LBN- Special Report- Monday November 28, 2016

Police Respond to Ohio State ‘Active Shooter’:

A suspect is dead after an attack on Ohio State University’s campus, a federal law enforcement official said. Witness accounts suggest the attack involved a knife and a car, an official said. Several people were taken to hospitals. A “shelter in place” order was lifted and the scene was secured, the school tweeted. Student Jacob Bower told CNN the attacker “was completely silent, which was very creepy.” “He pulled a large knife and started chasing people around trying to attack them,” Bower said, adding that an officer saved many lives by shooting the attacker.

Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally: 

President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Sunday that he had fallen short in the popular vote in the general election only because millions of people had voted illegally, leveling the baseless claim as part of a daylong storm of Twitter posts voicing anger about a three-state recount push. “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Mr. Trump wrote Sunday afternoon. The series of posts came one day after Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it would participate in a recount effort being undertaken in Wisconsin, and potentially in similar pushes in Michigan and Pennsylvania, by Jill Stein, who was the Green Party candidate. Mr. Trump’s statements revived claims he made during the campaign, as polls suggested he was losing to Mrs. Clinton, about a rigged and corrupt system.

Report: Trump ‘Furious’ at Kellyanne’s Romney Attack:

President-elect Donald Trump is “furious” at spokeswomanKellyanne Conway’s comments knocking Mitt Romney during her TV appearances Sunday, MSNBC reported on Morning Joe early Monday. Conway’s comments suggested that The Donald had “betrayed” his supporters by considering Romney for the secretary of State post. “Kellyanne went rogue at Donald Trump’s expense at the worst possible time,” a source told MSNBC. “Instead of driving Donald Trump’s message, she’s pushing her own agenda,” a source said. “It’s dangerous.” The show’s senior producer, Jesse Rodriguez, tweeted later that Conway responded to the Morning Joe report, calling it “false” and “sexist.”

Judge Allows Dylann Roof to Represent Himself:

Dylann Roof, the man accused of fatally shooting nine worshippers at a historically black church in South Carolina last June, filed a motion to represent himself in court and forgo a lawyer for his federal trial in which he will face the death penalty. Appearing in court Monday morning, Roof said he feels competent enough to represent himself, according to reporters who tweeted from the courtroom. The judge approved the motion, telling Roof that it would serve him better to have an attorney represent him, adding it was “strategically unwise” even though he feels that Roof is competent enough. Jury selection for Roof’s trial was slated to begin Monday at 9 a.m.

Trump Threatens to Cut New Cuba Ties:

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday morning threatened to put an end to President Barack Obama’s efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. The threat comes three days after the death of the island nation’s former leader, Fidel Castro. “If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal,” Trump tweeted. Republicans vociferously criticized Obama’s moves, starting in 2014, to normalize relations with the communist country. Embassies have since opened in Washington and Havana, as Obama has indicated he wants to end the U.S. trade embargo. Meanwhile, American Airlines and JetBlue on Monday flew commercial routes from New York and Miami to Havana for the first time in decades.

Gov’t Will Not Forcibly Remove Pipeline Protesters:

The Army Corps of Engineers said Sunday that it “has no plans for forcible removal” of protesters occupying land near the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota, the Associated Press reported. The statement comes after the Corps set a deadline of Dec. 5 earlier this week for the area to be cleared. Rather than shutting down the protesters’ camp, however, the Corps has said it wants a “peaceful and orderly transition” of demonstrators to a “safer location.” Protesters have taken over tribal land surrounding the site of the $3.8 billion pipeline project, which it argues threatens sacred sites and drinking water of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Protests have turned increasingly violent in recent weeks, with clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators. On Saturday, protesters responded to the news that they were being ordered out by vowing to stay put, adding that the Corps’ order would only escalate tensions with police.

Syrian Troops Capture Major Aleppo Neighborhood:

Syrian troops have overtaken a major neighborhood in Aleppo, state media reports. The development means that a large northern section of the city—including 10 neighborhoods and more than 3,000 buildings—is back under government control. Rami Abdurrahman, of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said nearly 30 percent of Aleppo’s previously rebel-held areas are now back in state control. Russia’s defense ministry said at least 100 rebels relinquished their weapons and left the city. President Bashar al-Assad’s government has been fighting to recapture Aleppo from rebels since 2012, with estimates of more than 30,000 people killed in that time.

