LBN – Special Report – Monday

*SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas Abortion Ban:

The Supreme Court in a surprise 5-3 decision struck down a highly restrictive Texas law that would have closed most abortion clinics in the state. The decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt means a lower court’s decision upholding the law is reversed.  “We conclude that neither of these provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes,”
Justice Bryer wrote in the majority opinion. “Each places a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a pre-viability abortion, each constitutes an undue burden on abortion access.”

*Mateen Kept Killing After Cops Entered:

Fifteen of the people that Omar Mateen killed when he ambushed a gay nightclub in Orlando were in the bathrooms, and many of those murders occurred after police had the gunman cornered. In all, 49 people were slaughtered and 53 more were injured. Mateen reportedly moved between the two bathrooms, shooting people even after police had entered Pulse nightclub. Officials are still investigating the police response and hostage negotiations that took place over several hours that morning. According to The Wall Street Journal, survivors and family members of the victims have questioned why authorities didn’t raid the nightclub’s bathrooms more quickly. Officers entered the club about three hours before the hostages in the bathroom were rescued. “I just feel that with so many cops to one person, it should have been a little quicker,” said Albert Murray, whose 18-year-old daughter Akyra was killed in the women’s bathroom. During the early morning hours, Mateen had three phone calls with the crisis negotiators, and police believed he may have been armed with explosives. Authorities have said they rescued dozens of people from the club while Mateen was cornered in the bathroom.


*Panama Canal Celebrates $5.4B Upgrade:

The 50-mile-long Panama Canal celebrated the opening of a $5.4 billion expansion that will allow larger ships to pass at greater volumes. The work had focused on increasing capacity at two sets of locks, one at either end of the canal. A Chinese-owned container ship, Cosco Shipping Panama, was the first commercial vessel to cross through Caribbean-facing Agua Clara locks on Sunday, amid scenes of jubilation in Panama. The new locks are wider and deeper than their predecessors. Officials say the larger locks and a new lane will double the canal’s cargo capacity. The canal initially opened more than 100 years ago and could handle ships carrying about 5,500 cargo containers. With the expansion, it can handle more than 13,000.

*Israel and Turkey Agree to Resume Full Diplomatic Ties:

Israel and Turkey agreed on Sunday to resume full diplomatic relations, ending a bitter, six-year rift between the once-close regional allies, according to Israeli and Turkish officials. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was scheduled to announce the deal in Rome on Monday, according to the Israeli official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity from Rome because the accord had not yet been formally made public. The Turkish government planned to make a parallel announcement in Ankara.

American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers Says Media Expert Levine: 

The single most effective action that most Americans can take to help reduce the dangerous emissions that cause climate change? Buy a more fuel-efficient car. But consumers are heading in the opposite direction according to media expert and author Michael Levine ( They have rekindled their love of bigger cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, favoring them over small cars, hybrids and electric vehicles, which are considered crucial to helping slow global warming. “So far this year, nearly 75 percent of the people who have traded in a hybrid or electric car to a dealer have replaced it with an all-gas car, an 18 percent jump from 2015”, according to Levine.
*LBN-NOTICED:   ***New York City’s ultimate power-brokers attended a secret birthday party last Thursday for uber-business attorney Tom Ajamie at a Penthouse of Central Park South attended by Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester. The theme was Montana in Manhattan and the cuisine included Bison burger sliders.   ***Power agent and entrepreneur Don Victor Cisternino held a power dinner party last Saturday night at the hot restaurant Trattoria Dell’Arte in NYC. Cisternino is in the process of opening a New York office for his talent agency and revealed at the dinner that he will soon open an acting school in Los Angeles.   ***Hillary Clinton at Ristorante Morini in NYC.   ***Sonja Morgan at Mamo in Soho in NYC.  ***Giovanni ­Ribisi at Aesop in the West Village in NYC.   ***“Hamilton” Tony winner Alex Lacamoire at Good Enough to Eat on the Upper West Side in NYC.   ***CommPro head Fay Shapiro having a late lunch at the Coffee Shop in Union Square in NYC on Saturday. Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker playing a 45-minute drum solo at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown in NYC.   ***Singer Sarah Hayes playing Ivy Bar and Grill in NYC.   ***Jason Biggs at wife Jenny Mollen’sBeverly Hills book party for “Live Fast, Die Hot,” hosted by Planet Blue’s Ling-Su Chinn.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***It’s time for the swingers who like swapping and orgies to take their last turns at Le Trapeze in NYC. Born in the shadow of Plato’s Retreat (which closed in 1985), the sex club has operated on East 27th Street since 1980, surviving recessions, AIDS and vice crackdowns. But the place can’t survive the booming real-estate market, and can’t afford a new lease. One visitor to the mecca for open-minded couples and single women (single men are banned) said, laughingly: “After the last night, they are giving away all the furniture and pillows, and the mats from the Mat Room.”  ***Sundar Pichai isn’t going to have a happy start to his week. The CEO of Google’s Quora account appears to have been hacked by a group called OurMine, which previously broke into Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts earlier this month. The three-man hacker outfit has been posting messages on Quora through Pichai’s account; it’s also connected to his Twitter account and as a result, OurMine was able to publicize their hack to all 508,000 of his followers. The tweets have now been removed.   ***The Chinese acquirer of the Waldorf Astoria is finalizing plans for an extensive overhaul that would shut the landmark New York hotel for up to three years and convert as many as three-quarters of its rooms into private apartments, people familiar with the matter said. Anbang Insurance Group Co.’s restoration plan calls for closing down the 1,413-room property in the spring, removing as many as 1,100 hotel rooms and eliminating hundreds of hotel jobs, the people said.   ***PepsiCo is creating a new diet beverage for fans of aspartame less than a year after pulling the artificial sweetener as part of a marketing move over safety concerns.

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Rapper 50 Cent has been charged with shooting off a dangerous weapon — his big mouth. The “In da Club” hip hop superstar — whose rap sheet includes past arrests for drugs and guns — was busted on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts on Saturday for using foul language during a show at a local music festival.
*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Among various studies linking friendships to well-being in one’s later years, the 2005 Australian Longitudinal Study of Aging found that family relationships had little if any impact on longevity, but friendships boosted life expectancy by as much as 22 percent.
*LBN-BOOK NEWS:   ***Former New York Times reporter and LA Times national correspondent David Cay Johnston has aDonald Trump book coming through Melville House with an August 2 pub date. The Making of Donald Trump investigates “Trump’s numerous ties to organized crime, his history of litigation, his family background including his father’s involvement with the Ku Klux Klan, his philandering, a close look at his actual skill in running casinos , constructing buildings and managing real estate, his numerous bankruptcies, and the questionable nature of his actual wealth.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Neil Gallagher, PhD (Author, Financial Expert): The big problem with Medicaid is that you lose your control, money, independence and maybe proximity to your family. Don’t make it worse by getting bad advice. And you’d better be really broke in order to get Medicaid, because efforts are under way to make you sell your house now, to make you cash in everything now in order to put in your substantial portion before Medicaid kicks in. Forget about the old ways to “hide your money.”


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