LBN- Special Report- Sunday January 8, 2017


4 Dead in Jerusalem Truck Attack:

At least four people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured in a truck attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, Israeli officials said. A spokesperson for Israel’s foreign press described it as a “possible terrorist attack” which hit soldiers as they were getting off of a bus. The perpetrator was then shot. “He rammed them a number of times, going into reverse and forward in order to hurt more people,” a witness told Israel Radio. A similar attack occurred nearly a month ago in Berlin, when a Tunisian man who allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS rammed a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market, killing 12 people.

Obama: Affordable Care Act Will Survive:

President Barack Obama said he believes his signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, will survive after he leaves office later this month. In an interview with ABC News that aired Sunday, Obama implored Republicans to not “undo things just because I did them,” and echoed his belief that millions of people will suffer if Republicans move to repeal Obamacare.“It is true theoretically that all that progress can be undone, and suddenly 20 million people or more don’t have health insurance,” Obama said. “But, as I think Republicans are now recognizing, that may not be what the American people,including even Trump voters, are looking for.” Obama added that he will rally behind Republicans if they propose a better healthcare plan, but said he is skeptical because they “wouldn’t cooperate” when the legislation was initially passed in 2010. Congressional Republicans have already moved to repeal the law, but it is unclear when a replacement plan will be put up for a vote. Some Republicans, notably Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, are pushing for a replacement to be approved “the same day” Obamacare is repealed. “If in fact the Republicans make some modifications—some of which I may have been seeking previously, but they wouldn’t cooperate because they didn’t want to make the system work—and re-label it as Trumpcare, I’m fine with that,” Obama said.

Suspected Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter Esteban Santiago Could Face Death Penalty:

Esteban Santiago, the man suspected of killing five people and injuring six others in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale-HollywoodInternational Airport on Friday, was charged with an act of violence at an international airport that causes death, a charge which could result in the death penalty if convicted. The FBI’sGeorge Piro said Santiago bought a one-way ticket to Fort Lauderdale “specifically to carry out this horrific attack.” Terrorism has not been ruled out. Santiago, a former member of the National Guard, is said to be cooperating with investigators.

North Korea Says It Can Launch Missile ‘Anytime and Anywhere’:

North Korea says it can launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) “anytime and anywhere,” in a new threat by the rogue nation. “The ICBM will be launched anytime and anywhere determined by the supreme headquarters of the DPRK,” a foreign ministry spokesman said, according to the country’s official news agency. The threat comes a week after supreme leader Kim Jong-un declared that his regime will test an intercontinental ballistic missle that is capable of striking the United States. President-elect Donald Trump has said that such a launch “won’t happen” under his watch.

FBI: Fort Lauderdale Gunman Traveled to City ‘Specifically to Carry Out Attack’:

The suspected gunman in Friday’s deadly shooting spree at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport traveled to the city “specifically to carry out this horrific attack,” the FBI said at a Saturday press conference. Miami FBI Special Agent George Piro said investigators were still trying to make sense of the attack, which left five dead and at least eight injured on Friday. “We have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack,” Piro was cited as saying by CNN. Earlier reports had suggested that the suspect, Esteban Santiago, had opened fire after getting into an argument with fellow passengers. But Piro has now said those reports were false and there was no evidence of any altercations. While Santiago has been described as suffering from mental issues in numerous reports, Piro said terrorism has not yet been ruled out. Santiago was not on any government no-fly list and he appeared to have acted alone, Piro said. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said the attack could have been much worse if police had not responded as quickly as they did. An officer made contact with the shooting within 70-80 seconds of the first shot being fired, he said. Santiago was booked into Broward County Jail overnight and is being held on murder charges.

POOR BABIES! – Universities in England warned over ‘snowflake’ student demands: 

Universities will be forced to pander to the demands of “snowflake” students if controversial changes to the ranking system are approved, education leaders have warned. The Government faces a cross-party revolt in the Lords this week over proposed reforms to higher education, which include placing student satisfaction at the heart of a new ranking system. It is feared that this will lead to a “fantastically dangerous” culture where authorities will give in to student demands, however unreasonable they may be.  “Safe space” and “no platform” movements have swept across campuses including a campaign to ban Germaine Greer from giving a speech over her “offensive” comments.

