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*Obama: Trump Came From ‘Swamp of Crazy’:

President Barack Obama offered his own insight Thursday night on the phenomenon that is Republican nominee Donald Trump, saying Trump is a monster of the GOP’s making. “They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years,” Obama said of the Republican Party’s inflammatory messages to voters. “Don’t act like this all started with Donald Trump…. He took it to a new level, I’ll give him credit,” he said at the Ohio Democratic Party fundraiser. Trump’s rise to Republican presidential nominee “is in the swamp of crazy that has been fed over and over and over and over again” to voters, he said. “If I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me, I understand. If I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, I’d say, ‘Man, this is terrible.’” He noted that Trump didn’t speak for all Republicans, however. “The problem is that not all Republicans think the way this guy does,” he said, adding that many had confided to him that they’re “just trying to get through this.”

 *Donald Trump Calls Allegations by Women ‘False Smears’:
Donald J. Trump implored supporters on Thursday to rally behind him by portraying himself as a victim of “false smears” from a growing number of women accusing him of making unwanted advances — a brazen attempt to stabilize his campaign amid a new round of criticism from Republican alliesand a searing denunciation by Michelle Obama. By Thursday night, at least six women had publicly accused Mr. Trump of groping and forcibly kissing them over the decades, a pattern of sexual assault that he denied in the presidential debate on Sunday after bragging about such behavior in a 2005 recording that was unearthed last week. Mr. Trump dismissed all the allegations on Thursday and even lashed out at one of the women, a former writer for People magazine, seemingly implying that she was not attractive enough for him. “Look at her — look at her words,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in West Palm Beach, Fla. “I don’t think so.”

*BLISTERING – Elizabeth Warren to Obama: Fire SEC Chief Mary Jo White:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has asked President Obama to remove the chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White. Warren claims the Wall Street watchdog hasn’t done enough to regulate corporate entities, and she believes the SEC should already require corporations to disclose details about political spending. “Mary Jo White has refused to develop a political-spending disclosure rule despite her clear authority to do so, and despite unprecedented and overwhelming investor and public support for such a rule,” Warren wrote in a letter released early Friday, adding that White is “ignoring the SEC’s core mission of investor protection.” Warren noted: “Corporations are flooding our elections with millions of dollars in secret political contributions.” Obama does not actually have the power to fire White, but he can demote her membership and ask another member to take over the commission. “I do not make this request lightly,” Warren’s letter states. “It is clear that Chair White is set on her course. The only way to return the SEC to its intended purpose is to change its leadership.”

*Hillary Clinton ‘Can’t Recall’ in 21 of 25 Answers to Judicial Watch Lawsuit:
Hillary Clinton said under penalty of perjury that she has no recollection of key details about her use of a private email server in 21 of 25 questions posed in a lawsuit filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch. The sworn statements, filed in a U.S. District court late Thursday, came in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the watchdog organization, which has filed numerous lawsuits seeking government documents from her tenure as secretary of State. In 18 of the 25, Clinton and lawyer David Kendall also entered objections to the legal wording of the questions. The answers provided no new information about her 2009 decision to use an outside computer network setup, for which she has been cleared of wrongdoing by FBI investigators. “Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned, she does not recall that it was ever suggested to her, and she does not recall participating in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed that her use of a email account to conduct official State Department business conflicted with or violated federal record-keeping laws,” lawyers for the Democratic presidential nominee wrote under oath.

*Report: A Gun Accident Kills a Kid Every Other Day:

Gun accidents in the U.S. kill a child every other day, according to a study by the Associated Press and USA Today. During the first half of this year, minors reportedly died from accidental shootings, either from the hands of an adult, another child, or themselves, at the rate of about one every other day. That number is much higher than federal statistics had previously indicated. The joint study used information from the Gun Violence Archive, news reports, and public sources. It took nearly six months to analyze the circumstances of the involved deaths, and the study included children who were 17 or younger from January 2014 to June 30, 2016. There were more than 1,000 incidents investigated by the two news outlets.

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*‘DEMEANING’ – Religious Leaders Slam Clinton Campaign Over Leaked Emails:

Christian groups struck at Hillary Clinton’scampaign Thursday for a new purported email showing “troubling rhetoric” among her campaign aides. Catholic and evangelical leaders said they were outraged over “demeaning” words allegedly used in messages by communications director Jennifer Palmieri and John Halpin, a senior fellow at Center for American Progress, and circulated to campaign chief John Podesta. In the 2011 emails claimed to be obtained by WikiLeaks, Halpin said 21st-Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch and News Corp Chairman Robert Thomson are attracted to the Catholic Church because of its “systemic thought and severely backward gender relations.” Palmieri allegedly wrote back: “I imagine they think it is the most sociallyacceptable, politically conservative religion—their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelical.” It’s unclear if Podesta wrote back or raised any objection to the exchange, but the religious leaders said in the statement: “Podesta’s refusal to raise any objection makes him equally party to this bigotry. It is inexcusable. It is shameful. It is un-American.” WikiLeaks has only released a portion of the emails it has obtained, and news operations, including CNN, have been unable to verify their legitimacy. Palmieri herself is Catholic, said Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. He added: “We are not going to fact-check each of the emails that were stolen, hacked by Russian-led efforts in an effort to hurt our campaign.”


