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*Justice Ginsburg: ‘I Regret’ Bashing Trump; Wise Move Says Media Expert:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has apologized for comments she made about Donald Trump in The New York Times over the weekend. “On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them,” she said on Thursday. “Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. In the future I will be more circumspect.” Ginsburg had told a Times reporter, “I can’t imagine what this place would be—I can’t imagine what the country would be—with Donald Trump as our president. For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be—I don’t even want to contemplate that.” Trump responded early this week by saying the Justice is “dumb” and should resign from her post. “Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb politics statements about me,” Trump tweeted. “Her mind is shot – resign!” On Tuesday, Trump said Ginsburg should resign and called her a “disgrace” for saying that she “can’t imagine” a Trump presidency. “The apology was a wise move” said media expert and author Michael Levine( “Ginsburg had no place making the comment in the first place and an apology was the only right thing to do” commented Levine.

*Missile-Defense System Won’t Stop Nukes

A report to be released Thursday by the Union of Concerned Scientists claims the U.S. missile-defense system is “simply unable to protect the U.S. public” and is in need of serious additional oversight. Three physicists with missile-defense expertise argue that “the Pentagon has sacrificed quality, shortened engineering cycles, and sidestepped acquisitions best practices to meet a deadline imposed by political rationales rather than technical realities.” Though the system is meant to thwart a nuclear attack from Iran or North Korea with rocket interceptors launched from silos at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and Alaska’s Fort Greely, Pentagon officials have made “unsubstantiated claims about the system’s effectiveness.” The authors called it a “disservice to the public” and ask that the matter be rectified as soon as possible.

*IDIOTS – Men Playing Pokemon Go Fall Off Cliff:

Two men playing Pokemon Go fell off a cliff in Encinitas, California, on Wednesday. It is unknown what injuries they sustained, but the men were taken to a trauma center. One of them fell onto a beach about 80 feet below, while the other dropped 50 feet. The game requires users to “catch” different Pokemon creatures at various locations, and the men told rescue officials they had been trying to collect virtual characters.


  1. Stress has been called “the silent killer” and can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat.
  2. While it is a myth that stress can turn hair gray, stress can cause hair loss. In fact, telogen effluvium (hair loss) can begin up to three months after a stressful event.
  3. In 2009, the top most stressful jobs were a surgeon, commercial airline pilot, photojournalist, advertising account executive, and real estate agent. The least stressful jobs were actuary, dietitian, astronomer, systems analyst, and software engineer.
  4. The top three stressful cities in America are Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; and New York, New York.
  5. Stress alters the neurochemical makeup of the body, which can affect the maturation and release of the human egg. Stress can also cause the fallopian tubes and uterus to spasm, which can affect implantation. Stress in men can affect sperm count and motility and can cause erectile dysfunction. In fact, stress may account for 30% of all infertility problems.
  6. Stress can make acne worse. Researchers say stress-related inflammation rather than a rise is sebum (the oily substance in skin) is to blame.
Laughter is a powerful stress reducer
  1. Laughing lowers stress hormones (like cortisol, epinephrine, and adrenaline) and strengthens the immune system by releasing health-enhancing hormones.
  2. The stress hormone cortisol not only causes abdominal fat to accumulate, but it also enlarges individual fat cells, leading to what researchers call “diseased” fat.
  3. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, liver cirrhosis, and suicide.
  4. The stress of caring for a disabled spouse increases the risk of stroke substantially.
  5. Chronic stress can impair the developmental growth in children by lowering the production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.
  6. A 2009 CNN poll reveals that the number one reason for stress in most countries is money. The countries most stressed about money are Malaysia, China, Singapore, and the United States. The countries least stressed about money are Russia, France, and Italy.
  7. The term “stress” derives from the Latin stringere (to draw tight).
  8. Stress causes capillaries to close, which restricts bleeding if a flesh wound should occur.
  9. Pupils dilate (mydriasis) during stress much the same way they dilate in response to attraction: to gather more visual information about a situation.

*Assad: U.S. ‘Not Serious’ About ISIS:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad slammed the U.S. military’s intervention in his country and lauded Russia’s ability to collaborate with his forces, in an interview with NBC News conducted this week. Assad said he’ll regain full control of his country within “a few months,” adding that Russian support has been “the crucial factor” in making progress against the Islamic State terror group. He added, “The Russian politics is not based on making deals—it’s based on values.” This assessment is a stark contrast, he said, to the U.S. presence. “They’re not serious,” Assad said of the American government. He called “illegal” U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in the country “counterproductive” and ineffective. “The reality is telling that, since the beginning of the American airstrikes, the terrorism has been expanding and prevailing,” Assad said. “It only shrinked when the Russians intervened.” He added, “We wanted to defeat those terrorists, while the United States wanted to manage those groups in order to topple the government in Syria.”

*WHO READS LBN? Governor Mike Pence:

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: More than two-fifths of black people say the police in their communities make them feel more anxious than safe. By wide margins, whites and Hispanics say the police make them feel safer.

