LBN- Special Report- Friday

*LOUD AND CLEAR – Trump: ‘Safety Will Be Restored’:
In his Republican National Convention speech Thursday night, Donald Trump played on recent terrorist attacks and a spate of violence in the country, promising that “safety will be restored” if he wins the election. Proclaiming himself the “law and order candidate,” Trump said he could put a stop to crime and violence. “Beginning on January 20, of 2017, safety will be restored,” he said, without elaborating on how specifically he could put an end to the nation’s crime and violence. Trump’s campaign has repeatedly been criticized for playing on fear and fueling anger, which at times has led to violent clashes at his rallies. Trump himself has been accused of encouraging violence at his campaign events, raising questions about how he would abolish violence when he has previously threatened to punch a protester in the face and offered to pay the legal fees for a supporter who violently attacked a protester.

*Hillary Clinton to Announce Her VP Pick:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her choice for running mate via email Friday afternoon and to appear with her new pick on Saturday in Miami. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Thursday night that it’s “probably not” going to be her and sources close to Clinton say she’ll likely choose Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia for his popularity in the battleground state, The New York Times reports. Still, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker made a final pitch for the role Thursday in Cleveland, posting a photo on Twitter featuring the two embraced in a hug. The Washington Post also reported that Booker, Kaine, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack were the final three competing for the spot.

*WHO READS LBN? Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo:

*Russia Bombed a U.S. Base in Syria:
A Russian aircraft last month bombed a base in southeast Syria secretly used by American and British forces in order to pressure the Obama administration to better cooperate in the stricken country, U.S. Defense officials told The Wall Street Journal. Just 24 hours before the previously undisclosed June 16 attack, some 20 British special-forces personnel had left the base. Reports do not indicate that anyone was injured. According to the Journal, this event and another Russian strike, on a separate CIA-linked site, were moves by Moscow to pressure the White House to cooperate with its forces. Russian officials did not comment on the allegations. Secretary of State John Kerry reached an agreement last week with the Russian government to work together against the al-Nusra Front. Officials from both the Pentagon and the CIA objected to the provisional agreement.

*BUSTED – 98 Athletes Doped in 2008 and 2012 Olympics:
Almost 100 athletes are suspected of using banned substances during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2012 games in London, the International Olympic Committee announced Friday. The new test results follow a May review in which 53 athletes from 12 countries were found to have doped. Friday’s announcement included 45 additional athletes, bringing the total to 98. The IOC did not immediately reveal the names of those implicated. “The new analysis once again shows the commitment of the IOC in the fight against doping,” the organization’s president, Thomas Bach, said.

*Edward Snowden to Help Develop a Safer Phone for Journalists: 
The former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden said Thursday that he planned to help develop a modified version of Apple’s iPhone for journalists who are concerned that they may be the target of government surveillance. The announcement was made during a one-day conference on “Forbidden Research” held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab.

*YIKES – State Dept. Spox Calls Out Reporter for Playing Pokemon During Briefing:
At the State Department on Thursday, a reporter was called out for playing Pokemon Go in the middle of a press briefing on U.S. efforts to fight the Islamic State terror group. “You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you?” asked State Department spokesman John Kirby. The as-yet-unidentified reporter responded, “I’m just keeping my eye on it.” Later, Kirby asked: “Did you get one?” The reporter said he didn’t—because the signal wasn’t great. Kirby said, “I’m sorry about that” and then took questions about the war against the militant group.



  1. The word “dream” is most likely related to the West Germanic draugmus, (meaning deception, illusion, or phantom) or from the Old Norse draugr (ghost, apparition) or the Sanskrit druh (seek to harm or injure).
  2. You cannot snore and dream at the same time.
  3. Adults dream off and on, for a total of about an hour and half to three hours every night.
  4. By the time we die, most of us will have spent a quarter of a century asleep, of which six years or more will have been spent dreaming—and almost all of those dreams are forgotten upon waking.
  5. The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year. That’s about four per night.
  6. Egyptian pharaohs were considered children of Ra (Egyptian sun god) and, thus, their dreams were seen as being divine.
  7. In the Chinese province of Fu-Kein, people called on their ancestors for dream revelation by sleeping on graves.
  8. Scientists suggest that the dreams of fetuses are mostly composed of sound and touch sensations, given the lack of visual stimuli in the womb.
  9. Among the six dreams reported in the New Testament are the dreams that communicate divine knowledge, instruction, and warning to Joseph, husband of Mary, mother of Jesus.
  10. About 80% of neonatal and newborn sleep time is REM sleep, suggesting a tremendous amount of time dreaming.
  11. According to Plato, dreams originate in the organs of the belly. Plato describes the liver in particular as the biological seat of dreams.
  12. Elias Howe (1819-1867) said one inspiration for his invention of the sewing machine came from a nightmare he had about being attacked by cannibals bearing spears that looked like the needle he then designed.
  13. Modern research has shown that a sharp decrease in daily calories results in fewer nocturnal ejaculations in men and an overall decrease in the sexual themes of dreams.
Except in extremely rare cases, everyone dreams
  1. Aside from those who experience certain kinds of injury, it’s a biological fact that everyone dreams. However, not everyone remembers his or her dreams.
  2. Most of us dream every 90 minutes, and the longest dreams (30-45 minutes) occur in the morning.


