LBN – Special Report – Monday

*Hillary’s Brother-in-Law Arrested in CA

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law, Roger Clinton, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in California on Sunday night, TMZ reports. Clinton was reportedly arrested in Redondo Beach and remained in police custody Monday morning in lieu of a $15,000 bond. He was arrested on the same charge in 2001.

*Hillary Now Just 26 Delegates From Nomination

Hillary Clinton handily won the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico on Sunday, moving her within 30 delegates of clinching the party’s presidential nomination. “We just won Puerto Rico! ¡Gracias a la Isla del Encanto por esta victoria!” she tweeted shortly after multiple outlets called the race in her favor. With a victory in Tuesday’s upcoming California primary, Clinton could lock up the necessary amount of delegates to gain the Democratic nomination and face Donald Trump in the general election.

*WHO READS LBN? Magician David Cooperfield

*Army Reserve Officer Crowned Miss USA

Army Reserve officer and IT analyst Deshauna Barber was crowned Miss USA 2016 on Sunday night. During the interview section, First Lt. Barber spoke about the effect of allowing women to enter combat roles for the first time. “As a woman in the United States Army, I think it was an amazing job by our government to allow women to integrate into every branch of the military,” she said. “We are just as tough as men. As a commander of my unit, I’m powerful, I am dedicated, and it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us in the United States.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: The oldest cat to give birth was Kitty who, at the age of 30, gave birth to two kittens. During her life, she gave birth to 218 kittens.

*NPR Journalist Killed in Afghanistan

An award-winning photojournalist for National Public Radio was killed Sunday after the vehicle he was traveling in came under fire in southern Afghanistan. David Gilkey, a veteran war reporter, died in the attack in Helmand province along with his translator, Zabihullah Tamanna. They had been embedded with an Afghan military unit. Two other NPR journalists escaped from the attack unscathed. The dangers of covering conflict zones was nothing new to Gilkey. He had worked as a war reporter since 2001 in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and had also covered the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. A statement from NPR on Sunday praised his work and said he had “witnessed some of humanity’s most challenging moments” throughout his career and had died pursuing a commitment to make the world see what really happens during war.

*Warriors Decimate Cavaliers in Game 2

The Golden State Warriors crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, winning 110-77 and bringing their series lead to 2-0 as the teams head to Ohio. Steph Curry and the Warriors outshot, out-defended, and out-rebounded LeBron James and Kevin Love of the Cavs, limiting the Eastern Conference champs to just 15 points in the fourth quarter.

*Navy Bans Drinking in Japan Amid DUI Scandal

The U.S. Navy has banned its personnel in Japan from drinking alcohol after a sailor was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. A 21-year-old, identified as Aimee Mejia, prompted public outrage in Okinawa on Sunday after causing a multiple-vehicle collision. Mejia was arrested by authorities after driving the wrong way on a freeway and crashing into two other vehicles. Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga condemned the incident and said misbehavior by U.S. military personnel was a recurring problem that requires a “fundamental resolution.” U.S. Navy authorities reacted promptly, issuing a ban early Monday on drinking both on and off base. The order also prohibits personnel from coming and going from the base as they please.

*UNIQUELY, LBN: Shanna F., an LBN reader from Portland, Oregon

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Next week the most gripping news for the music industry may come out of a federal courtroom in Los Angeles. There, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin will be defending themselves against a lawsuit claiming that parts of “Stairway to Heaven” were copied from “Taurus,” an instrumental tune by the lesser-known group Spirit.

*LBN-BOOK NEWS:   ***Hillary Clinton has seen her campaign rocked by a bombshell new book — with “Crisis Of Character” promising shocking secrets dished by former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne, declaring: “What I saw in the 1990s sickened me!” The disgusted agent also says that Hillary isn’t fit for the Presidency due to her “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” behavior. Byrne also exposes the cold-blooded behavior of philandering Bill Clinton, including shocking details about catching him with one of his many mistresses.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Thomas E. Schaefer, a retired Air Force colonel who endured death threats, harsh interrogation and solitary confinement as the ranking military officer among the 52 Americans held hostage for 444 days in Iran in the closing stages of the Carter administration, died on Tuesday in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was 85. The cause was congestive heart failure, his son David told The Associated Press.

*LBN-A DIFFERENT VIEW:…. Dignity in final portrait. Muhammad Ali stares defiantly into the camera taken two months ago.

*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Beauty queen Shanna Moakler got a very big bang for her bucks — undergoing FOUR cosmetic surgery procedures in ONE day. The former Miss USA, 41, admits she visited a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for liposuction, cellulite removal, butt enhancement — and to laser off a wrist tattoo of her rocker ex-husband Travis Barker’s name.   ***A wannabe actress who earned her living as a prostitute before finding fame on “Game of Thrones” says her life was saved by the hit TV show. Josephine Gillan made her acting debut as novice prostitute Marei being shown how to fake an orgasm in Season 2 of the fantasy drama. She says she used her understanding of the sordid world to deliver an impressive performance as she returns to the screen. The 27-year-old said, “‘Game Of Thrones’ saved me from a life of prostitution, and has made me a much stronger person. They were looking for young women with natural breasts and no tattoos, who didn’t mind being filmed naked, so I immediately sent in a picture. They wrote back that they wanted me and I was thrilled because it was an amazing opportunity to do some proper acting. But I had no idea how much it would change my life.”   ***Richard Simmons is recovering following a brief visit to the hospital and reported “bizarre” behavior. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out with love and concern after hearing I was in the hospital,” the fitness guru told Page Six via his publicist of 27 years Tom Estey. “I was dehydrated and needed some fluids and now I am feeling great! Summer is here — drink plenty of liquids. Big hugs and kisses for caring.” On Friday, Simmons, 67, was taken to Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai Medical Center after exhibiting “bizarre” behavior, according to TMZ. Live-in help called paramedics, who evaluated Simmons and suggested he should seek treatment at the hospital.

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