LBN-NOTICED:   ***A slew of stars flocked to the WhiteHouse Friday night to honor President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at their farewell party. Attendees included George Clooney and Amal ClooneyTom Hanks and Rita WilsonBradley CooperSteven SpielbergOlivia Wilde and Jason SudeikisChrissy Teigen and John LegendRobert De NiroGeorge LucasJerry Seinfeld, Al SharptonSolangeKelly Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon, rapper WaleLa La AnthonySNL alum Jay Pharoah—who parodied the president on the NBC show, UsherHarvey WeinsteinAnna WintourMagic JohnsonLorne MichaelsNick JonasChris RockStevie WonderLenaDunhamJordin SparksBruce SpringsteenGwyneth PaltrowTracy Ellis RossSteve HarveyPaul McCartneyTyler PerryGloria EstefanJon HammOnce Upon a Time star Lana Patrilla and husband Fred Di Blasio and Meryl Streep, who CNN reported had arrived in a cab.   ***Game of Thrones‘ Sansa Stark is partying it up and showing PDA with her new man before her big awards night, just after making their romance Instagram official. Sophie Turner attended the CAA talent agency’s pre-Golden Globes 2017 party with new boyfriend Joe Jonas on Friday night, two days before the ceremony. Game of Thrones is nominated for Best Television Series, Drama.   ***Cuba Gooding Jr. dancing through Catch LA to celebrate his 49th birthday.   ***Orchestra leader Bob Hardwick literally sprinting (in black tie) between gigs at Doubles, at Fifth and 59th, and MoMA due to a traffic jam caused by security at Trump Tower in NYC.   ***­AttorneyArthur Aidala jumping into the Atlantic Ocean, for the third time, at the the Coney Island Polar Bear Day plunge.   ***Shaquille O’Neal at Lavo Italian Restaurant in the Palazzo Las Vegas with friends.   ***Aaron Paul dining at Yamashiro in Hollywood.   ***Legendary photographer Timothy White at the Canal Club after-party on Wednesday evening celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the 1st Door album in 1967. Also present were current Doors manager Jeff Jampol and original Doors manager Bill Siddons.


MY REVIEW: “Twitter is fast. CNN and Fox are entertaining. However, none of them serve news without a spin. Thank God for LBN.“ —– Mike Wood, founder,

LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Nat Hentoff, the author, journalist, jazz critic and civil libertarian who called himself a troublemaker and proved it with a shelf of books and a mountain of essays on free speech, wayward politics, elegant riffs and the sweet harmonies of the Constitution, died on Saturday at his home in Manhattan. He was 91. His son, Nick, announced the death on Twitter.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Michael Levine (Media expert and author – During his first State of the Union address (January 8, 1964, President Johnson outlined a vast program of economic and social welfare legislation designed to create what he termed the “Great Society.” As part of this platform, Johnson called for a nationwide “War on Poverty” in response to a high national poverty rate. Johnson’s call led Congress to pass the Economic Opportunity Act, legislation that established an agency to administer federal funds targeted against poverty.Government has spent trillions of dollars in 52 years on this. Did it work? The poverty rate then was 15%. Today the poverty rate is 15%.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Xillary Twil: To update your story titled “security lapse.” It is legal to carry firearms and ammo on US flights if protocol is followed. From all of the news reporting, it seems that the shooter followed protocol and TSA was aware of his gun and ammo that was checked in.  Once he got his bag from baggage claim, then he went and loaded his gun.  TSA and the airports do not have “security” in baggage claim areas although I am sure they will be reviewing this policy.It’s not great to sensationalize this topic and it is not good news reporting. Your readers are smart enough to be listening to the news channels and are informed.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Deryn Warren (Author): It’s embarrassing to be a backwards conservative, like wearing Granny panties. Liberals look to the future, accepting gay marriage, climate change, a living wage, and universal healthcare as a right. The Grand Old Party is grand no more. The party of Lincoln was liberal and anti-slavery. Where’s the outrage that it’s now supported by the KKK, white supremacists, and Trump is their icon? They opposed social security, Medicare, the civil rights act, the voting rights act and they love trickle-down economics. LBN told us conservatives even love overpriced My pillows which got an F rating from the BBB. What is wrong with people?


LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Kelly Osbourne reveals in her upcoming book, “There Is No F*cking Secret,” that her father, Ozzy, overdosed when he learned his wife, Sharon,suffered a seizure during her cancer treatments. Kelly recalls that when she ran to tell her father they needed to go to the hospital, “Dad was there in his boxers, and I watched him scoop his hands into a bowl of pills, swallow a handful of something, and then wash it down with vodka.” Later in the ambulance, “he leaned over to put his hand out to see if mum was breathing. Then he passed out with his hand over her mouth . . . The EMTs tried to pull him off, and Dad, not knowing where he was or what he was doing, started to resist out of habit. They pulled over the ambulance and started to call the police.”

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