LBN – Special Report – Saturday April 15, 2017

2 Fatally Shot at Tucson Mall Restaurant:

Police in Arizona say a Friday night shooting in a restaurant at a Tucson shopping mall left two men dead and one woman wounded. The three victims knew each other, Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Cody Gress said Saturday, though he declined to clarify what their relationship was. No further details were provided on the circumstances behind the deadly shooting at the Firebirds Restaurant in La Encantada. Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened, Gress said, interviewing “quite a few” witnesses who were inside the restaurant at the time of the incident.

Ex-NFL Star Accidentally Kills 3-Year-Old Daughter:

A former NFL player was moving a truck in his Arizona driveway on Friday when he accidentally ran over his three-year-old daughter, police say. The tragic accident occurred in Mesa at about 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon. The girl was rushed to a hospital but died of her injuries. Her father, 37-year-oldTodd Heap, was not thought to be have been impaired when it happened, and police said there were no suspicious circumstances. Heap played for the Baltimore Ravens for 10 seasons, as well as two seasons for the Arizona Cardinals.

White House Won’t Release Visitor Logs:

The White House said Friday that it would not release lists of individuals who visit the White House, citing “grave national security risks and privacy concerns.” The decision comes after groups sued for access to the visitor logs, which are maintained by the Secret Service. The Obama administration released visitor logs monthly, but the White House Counsel’s Office had the ability to redact any parts of them. This created a “facade” of transparency, a Trump White House official told Time magazine. The logs will be kept secret for at least five years after Trump leaves office.

2,000 Migrants Rescued from Mediterranean:

More than 2,000 migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea on Friday, officials said. In 19 rescue operations, the Italian Coast Guard and other outside groups saved 2,074 migrants who were traveling on 16 rubber boats and three wooden boats. According to Doctors Without Borders and an Italian Coast Guard spokesman, one person was found dead. “The sea continues to be a graveyard,” the group said. “In 19 years of covering the migration story, I have never experienced anything like today,” said a Reuters photographer who was on board one of the rescue ships.

Trump’s North Korea Plan: ‘Pressure and Engagement’:

The White House has reportedly decided on a long-term plan for dealing with North Korea which constitutes “maximum pressure and engagement.” According to U.S. officials, top White House advisers were considering military options and a possible overthrow of Kim Jong Un’s regime, but went with a plan that, according to the Associated Press, “appears to represent continuity.” The plan reportedly includes relying on China to pressure North Korea to abandon its development of nuclear weapons. Earlier this week, the U.S. sent an aircraft carrier to the region, and this coming weekend marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the country’s founder. A military official said the U.S. would not employ military options if North Korea conducts another nuclear test or launches another missile, but added that circumstances would change if the North Korean regime targets the U.S. or its allies in the region.

Nevada Becomes First State to Install Syringe Vending Machines:

There is a new plan in Las Vegas to install vending machinesthat would dispense clean needles in order to fight rising heroin and HIV rates in the state. The vending machines, a first in the United States, would be available to clients of Trac-B Exchange, a program run by the Las Vegas Hard Reduction Center. The machines will also not take money but rather drug users will scan a card and enter an ID number to access the clean needles. “This is a harm reduction approach,” saidChelsi Cheatom, program manager for Trac-B Exchange, in an interview with NBC Las Vegas affiliate KSNV. “People are already exchanging in these behaviors, and anytime someone’s engaging in a behavior that could cause them some potential health side effects, we want to encourage them to reduce their risk of harm.”

DeVos Pick for Civil Rights Office Once Claimed Reverse Racism:

Candice Jackson, the new acting head of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights,  once claimed reverse racism, ProPublica reported. In the 1990s, while she was an undergraduate student at Stanford University, she at some point “gravitated” toward a part of her calculus class that gave students extra help—and then learned the assistance was reserved for minority students. “I am especially disappointed that the university encourages these and other discriminatory programs,” Jackson wrote in the student-run Stanford Review at the time. “We need to allow each person to define his or her own achievements instead of assuming competence or incompetence based on race.” Jackson’s piece and inexperience suggest, according to ProPublica, that she will likely take one of the department’s most important branches in an entirely new—and controversial—direction. Jackson’s writings “[don’t] leave me with a feeling of confidence with where the administration might be going,” said Theodore Shaw, who led former President Barack Obama’s transition team for civil rights at the Justice Department. “I hope that she’s not going to be an adversary to the civil-rights community and I hope that the administration is going to enforce civil-rights laws and represent the best interests of those who are affected by civil-rights issues.”

Aaron Hernandez Acquitted In Double Murder Trial:

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty in a double-murder trial on Friday. He was found guilty of a weapons charge. Jurors announced their verdict after nearly a week of deliberations. Hernandez, 27, stood accused of fatally shooting two men in 2012. His lawyers said an ex-friend of Hernandez was the one who killed the men. Hernandez is currently serving a life sentence over the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player.

Apple Cleared to Test Self-Driving Cars:

Apple has been granted permission to begin testing software for self-driving cars in California. The Department of Motor Vehicles on Friday approved Apple’s application to test the autonomous vehicle software on public roads with its existing cars, according to Bloomberg. The cars are required to have an individual behind the wheel during testing. The company filed paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for proper safety procedures.


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