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*Former Gitmo Inmates ‘Killed Americans’

Former Guantanamo Bay inmates are responsible for American deaths overseas, a senior Pentagon official told lawmakers in March. According to the White House, about a dozen released detainees have launched attacks against U.S. or allied forces in Afghanistan, killing what is said to be six Americans. Most of the attacks targeted military personnel, but one American civilian was also killed. She was a female aid worker who died in 2008 in Afghanistan. Further details on the circumstances of the deaths are considered classified.

*ISIS Suicide Bombers Kill 25 in Baghdad

ISIS claimed responsibility on Thursday for two suicide bombings that killed 25 people in Baghdad. The terror group said one attack was carried out with an explosive vest, while the other was a car bomb. The bombings come as Iraqi forces have inched closer toward the ISIS stronghold of Falljuah—an operation that began two weeks ago.

*SCOTUS: Puerto Rico Not Sovereign

The Supreme Court today ruled that Puerto Rico is not a sovereign entity—like U.S. states or Native American tribes—for the purposes of criminal law.  In a case of “double jeopardy,” the high court found that the defendant could not be tried both under Puerto Rican law and under U.S. federal law, because Puerto Rico ultimately derives its authority from the U.S. federal government.  The court emphasized that it was not ruling on Puerto Rico’s ultimate status, or on anything having to do with its debt obligations, but the case will still likely be seen as a blow against Puerto Rico’s autonomy.
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*Ed Sheeran Sued for $20M Over ‘Photograph’

Two U.S. musicians have filed a $20 million plagiarism lawsuit against Ed Sheeran over his hit single “Photograph.” The artists, Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, claim Sheeran’s chart-topping hit is markedly similar to their tune “Amazing,” which they wrote in 2009 and was released in 2012, sung by a winner of the British TV talent show The X-Factor. Leonard and Harrington argue that the chorus of “Photograph” shares 39 identical notes with “Amazing,” adding that the similarities between the songs are “instantly recognizable to the ordinary observer.” The lawsuit says: “The copying of ‘Amazing’ by ‘Photograph’ is breathtaking in its deliberateness, magnitude, and hubris.” The claimants are being represented by lawyer Richard Busch, who won the late Marvin Gaye’s family a monster $5.3 million payment in the “Blurred Lines” copyright verdict.

*Lead Trump Lawyer Donated to Hillary Campaign:

According to Federal Election Commission filings, the lead lawyer defending the presumed GOP presidential nominee in the Trump University fraud lawsuits donated to Hillary Clinton after joining Donald Trump’s legal team. Daniel Petrocelli contributed $2,700—the federally mandated maximum—to the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign. Trump has previously attacked the legitimacy of the case, asserting that the plaintiffs’ law firm gave money to the Clintons and that the judge’s Mexican-American heritage was a “conflict of interest.”
*Drug That Killed Prince Is Making Mexican Cartels Richer, U.S. Says: 

The drug that killed Prince has become a favorite of Mexican cartels because it is extremely potent, popular in the United States — and immensely profitable, American officials say. Law enforcement and border authorities in the United States warn that Mexican cartels are using their own labs to produce the drug, fentanyl, as well as receiving shipments from China. Then the cartels distribute the substance through their vast smuggling networks to meet rising American demand for opiates and pharmaceuticals.
*Cavs Wallop Warriors in Game 3

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the pants off the Golden State Warriors in Wednesday night’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals, as LeBron James rallied his crew to a 120-90 win. League MVP Stephen Curry wasn’t at the top of his form, and the Warriors were outpaced quickly as he struggled with passes and picked up bad fouls. “He did not start the game well,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said. “Turned it over, got beat back door, and he was not his usual self.” The beginning of the third quarter marked the end for Golden State, and James was able to score 21 of his 32 points in the second half.

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*‘Hamilton’ Raises Ticket Prices: The Best Seats Will Now Cost $849:

The producers of “Hamilton” are sharply increasing the cost of the best seats in the house, shattering Broadway’s top ticket price while also more than doubling the number of inexpensive seats available via same-day lotteries. The paired moves — raising the price for premium seats to $849 while offering 46 seats per show at $10 each — are part of a broader effort to stanch the loss of tens of millions of dollars in potential revenue to scalpers, and to make the show available to people who can’t afford costly theater tickets.

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Several studies show that a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism, causing the body to burn calories up to 16% faster than the body would on a meat-based diet for at least the first 3 hours after meals.

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*LBN-NOTICED:   ***George R.R. Martin at Joe’s Pizza in the Village in NYC.   ***Kristen Wiig and boyfriend Avi Rothmanat Sauce in NYC.   ***Louise Kerz Hirschfeld — widow of artist Al Hirschfeld — explaining his works on the walls of Alfredo 100 to owner Ilaria Coletto.   ***Nick Cannon and Brett Yormark at Fresco by Scotto in NYC.   ***Roc Nation Sports superagent Rich Kleiman at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, delivering a stirring commencement speech to seniors in the New Heights Youth program.   ***Natalie Morales celebrating her birthday at Row House in NYC.   ***Prominent Texas financial planner Neil Gallagher having lunch in the private room at Shutter’s Hotel at the beach in Santa Monica.

*LBN-BOOK NEWS:   ***Hollywood scribe Kim Masters was banned from an LA book party on Wednesday by its co-host, mogul Steve Bing, we hear. The bash was for Sidney Blumenthal’s “A Self-Made Man: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln.” Sources said Masters accepted an invite to the party in May, and even received a reminder to attend. But at the eleventh hour, she was told by a flack not to bother. “The rep said Kim wrote a vicious article on Bing,” a source said.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr. : A friend asked me the other day to choose my favoriteMuhammad Ali fight. “The Rumble in the Jungle,” I responded. I was thinking of all the rhymes that accompanied it, from “You think the world was shocked when Nixon resigned? Wait till I whip George Foreman’s behind,” to the very phrase “rope-a-dope”, as he named the strategy he used to defeat a superior opponent in the heat of Kinshasa. It was an athletic event but it was also a linguistic one. Almost from the beginning of his career, when he was still called Cassius Clay, his rhymed couplets, like his punches, were brutal and blunt. And his poems, like his opponents, suffered a beating. The press’s earliest nicknames for him, such as “Cash the Brash” and “the Louisville Lip,” derived from his deriding of opponents with poetic insults. When in the history of boxing have critics been so irked by a fighter’s use of language? A. J. Liebling called him “Mr. Swellhead Bigmouth Poet,” while John Ahern, writing in The Boston Globe in 1964, mocked his “vaudeville” verse as “homespun doggerel.” Time magazine, in a particularly nasty triple dig in 1967 over Ali’s opposition to the Vietnam War, his embrace of the Nation of Islam and his name change, called him “Gaseous Cassius.”

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Neil Gallagher (Author, Acclaimed Financial Planner): Don’t swoon into the sleep of “Not me…it’ll never happen to me. I’ll never need long-term care.” Rather,wake up! Do all you can to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected financially. Don’t wait until the last minute or think it can’t happen to you. Otherwise, you or your loved one may spend your final days financially and physically spent. And the best remedy to keep yourself from between a rock and a hard place is prevention.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Derek Jeter will marry Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Hannah Davis on July 2 in the gorgeous wine-country town of St. Helena in Napa County, Calif. Sources say that the couple chose the romantic destination because they want to keep their wedding small and private. And we’re told the guest list will be small and family focused.
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