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*Trump: I Was Just Being Sarcastic When I Said Obama Founded ISIS:
Donald Trump says he was just being sarcastic when he repeatedly claimed Thursday that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were “the founders” and “MVPs” of the Islamic State terror group. “Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) ‘the founder’ of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?” Trump, the Republican nominee for president tweeted Friday morning in response to nationwide controversy over his remarks. The real-estate mogul initially made the comment to supporters in Fort Lauderdale late Wednesday evening, before reasserting the “joke” to various outlets like CNBC and talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt. In fact, the conservative radio talker offered Trump a chance to admit his rhetoric was a colorful way of suggesting the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq led to ISIS’s creation, but the presidential candidate doubled down.

*Putin Fires His Chief of Staff:
In a shocking reshuffling of power, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday fired his chief of staff and longtime ally Sergei Ivanov from the Kremlin, demoting him to a “special envoy” position for transportation policy. Despite what observers believe to be an outright firing of one of Putin’s closest confidants, the Russian president attempted to make the departure seem as though it was coming from Ivanov’s own desires: “I’m happy with how you handle tasks in your line of work,” Putin told his ally. “I remember well our agreement that you had asked me not to keep you as chief of the presidential administration for more than four years and that is why I understand your desire to choose another line of work.” Ivanov, 63, is a former KGB agent who has long worked for the president in various administrative capacities and, at one point, was considered to be Putin’s main successor. He was also removed from the Security Council, Russia’s elite governing body for its security services.
*Study: Immunotherapy Ends Peanut Allergy in Babies:
At least 80 percent of babies with a peanut allergy were able to consume nuts after receiving a new immunotherapy treatment, researchers said. The study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and conducted by a team at the University of North Carolina, provided oral immunotherapy to 40 infants aged between nine and 36 months. At the end of the test, eight of 10 babies were able to  consume peanuts without having an allergic reaction. The therapy itself involves giving a small dose of peanut protein daily, gradually increasing the amount given over a period of 29 weeks. The researchers then ceased feeding the child peanuts for four weeks before attempting it again. Most of the study’s participants reportedly experienced some mild side effects, but none required medical treatment. “This study provides critical evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of peanut oral immunotherapy in treating young children newly diagnosed with peanut allergy,” said Marshall Plaut, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
*New Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Debuts:
A highly anticipated new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story made its debut during the Olympic broadcast on Thursday night. The trailer provides a sneak peek of the first standalone Star Wars film, featuring Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, and Forest Whitaker, among others. Rogue One is a prequel to the original trilogy, about the rebels’ attempt to steal the original Death Star plans. It opens in theaters in December.

*Swimmer Simone Manuel Makes History With Gold:
U.S. swimmer Simone Manuel became the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in an individual swimming event Thursday night. Manuel tied with Canadian Penny Oleksiak and beat world record-holder Cate Campbell in the women’s 100m freestyle final, breaking down in tears upon realizing the significance of her achievement. “The gold medal wasn’t just for me. It was for people that came before me and inspired me to stay in the sport,” the 20-year-old Stanford University student said after her win. It was her first Olympic Games.


*DOJ Raised Concerns About Iran Cash:
Senior U.S. Justice Department officials expressed concerns about sending a plane with cash to Tehran on the same day the Iranian government released four detained Americans, but they were overruled by the State Department, The Wall Street Journal reported. The $400 million cash payment was allegedly used to partially settle an arms deal dating back to the late-’70s, but multiple DOJ officials told the Journal they worried it would look as though the U.S. had paid a ransom for the released detainees. “People knew what it was going to look like, and there was concern the Iranians probably did consider it a ransom payment,’’ one inside source told the newspaper.

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*LBN-SEE IT: Fred C. Trump, Donald J. Trump’s father, in 1965. As a salesman, builder and self-promoter, he was the Donald Trump of his day.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Some of Hollywood’s elites from both the legal and media world turned up last night at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate the birthday of power-attorney Tom Ajamie, who was recently named attorney for next year’s Super Bowl. Included in the celebration was fellow power-attorney Tom Girardi, KNX radio anchor Frank Mottek, Advanced Nutrients CEO Big Mike, Bloomberg’s Chris Palmeriand media expert and author Michael Levine.   ***Taryn Manning trying to teach Lauren Bush Lauren how to DJ at Women’s Health’s Party Under the Stars bash in Bridgehampton.   ***John Slattery and his wife, Talia Balsam, at Sotto Sopra in Amagansett.   ***Lenny Kravitz at Miami’s Pérez Art Museum to see “Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks”.   ***“Ben-Hur” star Jack Huston visiting NASCAR champ Kevin Harvickat Watkins Glen International auto racetrack.   ***Jason Derulo at the Sea Fire Grill in NYC for a three-hour dinner.   ***Wiz Khalifa and Juelz Santana at Jue Lan Club in NYC.