Former Ku Klux Klan leader, and white supremacist, David Dukeplans to run for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Louisiana Republican David Vitter. Duke, a convicted felon, served one term as a state representative more than two decades ago. He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1991 against Democrat Edwin Edwards.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Jeff Bezos just snuck past Warren Buffett to become the third-richest person on Earth. The Inc. founder’s net worth was $65.05 billion Thursday, topping Buffett by $32 million on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. With the gain, Bezos’s wealth has increased by $5.4 billion this year, marking a resurgence after it fell to as low as $43 billion in February amid turbulent global markets.   ***Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said Friday that social and political turmoil in the United States and beyond is creating a challenging operating environment for the world’s largest coffee chain. Still, he said he could not say those issues were causing Americans to make fewer stops at their local Starbucks.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Sandra Oh congratulating Javier Muñoz after seeing “Hamilton” in NYC.   ***Billy Joel and comedian Kevin James with a group at actor Chazz Palminteri’s Ristorante Italiano following Joel’s show at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, where James joined him onstage.   ***A$AP Rocky at the new members-only Ludlow House for a party thrown by tattoo shop Fun City in NYC.   ***Allison Janney buying a diamond-encrusted initial “A” (for $6,000) from Lisa Jackson’s LJ Cross line at Copious Row in Sag Harbor.   ***Media expert and author Michael Levine at the packed Twilight Concerts at the Santa Monica Pier last night.   ***Sir Paul McCartney bumped into an old friend from the early days, the famed Scottish photographer Harry Benson, who was assigned to travel with The Beatles on their inaugural American tour in 1964. Benson — who went on to photograph every US president from Eisenhower to Barack Obama, and was feet away from Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated — chatted with Macca at Upper East Side restaurant Sette Mezzo on Wednesday night.

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER: Billy Joel led a giant birthday sing-along for Tony Bennett‘s 90th at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. Legendary Bennett surprised the crowd by joining Joel on stage for his classic “New York State of Mind,” causing the already-excited audience to “erupt” into applause and get up on their feet.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Betsy Bloomingdale, the socialite and renowned fashion leader who was the widow of Alfred S. Bloomingdale, the department store heir, and a celebrated hostess to royalty, world dignitaries and show business luminaries, died on Tuesday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 93. Family members confirmed her death with several news organizations, including Women’s Wear Daily and Vanity Fair magazine, which said the cause was complications of a heart condition.

The Acclaimed TV Interview Show —– “Without Notes” :

*LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: Welcome to a world without rules. (I want you to read this paragraph in your super-scary movie trailer voice.) Welcome to a world in which families are mowed down by illegal immigrants, in which cops die in the streets, in which Muslims rampage the innocents and threaten our very way of life, in which the fear of violent death lurks in every human heart. Sometimes in that blood-drenched world a dark knight arises. You don’t have to admire or like this knight. But you need this knight. He is your muscle and your voice in a dark, corrupt and malevolent world. Such has been the argument of nearly every demagogue since the dawn of time. Aaron Burr claimed Spain threatened the U.S in 1806. A. Mitchell Palmer exaggerated the Red Scare in 1919 and Joe McCarthy did it in 1950. And such was Donald Trump’s law-and-order argument in Cleveland on Thursday night. This was a compelling text that turned into more than an hour of humorless shouting. It was a dystopian message that found an audience and then pummeled them to exhaustion.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: How Is Your Computer Performing? —–

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: Ivanka Trump glided onstage to the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.”  It was apt.  She was sun-kissed, her blond hair perfectly sleek, blowing photogenically, no doubt from a fan in the podium. The fashion entrepreneur’s blush-pink sheath and stilettos looked Fifth Avenue chic.  The 34-year-old ornament to the Trump brand was like a beautiful sunny morning in the midst of a dark, lashing hailstorm.

*LBN-A DIFFERENT VIEW:….Justin Bieber:

*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Is Amber Heard, who is currently going through a nasty divorce with Johnny Depp, being comforted by Elon Musk? According to a source, the beautiful actress spent the weekend at the Delano South Beach with the single-again Tesla billionaire. While those close to both Musk and Heard insist they are just friends, spies say that, although they had separate rooms, Musk was seen entering a specific room and the actress exiting the same room at different times over four days.   ***Do not mess with Montel Williams. The talk show veteran is in a full-blown feud with Bill O’Reilly after walking off a taping of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday. “We’re supposed to have Montel Williams, but he walked out in a huff. The producer tells me he was mad about some gay thing,” O’Reilly, 66, said during what would have been Williams’ segment. “Does anybody know what gay thing upset Montel Williams? Nobody knows. It’s his loss, because he’ll never be on this program again. He’s not a man of his word, he’s unprofessional — Montel, look, I’ve known you for a long time, but that’s about as low as it gets.” Later, O’Reilly added, “We didn’t miss Montel Williams at all, by the way … Montel, you know, you’re not a stand-up guy. Walking out at the last minute? Very cowardly.”   ***Jay Mohr is seeking a divorce from wife Nikki Cox after nine years of marriage. Mohr, 45, filed papers on Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences, and as TMZ reported, submitted an emergency petition Wednesday to seek full custody of the couple’s 5-year-old son, Meredith Daniel.   ***Bobby Brown just became a father for the seventh time. “Just had a baby girl, 10 pounds,” the New Edition singer, 47, announced on Instagram Thursday.

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