LBN-Special Report- Saturday

*CHANGE OF TONE – Trump Says Hillary ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’:

Despite repeatedly promising to send her to prison throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump had only nice thingsto say about Hillary Clinton in an interview out Friday. Asked about Clinton’s phone call to him after the election results were announced, Trump said, “She couldn’t have been nicer.” Describing the conversation as “a lovely call,” Trump said that “it was a tough call for her, I mean, I can imagine. Tougher for her than it would have been for me. I mean, for me, it would have been very, very difficult.” He went on to describe his rival as “very strong and very smart,” a far cry from the “Crooked Hillary” nickname he used for her throughout the race. As for Bill Clinton, whom Trump repeatedly vilified in his campaign, the president-elect said, “He couldn’t have been more gracious. He said it was an amazing run. One of the most amazing he’s ever seen. He was very, very, really, very nice.”

*Russia Bans Former U.S. Ambassador Under Obama:

Russia has banned Michael McFaul, the former U.S. ambassador to Moscow under Barack Obama, from entering the country. McFaul announced the news on Twitter on Saturday, saying that he’d learned of the ban only upon applying for a new visa. “(I) was told that I am the Kremlin’s sanctions list because of my close affiliation with Obama. I will take that as a compliment! The U.S. sanctioned Russians close to (President Vladimir) Putin,” he wrote. “I have hundreds of friends in Russia. I’m really sorry that these sanctions will make communicating with people harder,” he added. Russian media cited unnamed sources in the Foreign Ministry saying McFaul was added to a sanctions list in 2014. The sources said he was banned for his “active participation in the destruction of the bilateral relationship and relentless lobbying in favor of a campaign to pressure Russia.”

*ISIS Is Massacring Mosul Civilians as Troops Advance, U.N. Says: 
Islamic State militants have summarily killed scores of civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul in recent days, sometimes using children as executioners, and have used chemical agents against Iraqi and Kurdish troops, United Nations officials said on Friday. Video posted by the militants on Wednesday showed four children, who appear to be 10 to 14 years old, shooting four civilians accused of disloyalty at a location near the Tigris River, said Ravina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the United Nations human rights office in Geneva. The video release identified one of the children as Russian, another as coming from Uzbekistan and two as Iraqis.

*Dad of Slain Dallas Officer Sues Black Lives Matter:

The father of a police officer killed by a sniper in July amid major protests against police brutality is suing the Black Lives Matter movement for its “war on police.” Enrique Zamarripa is also suing the Nation of Islam over the killing of his son, Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa. Zamarripa was gunned down along with four other officers in July, when the public’s attitude toward police was at an all-time low amid a spate of fatal police shootings. Although Black Lives Matter did not organize the Dallas protest during which Zamarripa was killed, the group was perhaps the most well-known organization speaking out against police violence at the time. Enrique Zamarripa filed his lawsuit against the group earlier this week in the in the Northern District of Texas federal court. He is represented by Larry Klayman of the group Freedom Watch.

*Donald Trump Says He May Keep Parts of Obama Health Care Act: 
Just days after a national campaign in which he vowed repeatedly to repeal President Obama’s signature health care law, Donald J. Trump is sending signals that his approach to health care is a work in progress. Mr. Trump even indicated that he would like to keep two of the most popular benefits of the Affordable Care Act, one that forces insurers to cover people with pre-existing health conditions and another that allows parents to cover children under their plan into their mid-20s. He told The Wall Street Journal that he was reconsidering his stance after meeting with Mr. Obama on Thursday.


*Gun Stocks Plunge After Trump’s Win:

Stock prices for certain U.S. gun manufacturers sharply declined since Donald Trump was elected president earlier this week. Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Smith & Wesson are among the gun stocks which have plunged by 20 percent since Trump’s improbable victory over Hillary Clinton, who was so reviled among the gun-rights community that firearms owners were driven to purchase even more weapons, pre-election, fearing that a Clinton presidency would compromise their ability to own certain firearms. In other words: increased fears of future gun-control measures increased gun-sales figures. “There was a widespread expectation that Hillary would win and some gun retailers began to stock up, expecting strong demand surge from the prospect of tightening gun control under a Hillary Clinton administration,” said Rommell Dionisio, a gun-industry analyst.

*Obama to Green-Light Dakota Access Pipeline:

The Obama administration is set to approve the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project to begin as early as the beginning of next week, sources told Politico. The oil pipeline is set to be built across the Missouri River, near the Standing Rock Sioux’s reservation in North Dakota–a source of consternation for human rights and environmental activists and protesters in recent months. Many believe that the green-lighting of the $3.7 billion dollar project is related to the election of Republican nominee Donald Trump who would eventually approve the project anyhow. The announcement, however, is expected to escalate conflicts at the Dakota Access protest site, which may lead the Obama administration to postpone its decision until later next week.

*Facebook Wrongly Tells Many They’ve Died:

Facebook erroneously turned many users’ profiles into memorial pages on Friday, in what appears to be a site-wide glitch. As is standard for the social-media site, upon a user’s death, a header is added to their personal page: “We hope people who love [first name] will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate her life.” However, on Friday, many users who are still alive reported receiving the notification and having their pages converted into a memorial page. Others noticed that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself had the false memorial page. According to Politico media reporter Hadas Gold, the social-media company is “aware of the bug” and is working to address it. In a statement later to NBC News, Facebook said it was a “terrible error” and that it had been resolved.

