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WILL WE EVER LEARN?  – Freed Gitmo Inmates Rejoin Terror Groups

Two more militants released from Guantanamo Bay have rejoined militant groups since they were freed, U.S. officials confirmed. Nine released detainees from the facility, which was opened in 2002, have returned to fighting since 2009. Many inmates at the Cuba prison were held without charges and were never tried. Numbers released by the federal government show that President George W. Bush released more detainees than Obama has during his tenure, despite Obama’s stated desire to eventually close the facility. According to a report, 113 of the 532 detainees released by President Bush returned to fighting. Obama has released 161 prisoners during his time in office. Only 5.6 percent of them have returned to fighting.

*Hillary Clinton Expresses ‘Sympathy’ for Colin Powell After Email Hack:
In one of her first public statements since taking three days off from campaigning to recover from pneumonia, Hillary Clintonexpressed “sympathy” for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had two years of hacked email messages leaked this week. While she declined to comment on the specific content of Powell’s emails, Clinton told CNN’s Don Lemonon The Tom Joyner Radio Show that she has “a great deal of respect for Colin Powell, and I have a lot of sympathy for anyone whose emails become public.” Pivoting to the apparent perpetrators of the hack, she added, “What I think is really important about the emails is the chilling fact, Don, that theRussians are continuing to attempt to interfere in our election. And I have to say I’m increasingly concerned by how we’ve seen Donald Trump’s alarming closeness with the Kremlin become more and more clear over the course of this campaign. It’s deeply concerning.” Among the revelations in Powell’s emails were his assertion that “everything [Hillary Clinton] touches she kind of screws up with hubris” and his description of her as “greedy” and “not transformational.” He had equally negative things to say about Donald Trump, calling him a “national disgrace and an international pariah.” But perhaps his harshest judgement was of Bill Clinton, who Powell suggested was “still dicking bimbos at home.”

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*Trump and Clinton Tied in Latest Poll:
New York Times and CBS News poll shows a tightening race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Less than two months before the general election, Clinton is supported by about 46 percent of likely voters, while Trump has the support of 44 percent. When considering all registered voters, Trump has only 41 percent, with Clinton holding the support of 46 percent. When the poll is extended to include the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, however, Clinton and Trump hold 42 percent each. Libertarian Gary Johnson measures 8 percent. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has the support of only 4 percent. Neither Clinton nor Trump, according to the poll, has successfully won over their base. According to the poll, even of those who say they will vote for one of the two, nearly half say they just don’t want the other major party candidate to win or that they have “reservations” about their chosen nominee.

*Rights Groups, Riding Film Publicity, Urge Pardon for Edward Snowden: 
Three human rights groups on Wednesday urged President Obama to pardon Edward J. Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who leaked secret documents about National Security Agency surveillance in 2013 and is living in Russia as a fugitive from criminal charges. The start of the campaign coincides with the theatrical release this week of the movie “Snowden,” a sympathetic, fictionalized version of his story by the director Oliver Stone. Together, the film and the campaign, called “Pardon Snowden,” opened a new chapter in the debate about the surveillance Mr. Snowden revealed and about whether his leaks will go down in history as whistle-blowing or treason. The campaign, organized by the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, includes a petition that has been signed by technologists, law professors and celebrities. At a news conference, Mr. Snowden appeared by remote video link, thanking the organizers and arguing that his fate will have a broader impact.

*John Boehner Joins Board of Tobacco Company:

Former House Speaker John Boehner, known to be a heavy smoker, is joining the board of tobacco firm Reynolds American, the company announced Thursday. According to the a statement, Boehner will serve on the board’s “corporate governance, nominating and sustainability committee.” North Carolina-based Reynolds American is the second largest tobacco company in the U.S. When Boehner left Congress and Paul Ryan took over as Speaker of the House, Ryan was concerned with the smell of his new office.

*U.S. Among Most Depressed Countries in the World, Reports Media Expert:
The U.S. is one of the most depressed countries in the world, according to media expert and author Michael Levine (  In terms of quality years of life lost due to disability or death – a widely adopted public health metric that measures the overall burden of disease – the U.S. ranked third for unipolar depressive disorders, just after India and China. India, China and the U.S. are also the countries most affected by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, said Levine.  “About one in five adults in the U.S. experiences some form of mental illness each year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, but only 41 percent of those affected received mental health care or services in the past year,” Levine reported.

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*LBN-HEALTH WATCH: A new study offers important information to men who are facing difficult decisions about how to treat prostate cancer in its early stages, or whether to treat it at all. Researchers followed patients for 10 years and found no difference in death rates between men who were picked at random to have surgery or radiation, or to rely on “active monitoring” of the cancer, with treatment only if it progressed. Death rates from the cancer were low over all: only about 1 percent of patients 10 years after diagnosis.

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*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Jack Hofsiss, who became the youngest director to win a Tony Award when, at 28, he was honored for his work on “The Elephant Man” in 1979, and who resumed his career after being paralyzed in a diving accident, died on Tuesday at his home in Manhattan. He was 65. His sister Christine Schruntek confirmed his death. She did not give a specific cause but said that he had been experiencing respiratory problems for some time.

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*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***President Barack Obama will honor actors Mel Brooks and Morgan Freeman with the 2015 National Medal of Arts, the White House said Wednesday. The artists and other leading creative figures have been invited to receive the medal at a White House ceremony on Sept. 22. First lady Michelle Obama also planned to attend.   ***Sly Stallone — who prefers working in TV over movies these days — is developing “Pizza Guy,” a comedy based on the crazy life of Richie Palmer, who fled the Bronx 20 years ago to open Mulberry Street Pizzeria in Beverly Hills, California. A.J. Benza, former gossip columnist and host of “Case Closed” on Reelz, is writing the pilot.

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