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*60+ Killed in Pakistan Hospital Bombing:
More than 60 people were killed and at least 50 others wounded in Quetta, Pakistan, early Monday when suicide bombers targeted a hospital emergency room where lawyers—clad in black suits and ties—had gathered to mourn a slain colleague. Mohammed Omar Baloch, health secretary of Balochistan, said the death toll could reach 75 or more from the explosion. The AP reports that a breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility later Monday for the bombing. No one has claimed responsibility for the day’s previous shooting attack on the former president of the province’s Bar Association.

*American, Australian Kidnapped in Afghanistan:
An American and an Australian have been kidnapped by gunmen in Kabul, officials said Monday. Authorities are searching for the two, who are affiliated with a university, after four or five men allegedly captured them from a road on Sunday. An interior ministry official provided the details of the kidnapping to Reuters on the condition of anonymity; it was not yet clear who was responsible or their identifying details. The U.S. State Department said it was aware of the situation. The Australian embassy confirmed that one of its citizens had been taken but would not comment, citing safety concerns. “We continue to advise Australians not to travel to Afghanistan because of the extremely dangerous security situation, including the serious threat of kidnapping,” Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in a statement.

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*‘System Outage’ Grounds Delta Flights:

All Delta Air Lines flights worldwide were grounded Monday morning due to a “system outage.” A statement from the carrier said the issue began with a power outage in Atlanta around 2:30 a.m. According to one of the company’s Twitter postings, flights already in the air are operating normally but all others awaiting departure are delayed. “Large-scale cancellations are expected today,” the airline posted. The company still advised travelers to arrive on time for their flights, but at least one response to a customer on Twitter said, “Our systems are down everywhere” and that there was no way of knowing how quickly the problem would be resolved. By about 9 a.m. EST, the airline had lifted “limited” flights and some departures had resumed. Still, the company said cancellations would continue throughout the day.

*Muslim-American Reformer, Zuhdi Jasser Accuses Obama of Kowtowing to Mid East dictators:

A widely known Muslim-American reformer, Zuhdi Jasser, has accused U.S. President Barack Obama of “kissing up to Middle Eastern dictators, at a time when radical Islamist terrorism is running rampant worldwide.” Obama refuses to use any term equating Islam with terrorism, such as “radical Islam” or “Islamic extremism.” That’s because he does not want to offend U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia – the dictatorship that regularly carries out public executions by beheading, Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told Borderless News Online. Jasser’s statements come at a time when terror attacks are being carried out by radical Islamists nearly every day across the globe, and recent weeks have seen scores of terrorist attacks in Orlando, France, Germany, Turkey and Iraq, just to name a few.  “(The Saudis) would become upset (if Obama used the term radical Islam), but they’re not our allies. We need to re-define what it means to be allies,” said Jasser, author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam, speaking of countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, which he believes are bastions of radical Islam.

*Japan’s Emperor: I Might Abdicate:
In video remarks, Japanese Emperor Akihito, 82, said Monday that he believes his age and failing health may prevent him from carrying out his official duties, suggesting that he may abdicate in the coming days. Akihito reportedly has had heart surgery and was treated for prostate cancer. “When I consider that my fitness level is gradually declining, I am worried that it may become difficult for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state with my whole being, as I have done until now,” he said. The emperor has no political power, but Reuters reports that Akihito believes vehemently that an emperor’s full performance of his duties is an integral part of his constitutional role as a symbol of unity in the country.

*College Athlete Killed Playing Pokemon:
A 20-year-old college baseball player was fatally shot late Saturday near San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf whileplaying Pokemon Go. Calvin Riley was shot in Aquatic Park, a popular tourist area adjacent to Ghiradelli Square, around 10 p.m. by an unknown suspect, police said. Paramedics weren’t able to revive Riley, a pitcher for San Joaquin Delta College, at the scene. An investigator told reporters the shooting “makes no sense” and that the area was “bustling” when Riley was shot. Authorities said they hope surveillance footage, in addition to witness reports, will turn up new evidence. “There’s a good chance someone saw something,” Sgt. Robert Jansingsaid.

*Phelps Claims 19th Gold Medal:
Michael Phelps won his 19th Olympic gold in pushing his U.S. relay team to victory Sunday, leaving France in second place and Australia in third in the men’s 4 x 100 at the Rio Games. Phelps, along with Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Held, and Nathan Adrian, finished with a time of 3:09.92. The win came during Phelps’s comeback—he announced his retirement in 2012 and suffered a public fall from grace when he got two DUIs and was admitted to rehab in 2014. The most decorated Olympian in history now boasts 23 Olympic medals in his career: 19 golds, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes. American Katie Ledecky also beat her own world record on Sunday. Ledecky won gold, besting her previous mark by two seconds, with 3 minutes 56.46 seconds in the 400-meter freestyle.

*LBN-INVESTIGATES:  Thirteen percent of U.S. adults tell Gallup they currently smoke marijuana, nearly double the percentage who reported smoking marijuana only three years ago.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***, an online store that sells a wide range of products like groceries, books, jewelry and appliances, agreed to sell itself to Walmart Stores for $3.3 billion as they both seek to take on a mutual competitor: Amazon. The deal incorporates $3 billion to be paid to stakeholders in cash, a portion of that to be distributed over time, while $300 million will be paid in Walmart stock over time, according to a statement released by the companies on Monday. The companies did not specify the length of the payment period.

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*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Michael J. Fox at Hamptons eatery Union Cantina near Brooke Shields.   ***Harvey Weinsteinand Georgina Chapman at Sotto Sopra in Amagansett asAlec Baldwin picked up takeout.   ***Phil Mickelson at the Southampton Inn, where Geraldo Rivera was with wife Erica.   ***Katherine Schwarzenegger leading a cooking class at Jessica Biel’s Au Fudge in LA, hosted by Amazon Echo. Pupils included mom Maria Shriver.   ***Michael Strahan at a Hamptons house party hosted by Lawrence Scott.   ***President Obama’s final birthday celebration at the White House was a “blowout,” said a guest. At POTUS’ 55th birthday party were guests including George LucasNick JonasEllen DeGeneresMagic Johnson and Sarah Jessica ParkerStevie Wonder and Usher performed, and “everyone egged on Sir Paul McCartney to sing,” a spy at the bash organized by Michelle Obama said. Also at the party were entertainment execs Alan Horn, Ted Sarandos,Harvey Weinstein and Richard Plepler, designer Michael Kors, hedge funder Marc Lasry, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, NBA star Chris Paul, and hip-hop artists Common, Kendrick Lamar and Timbaland.


  1. The largest mammalian carnivore that ever lived on land was the giant short-faced bear. Twice the size of the biggest modern bear, it was 6′ 5″ tall at the shoulder when standing on all fours. Scientists believe it had very long legs and chased antelope on the North American prairies. It died around 12,000 years ago.
  2. The sloth bear has the shaggiest fur. The sun bear has the shortest fur so it can keep cool in the hot forests of Southeast Asia.
  3. The most accurate way to determine the age of a bear is to count the rings in a cross section of its tooth root under a microscope.
  4. Bears have two layers of fur. A short layer of fur keeps the bear warm. And a long layer keeps water away from the skin and short fur.

Bears are highly intelligent animals

  1. Bears are very smart and have been known to roll rocks into bear traps to set off the trap and eat the bait in safety.
  2. Bears live as long as 30 years in the wild. One captive brown bear lived to the age of 47.
  3. Bears are bowlegged. This gives them better grip and balance.
  4. Only the polar bear is a true carnivore. All other bears are omnivores, or animals that eat both plants and meat.
  5. Sun bears have the longest claws of any bear. They also have the longest tongues, which can reach 9.8″ long.
  6. Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. The fastest known human alive today is Usain Bolt, who can run 27mph.

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***“Entertainment Tonight” executive producer Brad Bessey is departing the show ahead of its 36th season, Variety has learned exclusively. Bessey joined “Entertainment Tonight” in April 2014, succeeding longtime “ET” exec producer Linda Bell Blue. Bessey was also exec producer of “ET’s” companion show, “The Insider.” While the search is on for Bessey’s replacement, Rick Joyce will take the position of executive producer. Joyce was brought on to “ET” in April of this year as co-exec producer, working alongside Bessey.

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*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, a pioneering Brazilian plastic surgeon who performed face lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures on the rich, famous and royal, becoming rich, famous and celebrated in his own right, died on Saturday at his home in Rio de Janeiro. He was 93. He had been suffering for some time from kidney problems and died of heart failure during a dialysis treatment, said Dr. Antonio Paulo Pitanguy, a physician and Dr. Pitanguy’s grandson.   ***Edward Daly, who as the Roman Catholic bishop of Northern Ireland’s second-largest city argued relentlessly for peace during the three decades of sectarian violence known as the Troubles, died on Monday. He was 82. His death, at Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Londonderry, was announced by Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry, the diocese that Bishop Daly led from 1974 to 1993, when he stepped down after having a stroke. (The city, officially Londonderry, is commonly known by its shorter name.) He was hospitalized after a fall several weeks ago.


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