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*Poll: Clinton Has 6 Point Lead Over Trump:
A poll released Friday put Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the lead by 6 percentage points in the race against Republican Donald Trump. The poll, by Reuters/Ipsos, found that Clinton had the support of 41 percent of likely voters, compared to 35 percent for Trump. The findings, from a poll conducted from July 25-29, come after Clinton gave a landmark speech on Thursday night after accepting the Democratic presidential nomination — the first nomination of a woman by a major party in the U.S.

*2 Arrested for ‘Plotting Attack’ in Belgium:
Late-night raids in Belgium on Friday led to the arrest of two men who were allegedly planning a terrorist attack, Belgian police say. The suspects, identified only as Noureddine H. and Hamza H., were taken into custody after searches in the French-speakingneighborhoods of Mons and Liege in Brussels. No details on the men’s plans have been released, and it is not clear how many attacks were planned and were. But police said no weapons or explosives were uncovered in the raids. Belgium has been on heightened alert after an attack on the Brussels airport and metro in March left 32 people dead. Belgium is considered an epicenter of jihadist recruits, with the country’s interior ministry saying at least 457 have either tried to join or joined jihadists fighting in the Middle East.

*North Korea Sends Delegation to Rio:
North Korean media on Saturday said a high-ranking delegation has set off for Rio de Janeiro for the upcoming Olympic Games.The delegation is led by a top aide to Kim Jong Un, Choe Ryong Hae, the vice chairman of the State Affairs Commission. The Korean Central News Agency reported only that the delegation had left Pyongyang, but did not say how long they would be in Rio. Choe Ryong Hae’s participation has raised eyebrows about possible diplomatic talks with other countries at the games, as the aide once considered the second in command has been known to take part in high-level talks with other nations. North Korea has reportedly sent 30 of its athletes to the games as well.

*WHO READS LBN? Actress Julia Stiles:

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Mistress-dispelling services, increasingly common in China’s larger cities, specialize in ending affairs between married men and their extramarital lovers. Typically hired by a scorned wife, they coach women on how to save their marriages, while inducing the mistress to disappear. For a fee that can start in the tens of thousands of dollars, they will subtly infiltrate the mistress’s life, winning her friendship and trust in an attempt to break up the affair. The services have emerged as China’s economy has opened up in recent decades, and as extramarital affairs grew more common. With greater opportunities and incentives to be unfaithful — not a few businessmen and officials signal status by maintaining fetching young women — new businesses to combat the cheating have apparently flourished.

*DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that 31 Professors from Harvard University read LBN daily?
*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Sperm whales can dive as deep as two miles into the water, and their bodies have unique physiological adaptations to allow them to survive the intense cold and crushing pressure of these dives. They can limit circulation to the brain and other organs, slow the heart to 10 beats per minute to conserve oxygen, and collapse the lungs and rib cage to withstand pressure.


*LBN-NOTICED:   ***After filming an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill went shopping at Saks on Friday. Fifth Avenue ground to a halt as the block between 49th and 50th was cleared of traffic and eight blacked-out cars screeched up. A crowd of Secret Service agents swarmed outside Saks, whereupon the veep and his wife emerged from a car, waved to confused tourists and went inside.


  1. Native Haitians were pre-Columbian Amerindians called Taíno, “the good people.” The Taíno named their land “Ayiti,” meaning “Land of Mountains”—a term that evolved into “Haiti.”
  2. More than 10% of Haitian children die before age five.
  3. Eighty percent of Haitians live under the poverty line and 54% live in abject poverty. The average per capita income in Haiti is $480 a year, compared to $33,550 in the United States.
  4. Because of both violence and AIDS, Haiti has the highest percentage of orphans of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Before the 2010 earthquake, the United Nations estimated there were 430,000 orphans.
  5. Nearly 1.5 million people left Haiti in the early 1990s.
  6. A typical worker in Haiti makes only $2.75 a day. Because jobs are so scarce (approximately 70% do not have regular jobs), those who do have jobs are afraid to speak out against unfair labor practices.
  7. Only 53% of Haitians can read and write.
  8. Haiti’s national sport is soccer. Haiti first competed in the World Cup in 1974.
  9. Eighty percent of Haitians are Roman Catholic, 16% are Protestant, and 4% are other. Voodoo is often practiced alongside Christianity.
Haitian currency is named after the gourd
  1. Gourds were so important to the Haitian people that in 1807, President Henri Christophe (1761-1820) made them the base of national currency and declared all gourds the property of the state. Today, the Haitian currency is called “gourdes.”

