LBN- Special Report- Monday December 5, 2016

Torture Can Be Useful, Nearly Half of Americans in Poll Say: 

Nearly half of Americans in a global survey said they believed an enemy fighter could be tortured to extract information, according to results released Monday. That finding puts respondents in the United States in contrast with citizens of many countries and at odds with international law, which prohibits torture under any circumstances. The results were part of a poll carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which surveyed 17,000 people in 16 countries, including many nations in conflict or recovering from conflict, to gauge public opinion about the laws of war. The findings on torture were among the starkest. Among Americans, 46 percent said torture could be used to obtain information from an enemy combatant, while 30 percent disagreed and the rest said they did not know. On a more general question, one in three said torture was “part of war,” just over half called it “wrong,” and the rest said they did not know or preferred not to answer.

Trump Advisers Want to Privatize Oil-Rich Indian Reservations:

Advisers to President-elect Donald Trump have reportedly proposed to privatize oil-rich Native American reservations—a particularly polarizing idea in the wake of the protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Reuters reports that such reservations likely contain about 20 percent of the nation’s oil and gas, as well as large coal reserves. Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), who is co-chairing Trump’s Native American Affairs Coalition and a Cherokee tribe member, said: “We should take tribal land away from public treatment. As long as we can do it without unintended consequences, I think we will have broad support around Indian country.” Others see the proposal as inherently problematic. “Our spiritual leaders are opposed to the privatization of our lands, which means the commoditization of the nature, water, air we hold sacred,” said Tom Goldtooth, who runs the Indigenous Environmental Network and is a member of both the Navajo and the Dakota tribes. “Privatization has been the goal since colonization—to strip Native Nations of their sovereignty,” Goldtooth added. But Trump’s advisers, including ex-chief of the Cherokee nation Ross Swimmer, said it’s possible to privatize the reservations while applying limits to any sales outside the Indian community. “It has to be done with an eye toward protecting sovereignty,” he said. According to Reuters, Trump’s transition team did not respond to requests for comment on the idea.

Oakland Fire Death Toll Hits 36:

Officials are still working to identify those who died in a deadly fire Friday night at the Ghost Ship art space in Oakland, California. The death toll officially hit 36 Monday morning and is still expected to climb, while recovery personnel sift through debris at the site. The youngest victim at the electronic-music show was just 17 years old, and the oldest were in their thirties. One of those killed was the son of a deputy for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, just one of the agencies responsible for examining recovered bodies from the catastrophic blaze. Many people still looking for their missing friends and family have gathered in online forums to find answers about their loved ones.

CIAO – Italian PM Matteo Renzi to Resign After Referendum Defeat:

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi conceded defeat Sunday and pledged to resign after Italian voters rejected his proposed reforms to the country’s constitution, the latest in a populist wave that has sent shockwaves through the West in the past six months, and ushering in a period of uncertainty to the Eurozone’s third largest economy. Nearly 60 percent of Italians voted against the constitutional changes.  “The experience of my government ends here,” Renzi said at his residence, the Palazzo Chigi, just after midnight in Rome. Meanwhile, populist politicians across Europe cheered the outcome, including the U.K.’s Nigel Farage and France’s Marine Le Pen. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian anti-immigration Northern League party and one of the most aggressive “no” campaigners, took to Twitter to celebrate his side’s victory and align himself with Le Pen, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The proposed overhaul would have slashed the size and powers of the Italian senate, and centralized regional powers at the federal level. Renzi and his backers said the move would have streamlined the legislative process in Italy, a country notorious for political corruption, instability, and inefficiency.

Army Corps of Engineers Halts Dakota Access Pipeline:

The Army Corps of Engineers has told the Oceti tribe that it will halt work on the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental-impact study and shot down a permit for an easement on the property, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe announced. In a statement, the tribe said it “wholeheartedly support[s]” the government’s decision, and thanked President Obama and the Justice Department. “We thank the millions of people around the globe who expressed support for our cause,” the statement reads. “We thank the thousands of people who came to the camps to support us, and the tens of thousands who donated time, talent, and money to our efforts to stand against this pipeline in the name of protecting our water.”  Protesters have been camped out at the site in North Dakota for months to demonstrate against the $3.8 billion project, arguing it will destroy the environment and taint the drinking water used by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. As protesters have vowed to stay put, clashes with police have intensified in recent days. The Army Corps is seeking an alternative route for the project.

