LBN – Special Report – Sunday, June 11th, 2017

*Long Before It Lost Turf, ISIS Was Already Targeting Britain:

In the weeks after Islamic State operatives struck Paris in November 2015, the group released a prerecorded video of the killers. They stared into the camera, waved serrated knives, raged at the West and specifically warned Britain: You’re next. Footage showed scenes of London through a gunsight. For the next 13 months, the Islamic State and those inspired by the group killed and maimed in Brussels, Berlin, Nice and Normandy as well as across the Atlantic in California and Florida. Yet the rhetoric against Britain began to feel like the frothy threats made by the group toward other countries that had avoided attacks, including Iran: loud and menacing but ultimately empty. Until now. The strikes in the past week against the capitals of the United Kingdom and Iran followed back-to-back attacks in recent months in Britain, by an assailant who used an S.U.V. to smash into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in March and a suicide bomber at a pop concert in Manchester in May. “This is for Allah!” the attackers were heard screaming in the latest bloodshed in London as they plunged knives into their victims.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Adam West, the classically handsome baritone actor who turned a comic-book superhero into live-action Pop Art in the 1960s television series “Batman,” died on Friday in Los Angeles. He was 88. The cause was leukemia, according to Molly Schoneveld, a family spokeswoman.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: Lordy, what a fine day to be Donald Trump. Three hours of earnest James Comey testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee and the president is not in immediate jeopardy of being indicted or impeached. High crimes can wait. The master of low expectations headed off to his New Jersey golf club to celebrate the fact that he still has plenty of time for further self-incrimination. If there’s going to be an auto-da-fe on the Potomac, Trump would prefer to light the match. He doesn’t want some shrewd, fired, leaking, taller-than-thou swamp creature to take him out when he can self-immolate.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Mountain tops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.” —–

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***At radio giant Cumulus Media, things have gone from bad to worse. A quick look at the stock price tells the tale. When former Chief Executive Lew Dickey exited in September 2015, the stock was already an anemic $5.45. On Friday, Cumulus shares closed at 52 cents. Back in the halcyon days of early 2014, Cumulus stock was trading at $64.04. Now things are in tatters, and a Nasdaq delisting looms — as does a possible bankruptcy.


*LBN-VIDEO LINK: The Beatles – A Day In The Life .

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Kaitlyn Greenidge: It is a common complaint that modern communication has ruined romance. Wouldn’t so much heartache be avoided, people claim, if we still spoke on the phone, if romantic intent could not be categorized through the time lapsed since a text message is returned? I am not so sure. When I was a kid, I dreamed that someday, in the future, it would become socially acceptable to communicate with others via notes. It seemed like the easiest way to solve a problem that I saw all around me — that of misunderstanding. I grew up in a family where the written word was sacrosanct. Whenever there was an argument and one of my sisters or all three of us would retreat to our shared bedroom, wailing, unable to speak, it was resolved through notes furiously passed back and forth — impassioned letters about what we had done to each other, point by point rebuttals to prove why one sister was so utterly wrong. I was always devastated when my sisters would claim they didn’t remember what they said in the argument itself. If only we were talking via notes all the time, I could have some kind of transcript, some kind of way to prove that I was right.

*MY REVIEW: “I have proudly been reading LBN for years because it does an extraordinary job of holding power to account, impartially and unflinchingly. I can rely on LBN to bring fairness, a strong level of scrutiny and independence to the coverage of news and information.” —— Dr. Clay T., an LBN reader from Des Moines, Iowa.

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Charles Krauthammer: Having coined Bush Derangement Syndrome more than a decade ago, I feel authorized to weigh in on its most recent offshoot. What distinguishes Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just general hysteria about the subject, but additionally the inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences on the one hand and signs of psychic pathology on the other.  Take President Trump’s climate-change decision. The hyperbole that met his withdrawal from the Paris agreement — a traitorous act of war against the American people, America just resigned as leader of the free world, etc. — was astonishing, though hardly unusual, this being Trump. What the critics don’t seem to recognize is that the Paris agreement itself was a huge failure. It contained no uniform commitments and no enforcement provisions. Sure, the whole world signed. But onto what? A voluntary set of vaporous promises. China pledged to “achieve the peaking of [carbon dioxide] emissions around 2030.” Meaning that they rise for another 13 years.

*Dr. Neil Gallagher Receives Marine Corps League Service Award

At their annual memorial banquet, honoring WWII veterans and other veterans, the Marine Corps League presented Dr. Neil Gallagher its award for meritorious service and support for the U.S. Armed Forces. Dr. Gallagher runs Gallagher Financial Group, Inc., with offices in both Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. “Our mission is to be a vehicle of God’s peace and comfort to as many people as possible,” says Gallagher, “helping first with their financial peace of mind, then also with their spiritual, emotional and family well being.” (


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Nick Gordon, the ex-partner of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, was arrested Saturday after allegedly beating up his new girlfriend in a jealous rage. A Sanford Police report says a heated argument early Saturday between Gordon and his girlfriend, Laura Leal, “became physical and lasted through the night,” with Gordon “hitting and punching her in the face and the back of the head with a closed fist.”

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