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Robert Carswell, a Treasury Department official who was instrumental in choreographing the delicate financial negotiations that coaxed Iran into releasing 52 American hostages in 1981, died on July 22 at his home in Great Barrington, Mass. He was 87. His death was confirmed by Shearman & Sterling, the Manhattan law firm that he joined as an associate in 1952 and retired from in 2014.

*MY REVIEW: “Even though it frustrated me some times, I have to admit LBN is independent.”—–Mary Jo K., an LBN reader from Topeka, Kansas.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Linda Deutsch (Former A.P. Legal writer): I usually enjoy your LBN posts, but I must lodge a complaint about your coverage of one of the most historic days of my lifetime.  Your editor gave short shrift to Hillary’s  speech and the historic moment when a woman was finally nominated to the highest office in the land. It had taken over 200 years to get here and there was no mention in your story that this was a FIRST. Your editor gave more space to the Trump campaign’s idiotic response.  And then before the day was out, we had an urgent E-lert replacing the entire Hillary story with a Hillary bashing story about her alleged plans to raise taxes.  Shame  on your editor.  Maybe she is too young to realize the importance of this day. Or maybe she is, god help us, a Trump fan. We should have been allowed at least one day to bask in the glow of this brave and brilliant woman who had the nerve to take on the last glass ceiling and break through with power and determination to make this a better country…. Arguments about taxes certainly could have waited for another day.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Donald J. Trump: Michael Bloombergis a guy who didn’t have the guts to run for president. Little Michael. He doesn’t know anything about me. But he never had the guts to run. He probably wished he did but he didn’t. He spent millions of dollars on polling but he was missing one thing: guts. Little Michael.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Paul Krugman: Think about it: What does it mean to love America? Surely it means loving the country we actually have. I don’t know about you, but whenever I return from a trip abroad, my heart swells to see the sheer variety of my fellow citizens, so different in their appearance, their cultural heritage, their personal lives, yet all of them — all of us — Americans.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Bill O’Reilly: There was one especially revealing moment this week at the Democratic National Convention.  It came as Leon Panetta was in the middle of his speech Wednesday evening.  That’s Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense, former Director of the CIA, former Congressman, a man widely respected by members of both parties. It was not surprising that this distinguished American, who knows a thing or two about foreign policy, brought up the fight against global terrorism.  But the moment he did that, many in the crowd erupted in boos and chants of ‘No More War.’  Leon Panetta could only stand at the podium and smile wanly. ‘No More War’ sounds great, but those protesters may want to bone up on the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928.  The nations of the world got together and essentially outlawed war as a means of settling disputes.  Noble in sentiment, foolish and feckless in reality. So Leon Panetta learned a painful lesson Wednesday, namely that terror is the issue that dare not speak its name in liberal circles.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: The City Sleeps…..You Dream…..We Are Your Partners –

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*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Harry Brant, the flamboyant 20-year-old son of billionaire art collector Peter Brant and model Stephanie Seymour, was arrested in Greenwich, Connecticut, last week after fleeing a taxi without paying and carrying a baggie full of “a white substance that later tested positive for narcotics.” Wealthy scion Harry, who is a regular on the party and fashion circuit and has a new line with makeup brand MAC, allegedly bailed on a measly $27.85 taxi fare and ran off. When cops caught him, he was “sweating profusely and pale,” according to the police report. He then lied about taking the taxi before finally fessing up that he didn’t have the money to pay.   ***The man whose girlfriend jilted him to marry “Cocaine’’ singer Eric Clapton was busted for running a marijuana-selling operation out of his East Hampton home, public records show. Christopher Loniske, 42, was arraigned Friday on charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance and growing pot without a license after cops said they discovered “grow rooms” in his basement. Loniske worked as a clerk in a retail store in Los Angeles in 2011 when Clapton wooed Christopher’s then-23-year-old girlfriend, Melia McEnery, away from him.

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