  1. Approximately 70% of women of menstruating age use tampons. A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her life.
  2. A woman will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating.
  3. Walt Disney made a movie about menstruation titled “The Story of Menstruation” in 1946. It most likely is the first film to use the word “vagina.”
  4. In the past, Christian churches refused communion to menstruating women.
  5. In Hong Kong, an Indonesian maid added her menstrual blood to her employer’s food in an attempt to improve their relationship.
  6. The only mammals to undergo menopause are elephants, humpback whales, and human females.
  7. Only the rhesus macaque at a 29-day cycle is close to the human menstrual cycle.
Women in agrarian societies typically menstruate less than women in modern industrialized societies
  1. The average women in a modern industrialized society menstruates 450 times in her life. Conversely, prehistoric women menstruated only 50 times—and today, women in agrarian regions menstruate about 150 times in a lifetime.
  2. Smoking cigarettes can kill a woman’s eggs and cause menstrual periods to stop prematurely.
  3. Many prostitutes don’t take time off for their period. They either wedge cotton balls up against their cervix or they take birth control pills to control menstruation.

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***It turns out that the Los Angeles bureau of the New York Times took a deeper hit than first realized in the recent buyout of veteran employees. Previous reported the July exits of entertainment reporter Michael Cieply and photojournalist Monica Almeida. But Cieply, who took the cash then signed on at Deadline Hollywood, writes there that a third member of the LA bureau, biotech business reporter Andrew Pollack, took the buyout offer and reporter Ian Lovett jumped to the Wall Street Journal. Yes, before leaving Lovett executed that one-week experiment in June on a California-themed newsletter for the NYT. Cieply says that the Los Angeles bureau is now very thin and that executive editor Dean Baquet vows to rebuild the staff here — but maybe not right away. As we reported last month, the bureau chief, Adam Nagourney, is planning a book leave starting in 2018 to write about the New York Times itself.

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Peggy Noonan: This is about distance, and detachment, and a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West that did not, in more moderate recent times, exist. Recently I spoke with an acquaintance of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and the conversation quickly turned, as conversations about Ms. Merkel now always do, to her decisions on immigration. Last summer when Europe was engulfed with increasing waves of migrants and refugees from Muslim countries, Ms. Merkel, moving unilaterally, announced that Germany would take in an astounding 800,000. Naturally this was taken as an invitation, and more than a million came. The result has been widespread public furor over crime, cultural dissimilation and fears of terrorism. From such a sturdy, grounded character as Ms. Merkel the decision was puzzling—uncharacteristically romantic about people, how they live their lives, and history itself, which is more charnel house than settlement house.  Ms. Merkel’s acquaintance sighed and agreed. It’s one thing to be overwhelmed by an unexpected force, quite another to invite your invaders in! But, the acquaintance said, he believed the chancellor was operating in pursuit of ideals. As the daughter of a Lutheran minister, someone who grew up in East Germany, Ms. Merkel would have natural sympathy for those who feel marginalized and displaced. Moreover she is attempting to provide a kind of counter-statement, in the 21st century, to Germany’s great sin of the 20th. The historical stain of Nazism, the murder and abuse of the minority, will be followed by the moral triumph of open arms toward the dispossessed. That’s what’s driving it, said the acquaintance.

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*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Roma Downey celebrated her career with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — but her famous costar Della Reese is fading. The 85-year-old showbiz legend shocked longtime fans with her sickly appearance as she came out in a wheelchair to support Roma.   ***Bar Refaeli and her husband, Adi Ezra, welcomed daughter Liv on Thursday in Tel Aviv, local Israeli media reported. The 31-year-old Israeli model gave birth to the 7-pound bundle of joy at Ichilov Hospital.

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