LBN – Special Report – Friday, June 30th, 2017

*Joe and Mika: ‘Trump Is Not Well’

Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Friday published a scathing column in response to President Trump’s Twitter attack on the pair just 24 hours earlier. The Washington Post piece, with the headline “Donald Trump Is Not Well,” denies the commander in chief’s claim that Brzezinski had a “face-lift” and chronicles a changing Trump, who, before the campaign, “was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check.” Trump on Thursday tweeted at the pair, calling Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and doling out the nickname “Psycho Joe” to Scarborough. He claimed that Brzezinski was  “bleeding badly from a face-lift” one night at Mar-a-Lago. The co-hosts, who are engaged to be married, wrote Friday that they were “neither shocked nor insulted by the president’s personal attack.” They avoided saying that Trump was not mentally able to carry out his duties as president—which would be a legal reason for him to be removed from office—but concluded that “the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show.”

*Venus Williams Involved in Fatal Car Crash

Tennis star Venus Williams was involved in a fatal car accident in Florida this month, and witnesses said she was at fault, police announced Thursday. A Palm Beach Gardens police report said witnesses claimed Williams had run a red light, causing the June 9 crash that left a 78-year-old man injured. The man, Jerome Barson, later died. Williams was not hurt. She told investigators she initially had a green light but was forced to stop in the intersection due to a traffic jam. She has not been cited or charged in the crash, and police said she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. Through her lawyer, Malcolm Cunningham, Williams offered “her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Few voters approve of PresidentTrump’s tweeting, and most agree it’s making his job harder. Seventy-one percent say the president’s tweets are hurting his agenda, according to the latest Fox News Poll.  Just 17 percent see the tweets as helpful.

*Jay-Z Apologizes to Beyoncé on New Album:

The Beyhive can rest, because Hova has confessed. Jay-Zdropped his long-awaited new album, “4.44,” exclusively through TIDAL on Friday. The first since 2013’s “Magna Carta, Holy Grail,” it’s a 10-track mini-odyssey of introspection and newfound maturity, which frequently addresses his emotional shortcomings in his relationship withBeyoncé. The pair officially became an item in the early 2000s, and married in 2008. It’s the response that fans of both artists have been waiting for since Beyoncé released her groundbreaking visual album “Lemonade” in April 2016, which hinted strongly at Jay’s long-rumored infidelities. Here are the key lyrical moments on “4.44” in which the Brooklyn hip-hop legend spills the beans and owns up to the turmoil he created in their lives. “I apologize, often womanize/Took for my child to be born to see through a woman’s eyes.” (“4.44”)

Outlet Malls are the Latest Victim of the Retail Apocalypse, Notes Media Expert:

Et tu, outlet malls? After years of being seemingly insulated from the ills affecting department stores, the country’s 200-plus outlet malls are starting to show signs of strain. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, which owns 43 centers in 22 states and is the largest publicly traded pure-play outlet operator in the US, is throwing off some warning signs, according to media expert and author Michael Levine ( . The Greensboro, NC, company, seen as a bellwether for the sector, is not planning any outlet openings for 2018, one industry watcher said — noting it was the first time in recent memory that no new opening has occurred, notes Levine. Plus, Tanger isn’t attracting the shoppers that it was used to, according to Levine. “Tanger used to lead all outlet centers in drawing consumers but now, like all centers, is seeing only a modest increase in shoppers, according to RS Metrics, which uses satellites to monitor cars in scores of shopping centers.” said Levine.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Warren Buffett has proven again why he is America’s most astute investor. The billionaire’s Berkshire Hathaway on Friday moved to capitalize on a rejuvenated Bank of America — and in the process pocketed a tidy $12 billion profit on its nearly six-year old investment.

*DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that…..1. LBN has been read daily for 15 years in all 50 of the United States and 26 foreign countries?   2. LBN is read by 3 Nobel Prize winners daily.  3. 84% of LBN readers find it “unbiased and independent”.   4. LBN is read daily by 31 Professors from Harvard University.   5. LBN is read by 29 leading executives from the Coca-Cola Corporation.   6. LBN is read daily in China, India, Brazil, England, Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Iraq, France, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Australia, South Africa.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Winston Churchill ‘Now we are Masters of Our Fate’ Speech —– Winston Churchill’s 1942 famous speech in the US —–

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***The Doors have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Kendall and Kylie Jenner over the pair’s controversial new line of T-shirts featuring the pair’s faces superimposed over musicians including Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Ozzy Osbourne. In one shirt, Kendall Jenner’s face can be seen over the Doors’ logo.  “The Doors have recently learned that Kendall + Kylie are selling shirts using the Protected Property without the Doors’ authorization or consent,” the letter states. “Your use of the registered trademarks in commerce is likely to cause confusion, mistake or to deceive consumers into believing that the Kendall + Kylie apparel was authorized by the Doors when no such authorization was sought or provided by the Doors.”   ***Adele turned the air blue on the first date of her Wembley Finale gigs — by swearing 56 times. The potty-mouthed star let go 44 f—ks, seven s–ts and a bastard in front of a record 98,000 audience. Fans were also treated to an arse, a piss, a d–k and a t-ts. It eclipsed her previous swearing record of 33, clocked up at Glastonbury Festival last year.

*LBN-VIDEO LINKWill Ferrell & Amy Poehler Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED  —–

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*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: The Comparisons being made between Trump and Nixon are interesting to say the least. Nixon administration expert Jenny Deason Copeland will bring you up to speed on the mind of Richard Nixon in her recently released work Tiananmen West: Why Nixon Ordered the Kent State Massacre. Could the Trump era turn into what we experienced during the Nixon administration? Get your Nixon on. The book is available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats. Available on Amazon by following this link: Tiananmen West on Amazon

*Personal Manager Josh Silver Changes His Company’s Name to “Silver J Management” to Reflect New Focus on Managing Actors
Last month, “Silver Mine Entertainment” (an entertainment management company in Beverly Hills) underwent a name change. Manager and producer Josh Silver( made the decision to change the name to “Silver J Management” to re-position his company to focus on solely managing actors. “My vast range of experience in show business as a performer, producer and manager of all sorts of artists enables me to promote and nurture acting careers,” says Silver, “I wanted my company name to reflect my focus and dedication to actors.” Since his company’s name change, Silver has put 110% of his efforts into managing actors to the best of his ability. “My working hours are the same as my waking hours,” says Silver, “It is my mission to constantly create opportunities for my clients (i.e. auditions and offers) to help them thrive in the hyper-competitive world of show business.” Learn more about Silver J Management on their website: