LBN – Special Report – Sunday February 19, 2017

Iraqi Government Launches New Mosul Operation:

The Iraqi government on Sunday announced the launch of a new operation aimed at re-taking western Mosul from ISIS. Thegovernment air-dropped leaflets in the city to inform the remaining fighters that a new offensive was about to begin. “This is your last opportunity to quit your work with ISIS and to leave those foreigners who are in your homeland. Stay at home, raising the white flags as the forces approach,” the leaflet reads. The less populous eastern part of the city was taken back from ISIS in January. Troops will likely enter the western half of the city on foot due to narrow streets, making them susceptible to suicide attacks. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on soldiers “to move bravely forward to liberate what is left of the city.” As many as 350,000 children are believed to be trapped in western Mosul.

Leaked DHS Immigration Memos Foreshadow Crackdown on Illegal Immigration:

Leaked memos from Homeland Security Secretary John Kellyreveal the department’s new efforts to implement PresidentDonald Trump’s immigration policies. The memos, obtained by CNN, show that the federal government will have broad authority to detain undocumented immigrants, as well as deport some individuals “more quickly with limited court proceedings,” according to CNN. A DHS spokeswoman declined to comment on the memos, which are subject to changes.

Merkel Falls Behind in New Poll:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party fell behind her center-left rival in a new poll. For the first time since 2006, the Social Democrats (SPD) leads Merkel’s ChristianDemocrats (CDU/CSU). The margin is only one percentage point—33 percent to 32 percent—but the SPD’s boost in recent months has baffled Germany’s conservatives. The survey was conducted by the Emnid institute and announced by the Bild am Sonntag publication. It showed that in the last four weeks, the SPD has gained an unprecedented 12 points in the polls, coinciding with the party’s announcement that former European Parliament President Martin Schulz would be its standard-bearer. Germans will head to the polls to pick their new leader on Sept. 24.

MY REVIEW: “The bottom line is that LBN makes me smarter. Information is power and LBN is a power-tool.” —— Randi L., an LBN reader from Denver, Colorado.

France Rips Russia for Election Cyberattacks:

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Sunday that efforts to wage cyberattacks in the country’s presidential election are “acceptable.” Emmanuel Macron, a pro-Europe candidate for the French presidency who is enjoying recent polling success, said through a spokesman that Moscow targeted the campaign’s website and email servers. “It’s enough to see which candidates, Marine Le Pen orFrancois Fillon, Russia expresses preference for in the French electoral campaign,” Ayrault said in an interview with a newspaper, adding: “This form of interference in French democratic life is unacceptable and I denounce it.” Similar allegations have been levied against Russia for its efforts to sway the U.S. presidential election toward Donald Trump.

Bono Lobbies Pence on AIDS Funding:

U2 frontman and human-rights activist Bono met with Vice President Mike Pence in Munich on Saturday to thank him for his past work in securing funding for HIV/AIDS assistance efforts in developing nations, telling the vice president that “we really appreciate” past efforts in support of the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR. “You’re the second-busiest man on earth,” Bono said of Pence, before noting that “twice on the House floor you defended [PEPFAR] – that’s how we know you.” Pence, for his part, remembered Bono’s appearance in support of the initiative, which has provided anti-retroviral treatment for tens of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa since it was created under PresidentGeorge W. Bush. “You played a leading role in carrying it forward,” Pence recalled. Despite the apparent friendliness of the chat, Bono has been critical in the past of Pence’s boss, calling President Donald Trump “potentially the worst idea that has ever happened to America.”


LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Norma McCorvey, the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States, reshaping the nation’s social and political landscapes and inflaming one of the most divisive controversies of the past half-century, died on Saturday in Katy, Tex. She was 69. Her death, at an assisted-living home, was confirmed by Joshua Prager, a New York journalist who is writing a book about the Roe v. Wade decision and had interviewed her extensively. He said the cause was heart failure.   ***Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Islamic cleric whose fulminating sermons inspired violent fundamentalist movements in Egypt and, an American court found, a 1993 plot for a bombing rampage in New York, died on Saturday at a federal prison near Raleigh, N.C., where he was serving a life sentence. He was 78. Greg Norton, a spokesman for the prison, the Butner Federal Correctional Complex, confirmed the death, saying the cause was complications of diabetes and coronary artery disease.