LBN-INVESTIGATES: There are fewer people with Internet access in the entire continent of Africa than in New York City alone.


‘Moana’ 2nd Best Thanksgiving Debut Ever:

The new Disney film Moana earned $81.1 million over the five-day holiday weekend and $55.5 million on Saturday and Sunday, cruising to the top of this year’s Thanksgiving box office. The  film now ranks as the second biggest Thanksgiving debut after the Disney hit Frozen. “We are working with the greatest brands and we’re doing big, broad storytelling that resonates domestically, but has the power to transcend borders and languages and cultures around the world,” said Dave Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief. Allied, a Paramount film starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, didn’t fare as well, pulling in $18 million over the same five-day period and $13 million over the weekend. Bad Santa 2 earned just $9 million and $6.1 million, respectively, and Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply, a romantic-comedy about Howard Hughes, earned a sad $2.2 million over the five-day weekend.


LBN – SEE IT: Yes, that’s Judd Nelson celebrating as he turned 57 years old — several decades away from his heyday as an ’80s icon after starring in “The Breakfast Club.” While his costar Anthony Michael Hall faced new criminal charges over a long-running fight with a neighbor, Judd enjoyed a birthday dinner at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Analog Spark has reissued two of Laura Nyro’s most acclaimed albums, New York Tendaberry and Eli & The Thirteenth Confession, on 180-gram vinyl. These limited edition audiophile reissues were cut from the original stereo tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound and pressed/plated at RTI. All original inserts were faithfully recreated and housed in a Stoughton old style tip-on jacket.

LBN-NOTICED:   ***Famed attorney Eugene Trope turning 100 years old at a celebration at the Pacific Dining Car restaurant in Santa Monica.   ***Oscar winning actor Sean Penn and media expert and author Michael Levine chatting in front of Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica.   ***Alexander Wang dancing on tables with friends to the beats by Isiah Thomas’ son Zeke Thomas at 93 Bowery in NYC.   ***The Four Seasons’ Julian Niccolini congratulating Tim Kensett on his appointment as executive chef at Storico in the New-York Historical Society.   ***Iris Apfel being honored at the Holiday House opening, which benefited the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Also there: Martha Stewart and Nicky Hilton Rothschild.   ***Acclaimed film writer Steven Bernstein and his girlfriend Carolyn having dinner at Bareburger last night on Main Street in Santa Monica.

LBN-SPOTLIGHT: “Broken Windows, Broken Business” – One of the most acclaimed business books of the last decade —–

LBN-COMMENTARY by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: Following the election of Donald J. Trump, the Left went into a veritable frenzy – from predicting that president-elect Trump will rule like the worst dictators in history to organizing mass protests not just of his comments, but of the election itself. To what specific end? No one knows. Yet, he has not governed for one day. While I am a life-long conservative and was not a Trump supporter, and did not vote for him (choosing instead to write my choice in), I take serious and concerned pause at the tone of the far left in the wake of the election. While I certainly had problems with  the tone and content of some of the president-elect’s comments during the election, including about Muslims, I see the left’s ratcheting up of fear and hysteria with outright fabrication of various policies as symptomatic of the deeper pathology within their camp; namely, the use and manipulation of minority and marginalized identity groups to further their cause. Even some camps within the left itself, in its own post-mortem autopsies, is beginning to question the harm of its blind adherence to identity politics.


LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Old flames Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant are rekindling that old spark — 16 years after calling it quits. The “Bridget Jones’s Diary” bad boy, 56, was busted with hooker Divine Brown in 1995, but “Royals” beauty Liz, 51, didn’t ditch him until 2000. Since then, she’s had a son with producer Steve Bing, a failed marriage to Indian textile heir Arun Nayar and a broken engagement to Aussie cricket star Shane Warne.   ***Anthony Michael Hall may go from “The Breakfast Club” to prison. The Brat Pack member, 48, has been charged with felony battery with serious bodily injury after his September altercation with a neighbor, TMZ reports. Due to special circumstances alleged in the case, Hall’s potential maximum sentence was upped from four years to seven.   ***Rose McGowan has allegedly become the latest victim of a sex-tape leak. Screenshots that seem to have been taken from two videos have been making the rounds online since Thursday. The identity of the man who appears in some of the shots is not clear. The actress’s divorce from Davey Detail was finalized this month.

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