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***The New York Observer, the sharp-tongued chronicler of New York City’s power elite owned by Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is ceasing its print edition, just shy of its 30th year as a weekly paper. The issue printed this last Wednesday was the paper’s last, Joseph Meyer, chairman and chief executive of Observer Media, the paper’s parent company, said in an interview on Friday. The decision will eliminate the use of New York in the paper’s title — its website is — and signals an end of an era when The Observer served as a fixture of Manhattan reporting and a training ground for scores of journalists now in senior positions in the media world.

*WHO READS LBN? TV News Anchor Megyn Kelly:

*Bill Cosby still thinks he has a future in showbiz: 

Bill Cosby expects to be cleared of a criminal sexual assault charge and restart his show business career. That’s according to Cosby’s lawyer in a defamation lawsuit filed in Massachusetts against Cosby by seven women. Attorney Angela Agrusa is urging a judge to seal documents that contain information about Cosby’s negotiated compensation for his performances and other personal financial information. The women suing Cosby argue that he has no future in show business and won’t be hurt by disclosing that information. Agrusa says, “When Mr. Cosby is cleared,” he “expects to resume his career, and there is no reason to believe otherwise.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***As Facebook has grown, so too has its ability to slice and dice the habits of its hundreds of millions of users, and offer them up to advertisers that want to reach specific groups for specific reasons. But while the social network has evolved to the point that it can target audiences as narrow as 18-to-24-year-old men in Connecticut who are in long-distance relationships, it has also created tools that allowed advertisers to discriminate against Americans in ways that were outlawed in the 1960s. Facebook responded on Friday to concern that it was violating anti-discrimination laws, announcing that marketers placing housing, employment or credit ads on the social network would no longer be able to use tools that target people by ethnicity.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***New York’s Rao’s chef Dino Gattoserving grub at the eatery’s annual MetLife Stadium tailgate party with American Whiskey for guests including Roger Goodell and Plaxico Burress.   ***Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder seeing “The Humans” at the Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway in NYC.   ***U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. and Rocco Ancarola popping bottles of organic French wine to celebrate their birthdays at N’eat in the East Village in NYC.   ***Lyor Cohen, Peter Brant and Simon de Pury at the Swiss Institute’s 30th Anniversary Benefit Dinner & Auction.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Shields and Brooks on a ‘political earthquake’ and how America can move forward ——

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Aileen Mehle, who titillated readers with herrapier wit for five decades as “Suzy,” the glamorous, nationally syndicated grande dame of tabloid society gossip columnists, died on Friday at her home in Manhattan. She was 98. Her death was confirmed by her son, Roger Mehle.   ***Robert Vaughn, the cleft-chinned actor who reached the peak of his fame in the 1960s playing Napoleon Solo, the debonair international agent tasked with saving the world each week on the hit television series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” died on Friday in Danbury, Conn. He was 83. His manager, Matthew Sullivan, said that the cause was acute leukemia, for which Mr. Vaughn had been under treatment in Manhattan and Connecticut.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Bill O’Reilly: The entire Trump team defied the odds and the experts, re-writing the manual for how to run a presidential campaign. Also, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave gracious day-after statements, promising to work for the good of the country. But political peace may be elusivewhen there are scores of nasty left-wingers like radio host Garrison Keillor. The day after the election he described Donald Trump as a ‘severely learning-disabled man,’ while demeaning Trump’s voters as ‘uneducated white males.’ While it’s true that some Trump voters may qualify as ‘uneducated’ in his world view, Keillor unwittingly identified himself as an especially stupid white male.  Donald Trump has done what many deemed absolutely, positively impossible. His supporters are jubilant. His detractors are despondent, occasionally livid. And now the hard work actually begins. The country has elected someone they believe can solve problems, and problems are one area where the USA has a surplus.  Good luck, Mr. Trump. And Godspeed.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Peggy Noonan: Hand it to him, the hard and actual stone who changed the actual scheme.  There were actually many stones, some 60 million, but Donald Trump did it, battering not just the famous blue wall but a wall of elites and establishments and their expectations. The moment for me that will never be forgotten: I was in a busy network green room late on election night. We were scrolling down, noting margins in various battlegrounds, looking for something definitive. Then someone read aloud from his phone: “AP calls it—Donald Trump elected president of the United States.” There was quiet for just a moment. I wrote in my notes “2:32 a.m., 11/9/16.” Soon we went into the newsroom for a panel, and I said what I thought, again from my notes: “We have witnessed something epochal and grave. It is the beginning of a new era whose shape and form are not clear, whose personnel and exact direction are unknown. But something huge and incalculable has occurred. God bless our beloved country.”

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Sarah Wald (Blogger): It is November 9, 2016 at around 3:30am and I can’t sleep because I have been up all night crying. Today, or now yesterday, was the first time I got to vote. It was also the first time I’ve been genuinely fearful for my safety in America. Barack Obama was president for eight very important years of my life. In those eight years I learnt about politics, built my morals and values, and became outspoken about what I feel is right. Obama was a shining example of what a president should be. He is intelligent, kind, hardworking, has a good sense of humor, charming, and believes in equality for all. Obama has also changed our country in incredible ways like ending the war in Iraq, passing health care reform, turned around the U.S. auto industry, repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” increased support for veterans, pushed federal agencies to be green leaders, expanded stem cell research, helped push gay marriage to be federally legal, and countless of other amazing improvements. Today however I can’t help but feel like it was all a waste.


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