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Hillary Clinton named Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia to be her running mate Friday, selecting a battleground-state politician with working-class roots and a fluency in Spanish, traits that she believes can bolster her chances to defeat Donald J. Trump in November. Mrs. Clinton’s choice, which she announced via text message to supporters, came after her advisers spent months poring over potential vice-presidential candidates who could lift the Democratic ticket in an unpredictable race against Mr. Trump.

*Munich Shooter Was ‘Obsessed With Shooting Rampages’:
Authorities in Munich say the man who allegedly killed nine people in a mall shooting spree on Friday was “obsessed with shooting rampages” and had tricked people into visiting the mall using Facebook. Police and prosecutors held a press conference on Saturday to reveal some disturbing details about the suspect, identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich. The suspect was found dead after the attack, having apparently killed himself. Police say he had hacked a young woman’s Facebook account and sent out messages urging people to come to the mall for a giveaway, apparently in the hopes of getting more victims. The shooter had acted alone and had no links to the Islamic State or other terror groups, police said. A day of mourning has been declared in the city and all public festivals planned for the weekend cancelled.
*ISIS Claims Kabul Bombing, 61 Dead:
At least 61 people were killed and another 207 wounded Saturday after an explosion tore through a protest in Kabul by minority Shiite Hazaras, Reuters reported. “Opportunist terrorists” took advantage of the protest to kill and wound “a number of our countrymen, including security and defense personnel,” President Ashraf Ghani said in a statement released after the incident. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the group’s media branch, Amaq. The protest was organized by ethnic Hazaras, a minority Shiite group in the predominantly Sunni country. They were demanding that authorities run a power line through their poverty stricken home province of Bamyan, in keeping with the original plan for the power line. The plan was changed in 2013 in what many Hazaras say is proof that the government discriminates against them.


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*IDIOTS ON THE LOOSE – 2 Teens Detained Playing Pokemon Go:
Two Canadian teenagers accidentally crossed the U.S. border while playing Pokemon Go, U.S. officials have said. The teenagers were detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents late Thursday on U.S. soil, having wandered into Montana from Canada’s Alberta province. “Both juveniles were so captivated by their Pokemon Go games that they lost track of where they were,” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said in a statement. Authorities were able to contact the teenagers’ mother, who was located on Canadian territory, and send them back to her. Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game which uses GPS to send users on scavenger hunts in search of virtual creatures, has taken the world by storm in recent weeks. But it has also sent players into no-trespassing zones and some dangerous areas.

*CONDOLENCES: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Friday to offer condolences on the death of his brother, an Israeli official told AFP. Abbas’s brother Omar died in Qatar Thursday, with the funeral taking place on Friday. He had been suffering from cancer and had been undergoing treatment in Tel Aviv’s Assuta Medical Center.

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Bassist Duff McKagan played a key role in Guns N’ Roses getting back together for their big reunion tour, according to his wife, model and swimsuit designer Susan Holmes-McKagan.  “He was a major part of the crew that helped pull this [tour] together,” Holmes-McKagan said, describing her husband as a “good team player” who solves problems in “the most businesslike, peaceful manner.”   ***“American Pie” singer Don McLeanhas admitted to domestic violence assault against his estranged wife, and will avoid jail time. The singer-songwriter pleaded guilty in court Thursday to the charge and related counts. His lawyer says the punishment will be a $3,000 fine if he stays out of trouble for a year. McLean, of Camden, Maine, was arrested in January and initially pleaded not guilty.


  1. Earthquakes kill approximately 8,000 people each year and have caused an estimated 13 million deaths in the past 4,000 years.
  2. The moment magnitude scale (MMS) replaced the 1930s-era Richter scale in the 1970s as the method of measuring the size of earthquakes in terms of energy released.
  3. In Japan mythology, a giant catfish called Namazu is responsible for earthquakes.
  4. The Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 generated enough energy to power all the homes and businesses in the United States for three days.
  5. An average earthquake lasts around a minute.

Earthquake AftershocksAftershocks can occur years after a main earthquake

  1. Aftershocks occur because the displaced fault line and crust are adjusting to the effects of the main earthquake. Larger earthquakes can have aftershocks that last for years.
  2. Shock waves produced by Rayleigh waves or waves that roll through the Earth’s surface—in contrast to side-to-side waves or Love waves—can travel far enough upward to cause a disturbance in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the layer of Earth’s atmosphere about 50-300 miles (80-480 km) above Earth’s surface.
  3. Parkfield, California, is known as “The Earthquake Capital of the World” and has a bridge that spans two tectonic plates.
  4. Earthquakes are mostly caused by geological faults, but they can also be caused by landslides, nuclear testing, mine tests, and volcanic activity.
  5. The “focus” or “hypocenter” is the earthquake’s initial point of rupture. Its “epicenter” is the point at ground level above the hypocenter.

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*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:   ***Tiger Woods withdrew from the P.G.A. Championship, meaning he will go an entire year without playing in a major for the first time in his career. The decision, while not a surprise, also means he will go an entire PGA Tour season without playing.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Blake Lively, Chris Rock, Katie Holmes and Michael J. Fox at p.r. rep Leslie Sloane’s 50th Birthday at PH-D Rooftop at Dream Downtown in NYC. They were joined by Adam Schweitzer, Barry Watkins, Jason Weinberg, Meryl Poster, Zac Posen, Lorraine Schwartz and Pat Wexler — plus Sloane’s most important guest, her daughter Bailey Zelnik.   ***Georgina Bloomberg, John Catsimatidis, Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Jean Shafiroff at the Southampton Animal Shelter Benefit.   ***Calvin Harris and new girlfriend Tinashe were spotted out on another date. Harris and the pop singer met for drinks at Soho House West Hollywood on Thursday.

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*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***Tom Shales, the Pulitzer Prize-winning television critic who was forced out at the Washington Post in 2010 after 39 years, still takes every opportunity he can to bash the paper. In a Facebook post on Friday, Shales wrote: “I’ll be homeless soon. After years of fighting it, the banks win again: Foreclosure sale of my house has been scheduled (for 3rd time) . . . thanks again to heartless scum at The Washington Post who set this all in motion.” Shales’ Facebook bio is even a dig at the newspaper: “TV critic at the Washington Post for 35 years, until the cheap bastards decided I was too well-paid.”

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Dennis Green, a pioneering head coach who led the Vikings to a consistent run of excellence in the 1990s, died on Thursday. He was 67. The cause was cardiac arrest, his family announced in a statement posted on the Arizona Cardinals’ website. Green was the head coach of the Cardinals for three years before being fired after the 2006 season. The statement did not say where he died.   ***Gary S. Paxton, who began his career as a teenager in the singing duo Skip & Flip, produced the hit pop singles “Alley-Oop” and “Monster Mash,” composed hundreds of songs and ended his career as a Grammy-winning gospel musician who also performed as the masked Grandpa Rock, died on Sunday in Branson, Mo. He was 77. The cause was complications of heart surgery and liver disease, his wife, Vicki Sue Paxton, said.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Who does not grow, declines.” —–

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Rick Avery (Stuntman, Author): On the set, my experience is Robert De Niro is always quietly available, typically sitting on his director’s chair with a small table nearby. Usually on the phone or reading a newspaper. By his persona, one might think he is unapproachable. No the case as he is always willing to engage anyone who approaches in his kind, gentle way.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by M Zuhdi Jasser (Author, Muslim): I don’t believe Israel is a religious issue for Muslims. Hamas and other radical Islamic groups have propagandized the issues for decades and the latest conflict [the 2014 Israel/Gaza War] demonstrates that. It is constant warmongering. Hamas creates, starts these wars, commits acts of terror, and then uses the war as a platform to say all its grievances are Israel’s fault.



*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***New “Baywatch” beauty Kelly Rohrbach — once best known as the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio — made too big of a splash while filming the movie version of the hit TV series when she kept “spilling” out of her iconic red bathing suit. The 26-year-old bombshell, playing Pamela Anderson’s “C.J. Parker” role, had bigwigs in a tizzy when her charms kept popping out during action scenes.   ***Members of Madonna’s ritzy Upper West Side co-op want a Manhattan judge to force the Material Girl to play by the rules. The pop star sued the board of the Harperley Hall co-op at West 64th Street and Central Park West in April for trying to enforce a rule that requires her to be “in residence” at the $7.3 million pad when any members of her family or staff are staying there.

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