Japanese Prime Minister to Visit Pearl Harbor With Obama:

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will join President Obama in a visit to Pearl Harbor, the U.S. navy base that was attacked by Japanese forces on Dec 7, 1941, triggering the U.S. entry to World War II. The pair will visit the base on Dec. 26 and 27. “We must never repeat the tragedy of the war,” Abe said in making the announcement. “I would like to send this commitment. At the same time, I would like to send a message of reconciliation between Japan and the U.S.”

Trump Taps Ben Carson for Cabinet Post:

President-elect Donald Trump has officially tapped Ben Carson for a Cabinet post. “I am thrilled to nominate Dr. Ben Carson as our next secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,” Trump said early Monday morning. “Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities.” Word leaked more than a week ago that Carson might be chosen for the position, but Trump was silent on the move until Monday.


Dems Seek to Stall Trump Cabinet Picks:

Democrats in Congress say they are planning to give Donald Trump and the GOP the “Garland treatment” for the president-elect’s Cabinet nominations, stemming from Senate Republicans’ refusal to give Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, a hearing. “They’ve been rewarded for stealing a Supreme Court justice. We’re going to help them confirm their nominees, many of whom are disqualified?” said Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. “It’s not obstruction, it’s not partisan, it’s just a duty to find out what they’d do in these jobs.” One of the many disruption tactics Democrats could employ would be to force as much as 30 hours of debate on a particular nominee, thereby delaying the process and preventing the GOP from getting other legislation through.

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LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Bob Dylan, this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature honoree, will not attend the December 10th gala in Stockholm, but he has enlisted a fellow Rock Hall singer-songwriter in his stead: Patti Smith will perform Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” at the Nobel Prize ceremony. The Nobel Prize committee announced Monday morning that Smith would fill in for Dylan at the Stockholm gala, with Smith also taking part in the Nobel Week Dialogue event the day before on December 9th, where she’ll discuss the “importance of role models.” While Dylan won’t attend the Nobel ceremony due to “other commitments” that “make it unfortunately impossible,” the Nobel committee tweeted Monday that Dylan has “provided a speech which will be read at the Nobel banquet” on December 10th; it’s unclear whether Smith or someone else will read the “speech of thanks” at the gala.   ***Guns N’ Roses are expanding their Not in This Lifetime tour in 2017. The reunited rockers will play Europe before returning stateside in July for 16 North American shows. The first stop on the 2017 North American leg is a July 27th gig in St. Louis, Missouri, where the band’s infamous “Riverport Riot” occurred in July 1991. During the show, Axl Rose attacked a photographer in the audience, blaming security for not confiscating the person’s camera and then walking offstage. A riot ensued, injuring dozens of fans. GN’R was banned from playing St. Louis and Rose was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of property damage and fined $50,000.

LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***American Airlines rolled out new uniforms to more than 70,000 of its frontline workers in September. The appearance of the uniforms was well-received, but now American’s flight attendants union is calling for a total recall after saying the outfits have sickened more than 1,000 workers. Complaints about itching, rashes, headaches and hives surfaced within the first few weeks of the uniform roll-out. American launched an investigation, initially saying that it thought the issues were isolated – possibly some sort of wool allergy.

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LBN-BOOK NEWS:   ***Lisa Napoli talked about her new book, “Ray & Joan: The Man Who Made the McDonald’s Fortune and the Woman Who Gave It All Away,” with KTLA anchor Frank Buckley on his podcast.   ***Longtime LA broadcaster Tammy Trujillo has a book out, Intern Insider, that “answers many of the most important questions that students have about an internship including where to look for one.”.   ***NYT columnist Thomas Friedman’s newest book, “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations,” is the #1 nonfiction bestseller in SoCal independent bookstores. He speaks Friday morning at the Live Talks LA Business Forum downtown.

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LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Raynoma Gordy Singleton, who played a vital role in the early days of Motown as the business partner and second wife of Berry Gordy Jr., the record label’s founder and patriarch, died on Nov. 11 in Woodland Hills, Calif. She was 79. The cause was brain cancer, her family said. Her death was not immediately announced.

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LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Madonna kissed Ariana Grande,repeatedly criticized President-elect Donald Trump and said she was ashamed to be an American in a magnetic performance Friday night in Miami, where she raised more than $7.5 million for the African nation of Malawi. The Material Girl dug deep into her personal treasures, auctioning off pieces from her own art collection, a costume from her tour modeled by Grande and black and white photos from her 1985 wedding to ex-husband Sean Penn shot by the late photographer Herb Ritts. The trio of wedding photos sold for $230,000. Penn, who attended the fundraiser and bid on several pricey items when the auction stalled, handcuffed Madonna and crawled through her legs at one point as the two tried to coerce the audience to bid higher. “For once, he’s not the one being arrested,” she joked.

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