their head exposure by raising the shoulders and lowering the head, as in a “turtle effect.” Most people walk around the store with their arms quite active and their posture upright.

Acclaimed Financial Advisor, Doc Gallagher, PhD Predicted Donald Trump’s Victory:

“I predicted Donald Trump’s victory and the demise of the Obama/Clinton tyranny,” states financial advisor, W. Neil Gallagher, PhD Despite all of the negativity and attacks from the media, being demonized by Hillary Clinton and her team, ridicule from Hollywood and paid protesters slamming his speeches, Gallagher predicted Trump would win. “It was precisely, BECAUSE OF (not “in spite of”) these attacks that I predicted Trump would win. Anyone who could ignite that much hateful and slanderous opposition represented a person whose message was getting through. Getting through to millions,” states Gallagher. Amid the negative outbursts, Trump has thousands of positive ovations, and when it came time to vote, “the people spoke, and the people won, and Trump won,” says Gallagher.


LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has become a father again at the age of 73. The singer and 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick welcomed a son, Sir Mick’s eighth child, in the latest addition to his brood.

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