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*F–K THE CURSE! – Cubs Win World Series in Extra Innings:

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians by 8-7 Wednesday night in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, giving the team its first world championship since 1908. The Cubs led 6-3 going into the bottom of the eighth inning, when the Indians scored three runs on an RBI double by Brandon Guyer and a two-run home run by Rajai Davis, tying the game at 6. Neither team scored in the ninth inning, so the game went into extrainnings. The Cubs scored two runs in the top of the 10th inning, and pitcher Carl Edwards, Jr. allowed one run before Michael Montgomery came in for the Cubs to secure the final out.  Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks allowed just one run in four and two-thirds innings. Indians starter Corey Kluber also went four innings but allowed four earned runs. He did not strike out any Cubs batters. The Cubs struck first when Dexter Fowler hit a solo home run in the top of the first inning. Javier Baez and David Ross also hit home runs for the Cubs. Ben Zobrist, who won the Fall Classic with the Kansas City Royals last year, was named the World Series MVP. Chicago was down three games to one earlier in the World Series, but won the next three games in a row, two of which were played in Cleveland.

*NYT/CBS News Poll: Clinton Still Leads Tight Race:

With just five days left in the 2016 presidential race, a New York Times/CBS News poll published Thursday has determined that Hillary Clinton maintains her tight edge over Republican nominee Donald Trump. After weeks of bombshell reports, most voters surveyed said their minds had already been made up and that the news had no significant effect on their voting plans. More than 22 million Americans have already cast their votes. The margin between Clinton and Trump is slim: 45 percent of likely voters said they support Clinton, while 42 percent support Trump. That distinction is well within the poll’s margin of error. Coming in behind Trump, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has the support of 5 percent of likely voters. Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, has 4 percent.

*Court: Britain’s Parliament Must Vote on Brexit:

The United Kingdom’s attempt to leave the European Union was thrown into disarray Thursday after a High Court ruled the process cannot begin without the government winning a further vote in parliament. Theresa May’s government had argued the summer’s referendum, in which the British electorate decided by a margin of 52-48 to leave the EU, negated the need for a further vote in Britain’s House of Commons. However, in what could prove to be a pivotal ruling, the High Court ruled the government cannot trigger Article 50—the clause in the EU constitution that begins a two-year exit process—without parliamentary approval. The court case was brought by a group of powerful Remainers headed up by Gina Miller, an influential London fund manager. The British government immediately said it would appeal.  In a statement after the decision, Miller said “This result today is about all of us: Our United Kingdom and our futures. It is not about how any of us voted—each of us voted to do what we believed was the right thing for our country. This case is about process, not politics… [We] are pleased to have played our part in helping form a debate on whether the rights conferred on U.K. citizens through Parliament legislation 44 years ago could be casually snuffed out by the executive without Parliament or our elected representatives and without proper prior consultation about the government’s intentions for Brexit.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: In January of 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the municipal ID program known as IDNYC, an identification card that allows New Yorkers to receive city benefits and perks no matter what their immigration status is. Agarwal said 900,000 people signed up. In 2014 the city spent $14 million a year on immigrant services, according to a city budget analysis. Today the city is spending $30 million, launching new programs like Action NYC, a free community-based legal service program. We Are New York provides English language classes and other opportunities to improve English. The city works with organizations like Make the Road New York, which helps with community outreach and with providing these services.

*FBI, DOJ Feuded Over Clinton Probe:

The Department of Justice and the FBI quarreled over the validity of a probe into the Clinton Foundation for more than a year, sources tell The Wall Street Journal. The FBI allegedly based its early probe on claims made in the book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by conservative author Peter Schweizer. The book has come under scrutiny for unsubstantiated claims and inaccuracies, some of which have been corrected in later editions. Justice Department officials allegedly disagreed that the book offered a convincing basis for an aggressive investigation.  The DOJ and the FBI also disagreed on the significance of secret recordings of a person involved in a corruption case. In recorded conversations, this person allegedly described deals with the Clinton family. As the person was not connected to the Clinton Foundation and the alleged deals were unverified, the DOJ believed the recordings to be weak grounds for a full investigation.

*WHO READS LBN? Talent Agency owner, Don Cisternino:

*ISIS Releases al-Baghdadi Message on Mosul:

ISIS has released a new audio recording that purports to be of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi addressing the U.S.-backed efforts to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul. “This… total war and the great jihad that the state of Islamic is fighting today only increases our firm belief, God willing, and our conviction that all this is a prelude to victory,” al-Baghdadi said in an audio clip posted online Thursday by supporters of the terror group. In the message, his first since the Iraqi forces began their offensive on the city, al-Baghdadi called on Mosul residents to become suicide fighters and “turn the nights of the unbelievers into days, to wreck havoc in their land, and make their blood flow as rivers.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: The full cost of a spacesuit is about $11 million. Almost 70% of this is for the control module and the backpack.

*LBN- INTEL FOR INFLUENCERS: Raúl Martinez, Conde Nast’s corporate creative director, in his new offices that are under construction at One World Trade Center in NYC.

*Bill Murray Loses It When Cubs Win:

Chicago Cubs superfan Bill Murray became overwhelmed by emotion while watching his team win the World Series in Cleveland against the Indians. The game lasted 10 innings, and the victory ended the team’s 108-year championship drought. Murray was one of many celebrities on the field after the game, but he took the opportunity to honk the horn on the new car awarded to MVP Ben Zobrist. He pretended to be a Fox Sports reporter in the locker room and drank a heroic amount of Champagne.

*Cher used rubber bands to keep shoes together as a kid:

Cher believes in life after poverty. During the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Wednesday, the singer, 70, talked aboutgrowing up poor in California. “My mother was put on a bar when she was young and she sang,” Cher said of her 90-year-old mom, Georgia Holt. “She has a great voice and she helped make money to support her family.” At one point, the singer didn’t even have proper shoes to wear to school. “I was kind of a jock and I was always running out of shoes before we had money,” she recalled. “I remember one time, it was a particularly dismal time for me where I had to rubber band my soles to my shoes so that I could have shoes to go to school.” Along with growing up poor, Cher was dealing with dyslexia. “I’m terribly dyslexic so school was a nightmare. I just used to look out the window thinking, ‘God, when will this be over? I’m so tired of this s–t. When will it be over?’”

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Ringo Appear in Refugee Aid Video

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