*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***If Wells Fargo’s board had hoped John G. Stumpf’s resignation on Wednesday and the appointment of Timothy J. Sloan as the new top executive would instantly quell the bank’s numerous critics, they were mistaken. Within hours of the announcement, a member of Congress and other critics were already dismissing Mr. Sloan as the wrong man to make the big changes the bank needs to move past its current predicament over the creation of as many as two million phony accounts. While the Wells Fargo board emphasized that Mr. Sloan was “ready to lead the company into the future,” the bank’s critics focused on the role that Mr. Sloan — who has spent the last 29 years at Wells Fargo — played in the bank’s troubling past. “I remain concerned that incoming C.E.O. Tim Sloan is also culpable in the recent scandal, servingin a central role in the chain of command that ought to have stopped this misconduct from happening,” Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, said in a statement.   ***Goldman Sachs prevailed on Friday in a legal dispute with Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, with a court finding that it did not abuse its relationship and force the fund into a series of transactions that the fund claimed led to more than $1 billion in losses. The legal battle in a London courtroom turned on whether a Wall Street company known for its prowess and aggressiveness in deal making had taken advantage of an inexperienced sovereign wealth fund. The Libyan Investment Authority was created in 2006 to invest Libya’s oil wealth as the country began to emerge from years of isolation with the lifting of international sanctions against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s regime.

*LBN-SEE IT:…Prof. Richard F. Thomas teaching a class about Bob Dylan at Harvard. The seminar examines Mr. Dylan in the context of popular culture as well as literary culture.

Theodore Roosevelt Shot in the Chest While Campaigning (1912)
During a bid for the presidency in 1912, Roosevelt was shot by saloonkeeper John Schrank. The bullet lodged in his chest after penetrating a steel eyeglass case and a folded copy of the 50-page speech he was carrying in his jacket, but he refused to go to the hospital until after he had delivered his scheduled speech. Doctors deemed it too dangerous to remove the bullet, and it remained in Roosevelt’s chest for the rest of his life.
*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***CAA managing director Bryan Lourd tied the knot on Wednesday in LA with Bruce Bozzi, whose family owns the Palm restaurant. We hear the longterm power couple got hitched at the Beverly Hills Courthouse “with their parents on hand and [daughters] Billieand Ava, who gave the rings,” a source said. (Billie is Lourd’s daughter from his relationship with Carrie Fisher.) Bozzi posted: “We lovingly made our family official. Though we’ve been married in our hearts for years today The State of California made us legal!”   ***Hot comedian Ismo, winner of the “funniest person in the world” contest, headlines a major entertainment industry showcase at the Laugh Factory on Monday, October 17th at 8pm with a special artist’s reception hosted by Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada after the event.   ***Acclaimed Hollywood photographers Robert G. Zuckerman will exhibit “Recent Works” at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica. The opening reception for this exhibit will be Saturday, October 22nd. It will be hosted by Academy Award winning actress Melissa Leo. Brent Fogel, of UCLA, who diagnosed Robert with APBD ( will speak on this disease and neurogenetics overall. Though constrained to retire from his work in set photography due to his becoming wheelchair bound from APBD, as of this writing Zuckerman is the highest ranked photographer in the world on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: Not long ago, an astonishing book landed on my desk. It’s called “Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan” and it weighs in at an impressive 1,076 pages. The author is Anthony Kronman, the former dean of the Yale Law School. In an age of academic specialization, this is an epically ambitious book. In an age when intellectuals have lost their sense of high calling, this is an intellectual adventure story based on the notion that ideas drive history, and that to dedicate yourself to them is to live a bigger, more intense life. Kronman has always had an abiding obsession: to understand the meaning of the modern world. “Since I first began to think about such things in even a modestly self-conscious way,” he writes, “I have been haunted by the thought that destiny has placed me in a world with a unique historical identity and been anxious to know what this is.” Kronman has never been religious, but he felt that to understand the current era, you had to understand it in relation to all the other moments in history.

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*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Daniel Craig played the supportive husband Wednesday at Rachel Weisz’s new play, “Plenty,” at the Public Theater in NYC.  A spy tells us that Craig was in the crowd at a preview and “he was cheering enthusiastically at curtain call.”

AAA: Daily Fuel Gauge Report
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