LBN- Special Report- Sunday

*Clinton Retains Big Lead on Trump:
In a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in a two-way race 50 percent to 42 percent. This is consistent with other polling throughout the week which showed Clinton maintaining a healthy lead fueled by the recent Democratic National Convention and self-inflicted wounds like Trump’s spat with the Gold Star Khan family. In the new poll, only 13 percent approved of Trump’s behavior in his ongoing dispute with the family.

*Iran Executed U.S. Spying Scientist:
Iran confirmed a report on Sunday that it executed Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist who gave the United States intelligence about the country’s nuclear program. Amiri vanished in 2009 on a religious pilgrimage only to show up a year later in a set of online videos filmed in the United States. Amiri said he was kidnapped and held against his will by Saudi and American spies. It’s not entirely clear what would have prompted Amiri’s hanging years after he first disappeared.
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*Kasich: Trump Jr. Wanted Me as Veep:

In an interview on CNN on Sunday morning, Ohio Governor John Kasich confirmed a detail from a New York Times report which asserted that Donald Trump Jr. did try to get him to join his father’s ticket. Kasich also went on to say that he doesn’t think Trump can win Ohio. “He’s going to win parts of Ohio where people are really hurting and where people of both parties have failed to fix our education system,” he said. “But I still think it’s difficult if you are dividing to be able to win in Ohio. I think it’s really, really difficult.”

*Trump: Clinton Is Brainwashed, Unfit for Office:
Republican nominee Donald Trump tore into Hillary Clinton on Saturday, seizing on an interview with Clinton aired Friday to say the Democratic presidential nominee is “brainwashed” and unfit for office. In comments on Twitter, Trump said, “Crooked Hillary said loudly, and for the world to see, that she ‘SHORT CIRCUITED’ when answering a question on her e-mails. Very dangerous!” he wrote, using a word that many top security officials have used to describe him recently. Calling Clinton a “pathological liar,” he said, “Anybody whose mind ‘SHORT CIRCUITS’ is not fit to be our president! Look up the word ‘BRAINWASHED.’” Trump also described Clinton as a “security risk,” once again echoing a phrase that has been used repeatedly by top officials to warn that Trump himself should not become president.

*WikiLeaks Denies Trying to Hack Trump’s Tax Returns:
Despite editor-in-chief Julian Assange remarking to Bill Maher on Friday evening that WikiLeaks is “working on” hacking Donald Trump’s tax returns, the organization outright denied any such actions. “Claim is a joke from a comedy show,” the official WikiLeaks account tweeted on Saturday morning. “We are ‘working on’ encouraging whistleblowers.” The leak-encouraging outlet most recently disseminated the hacked emails of Democratic National Committee staffers, revealing unfair treatment of underdog primary candidate Bernie Sanders in favor of the eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. Controversy ensued, leading to chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, along with staffers including communications director Luis Miranda.

*First Gold Medal Goes to American Teen:
Ranked just 23rd in the world, American teen Virginia Thrasherhas won the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics for the 10m air rifle event. Thrasher beat Du Li of China and set an Olympic record of 208. China’s Yi Siling took the bronze. Thrasher is also the first college freshman ever to win both the individual NCAA rifle title and team title (at West Virginia).


*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Without Notes” with Father Michael Manning – Episode 1: A Calling to Priesthood

*42 Injured at Snoop Dogg Concert:
A total of 42 people were injured, one critically, after a partition fell Friday night at a concert by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. All of the victims were taken to five different nearby hospitals. According to reports, the railing at the concert was not strong enough to hold up the number of fans that leaned against it to try and get a video of the rappers. The rest of the concert was canceled after the incident.

*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***Bad reviews can’t kill the Suicide Squad. The critically maligned supervillain team-up scored the biggest August debut ever with $135.1 million at the weekend box office, according to tracking firm comScore.

*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:   ***Alex Rodriguez will retire from baseball following Friday’s game at Yankee Stadium. He will be released from his player contract to sign as a special advisor and instructor with the Yankees through 2017.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the wise old matchmaker of eHarmony, is stepping down as CEO. The octogenarian psychologist who dispenses advice in eHarmony commercials is no longer chief executive officer, the company said on Tuesday. But Warren, who co-founded eHarmony in Los Angeles in 2000, will continue to serve the company as chairman.

Barnes and Noble: Top 100 Bestsellers
“Top selling books organized by subjects and categories.”

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: It is Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017. Donald Trump searches his drawer for a note from Barack Obama, something on heavy cream stationery with the White House insignia, maybe reiterating the Obama doctrine, “Don’t do stupid stuff.” But there is nothing there. That puts Trump in a huff. How dare Obama depart without leaving the customary handwritten good-luck missive?

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Sadie Katz (Actress) : American woman are not outraged by nudity anymore.  Scroll thru your Instagram and you’re sure to find more than a few bikini/half nude selfies of woman of all ages. Whatever your feelings about Mrs. Trump (barf) the fact that as a model she posed nude seems hardly shame worthy. No one cares and it wouldn’t be surprising if Trump leaked the pictures himself. Feminists aren’t up in arms as well because she’s beautiful, she took the pictures to be seen – we have enough to focus on (woman’s reproductive rights?!) than to defend Mrs.Trump.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Holly Powell: “LBN Investigates” biased posting of Hillary Clinton’s Tax proposals, the day after the DNC, is Fox News mode at its worst. Where was LBN’s investigative report after the Republican convention covering Donald Trump’sproposals to ban all Muslims and build a wall? Is calling all Mexican immigrants rapists, women pigs, imitating a disabled reporter, and racism towards a judge not worthy of LBN’s time?  The treasonous baiting of Russia to hack into our nations emails one would think worthy of investigation. Trump’s disrespecting our Gold Star military families is hopefully the tipping point for LBN to be fair and balanced.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Nicollette Sheridan has gone from “Desperate Housewife” to relieved divorcée after her hush-hush marriage went belly up. The “Knots Landing” star, 52, filed for divorce from little-known actor Aaron Phypers just six months after their December wedding — and asked the judge to deny any requests for spousal support.   ***Actress Amber Heard showed up 90 minutes late — with greasy hair and her shirt sleeves unbuttoned — for a Saturday morning deposition with Johnny Depp’s lawyers. The 30-year-old was summoned to attorney Blair Berk’s West Hollywood office to answer questions before the bitter divorce/domestic violence case against her estranged husband goes to trial. Depositions can be a ­grueling face-off lasting hours, but video showed Heard looking barely prepared as she buttoned her sleeves and tucked in her shirt while waiting for an elevator to the attorney’s office.

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