*Mag: Tesla Must Disable Its Autopilot:

Consumer Reports magazine published an essay Thursday pleading with Tesla Motors to disable its hands-free steering until the system can be better tested. After a fatal crash on May 7, questions have arisen over the model’s capabilities. The influential safety advocate urged the company, among other things, to quit calling the system “Autopilot,” writing “The incident has caused safety advocates, including Consumer Reports, to question whether the name Autopilot, as well as the marketing hype of its rollout, promoted a dangerously premature assumption that the Model S was capable of truly driving on its own.” Laura MacCleery, vice president of consumer policy and mobilization for Consumer Reports, said, “In the long run, advanced active safety technologies in vehicles could make our roads safer. But today, we’re deeply concerned that consumers are being sold a pile of promises about unproven technology.” She added, “Consumers should never be guinea pigs for vehicle safety ‘beta’ programs.”

*Children Left in Desert as Punishment:

A mother and her boyfriend were arrested Wednesday after police say the couple left the mother’s three children behind in a desert without water as a punishment. The children—ages 5, 6, and 7—were found alone without water or shoes in Twentynine Palms, California, where the local temperature hit 104 degrees. San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials said they determined during an investigation that the kids were left as part of a disciplinary measure.

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Days before Donald Trump is poised to accept the Republican presidential nomination, it emerged that he is suing a former campaign aide for $10 million. The suit targets former senior consultant Sam Nunberg, a top aide who was fired last summer, of breaching a confidentiality agreement. Nunberg made that fight public in a court document filed Wednesday in New York Supreme Civil Court accusing Trump of trying to “use the sword of private arbitration proceeding against me to silence media coverage” of a “sordid and apparently illicit affair” between campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicksand former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. He is asking that the suit be taken out of arbitration—a process that would be private—and into court.

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***Michael Cieply, the longtime anchor of New York Times Hollywood coverage in the Los Angeles bureau, is joining Deadline as the executive editor. Deadline is the trade website now part of the Penkse Media Corp. empire, along with Variety, Indiewire, WWD, TVLine, Hollywood Life, Gold Derby and Variety Latino.

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***David Bowie’s private art collection will be put on display around the world before heading to auction at Sotheby’s in London in November.

*LBN-THEATRE NEWS: The Off-Broadway premiere of Elda Cusick’s new play, Austin, will begin a limited engagement on Saturday, July 23rd at The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row (410 W. 42nd St.) in NYC. Ed Setrakian directs a cast that stars Thomas G. Waites (“OZ”), James McCaffrey (“Rescue Me”), Rochelle Boström, AJ Cedeño, and Michaela Waites. Opening Night is set for Aug. 4th. Austin will play a limited run through Sept. 10th only.

*LBN-SEE IT: A light bulb at a fire station in Livermore, California, has been on almost continuously since 1901. In 2015 it was recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest-burning bulb.

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*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Bernardo Provenzano, the godfather of Sicily’s flesh-and-blood Corleone crime family who eluded the police for 43 years and who was a convicted conspirator in the murder of Italy’s two leading Mafia prosecutors, died on Wednesday in Milan. He was 83. His lawyer, Rosalba Di Gregorio, said he had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease, cancer and a stroke, and that he had been hospitalized since 2014 under the supervision of prison authorities.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Thomas B. Edsall: It’s relatively easy to understand how the bitter grievances of the white working class drive support for Donald Trump. What’s less understandable is why a plurality of college-educated white men backs the Republican Party’s combative soon-to-be nominee. According to a recent Pew study, white non-Hispanic male college graduates support Trump over Hillary Clinton by 49 to 42 percent, even as she holds on to her overall lead. Pew is not alone in its findings about college men. An ABC News/Washington Post survey in June gave Trump a 49-44 lead among white men who have completed four years of college. We often overlook the pro-Trump leanings of white men with college degrees, in part because white women with four-year degrees back Clinton 57-35 percent, and most reports combine the total. When both sexes are counted, Clinton leads by six points. The gender gap this year is historic.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by W. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D (Prominent Financial Planner, Author):  BREXIT: How it Impacts your Retirement. It doesn’t. Unless you panic. Brexit: sounds like a breakfast treat. Biscuit. Triscuit. Brexit. Not a treat to millions of investors. The headlines scream: “UK Vote Sets off Shockwaves” “Dow off another 200 points.” WHAT IS IT? “Brexit”: Britain exits the European Union. How fitting: 220 years ago, the U.S. ripped away from the U.K. 220 years later, the UK, ripped away from the E.U. E.U.: A loose “United States of Europe”, knitted together presumably to improve trade and travel. Britain said “Enough is Enough.” Too many immigrants flooding us. Too many one-sided trade deals. We are “This England…this treasured isle”, that Shakespeare extolled. We’ve survived dozens of wars and dozens of plagues. We can make it on our own. Thank you. WHO CARES? You do. If you practice, “Buy low, sell high,” this is it. Facts about the market: One, the financial markets are fueled by greed and fear only by the greedy and fearful.


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