LBN-VIDEO LINK: The episode (# 2) of the revealing TV Interview show —- “Without Notes”:
LBN-NOTICED:   ***Prominent Malibu realtor  DanielleDutcher having lunch on Friday on a rainy day at Tramonto Bistro on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.  ***Janelle Monáeat Kola House in NYC for Jidenna’s “The Chief” album release party.   ***Stevie Wonder and The Weeknd at Catch LA.   ***Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo celebrating at Marquee  in NYC.   ***“Lion” star Sunny Pawar, 8, at the Grammys saying he wanted to “meet Beyoncé”.   ***Miss Universe Iris Mittena ere of France saying at New York Fashion Week, “Since being in America I am trying to eat healthy, but I love the hot dogs and hamburgers. They are so good here.”

LBN-COMMENTARY by Joel Kotkin: Increasingly American politics are driven by generational change. The election of Donald Trump was not just a triumph of whiter, heartland America. It also confirmed the still considerable voting power of the older generation. Yet over time, as those of us who have lived long enough well know, generations decline, and die off, and new ones ascend. In this past election, those over 45 strongly favored Trump, while those younger than that cast their ballots for Clinton. Trump’s improbable victory, and the more significant GOP sweep across the country, demonstrated that the much-ballyhooed millennials simply are not yet sufficiently numerous or united enough to overcome the votes of the older generations. Yet over time, the millennials—arguably the most progressive generation since the ’30s—could drive our politics not only leftward, but towards an increasingly socialist reality, overturning many of the very things that long have defined American life. This could presage a war of generations over everything from social mores to economics and could well define our politics for the next decade.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Barbara Garro (Author) :PRESIDENT TRUMP’S HARD-WORKING ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN JUST 27 DAYS IN OFFICE: Rolling Back Administrative Regulations on Financial Institutions.  Refused to Fund Abortion Organizations Worldwide. Nominating Niel Gorsuch for Supreme Court Limiting Obama Care Mandates. Significant Strides to Rebuild & Re-Equip Our Military. Reduced the Scope & Size of the Administration. Reduced the Cost of USA Government: $1 Salary, Paying Living Expenses & Cancelling Presidential Jet. Success in Keeping/Bringing New Jobs Within America’s Borders.  Taking Steps to Rebuild & Restructure Our Intelligence Communities. Re-establishing America’s Preeminent Role as a Great World Power.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: Donald Trump is stuck in his own skull. He’s unreachable. “He lives inside his head, where he runs the same continuous loop of conflict with people he turns into enemies for the purposes of his psychodrama,” says Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio. Because Trump holds Thor’s hammer, with its notably short handle, we must keep trying to figure out his strange, perverse, aggrieved style of reasoning. So we’re stuck in Trump’s head with him. It’s a very cluttered place to be, a fine-tuned machine spewing a torrent of chaos, cruelty, confusion, farce and transfixing craziness. Of course, this is merely the observation of someone who is “the enemy of the American people,” according to our president. President Trump likes maps. Once it was John King’s analysis of the CNN electoral map that Trump obsessed over. Now he wants policy papers heavy on maps and graphics and not dense with boring words.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Gloria Allred (Feminist attorney):Norma McCorvey was a very complicated  person. When I met her she was very committed to a woman’s right to choose legal, safe ,available  and affordable abortions and she was very proud that   she was  “Jane Roe ”in Roe v. Wade , the landmark  1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision, which decided that a woman has a constitutional right to choose abortion at certain stages of her pregnancy. She was very disappointed and angry, however, that she was not being recognized as” Jane Roe” by the pro choice movement  and was not being invited to be a leading voice for those who supported Roe v. Wade. Norma asked me to represent her and assist her. I agreed, because I felt  that she should have a voice in support of choice.  Years later , Norma decided to switch to the anti choice, anti Roe v. Wade side. There she found the continuing financial support that she was seeking and needed. She also developed a religious belief that helped her to justify  her new position and which gave her comfort.

LBN-COMMENTARY by Frank Bruni: Almost any five minutes of Donald Trump’s mesmerizing, terrifying news conference on Thursday would have been enough to do another politician in.Almost every day of his administration so far contains sufficient grandiosity and delusion to be the end of a normal president’s productive relationship with Congress and support from all but the most stubbornly blind voters. And if you rewind to his campaign, you see the same pattern, with each rally, interview and debate packing in more petulance and vulgarity than an adult in a civilized society is supposed to get away with. But that’s actually his secret. That’s his means of survival: the warp speed and whirl of it all. He forces you to process and react to so many different outrages at such a dizzying velocity that no one of them has the staying power that it ought to or gets the scrutiny it deserves.


LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Zoe Saldana, 38, revealed on her Instagram page Saturday that she and husband Marco Perego, 37, have welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Zen. “Marco and I are elated to share the news of the birth of our son Zen,” the Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy actress wrote. “We couldn’t feel more blessed with the new addition to our family. #threeboys… oh boy!”

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