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The Obama Administration is on pace to issue more than a million green cards to migrants from majority-Muslim countries, according to an analysis of Department of Homeland Security data.

A chart released by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest Friday details the surge in immigration to the U.S. from majority-Muslim countries since President Barack Obama took office in 2009. Specifically, in the first six fiscal years of Obama’s presidency (FY2009 – FY2014), his administration issued 832,014 green cards to migrants majority-Muslim countries, the most of which were issued to migrants from Pakistan (102,000), Iraq (102,000), Bangladesh (90,000), Iran (85,000), Egypt (56,000), and Somalia (37,000).

*EERIE – Mateen, Wife Texted During Shooting:

Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen and his wife, Noor Salman, reportedly exchanged text messages during his murderous rampage in Orlando early Sunday morning. Mateen’s mother allegedly called Salman around 2 a.m. to ask if she knew where Mateen was. Salman reportedly texted her husband: “Where are you?” He responded, “Do you see what’s happening?” His wife said, “No?” Then he texted her, “I love you, babe.” Salman also tried calling her husband several times during the standoff, and officials said the timing appears as though she may have realized Mateen was responsible for the shooting. It’s unclear if Salman tried to report her husband at any point. 

*DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that 12 members of the White House staff read LBN daily?

*Russian Track & Field Team Banned From Rio:

Russia’s track and field athletes have been banned from participating in this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio. Several of the team’s athletes have already been banned by the sport’s governing body—and that won’t be lifted by the International Association of Athletics Federations before the Games. The athletes were initially suspended in November after a systemic doping and corruption scandal was uncovered in a World Anti-Doping Agency report. Russia has since announced a slew of overhauls for the program.

*RETAKEN –  Iraq Forces Take Fallujah Government HQ:

Iraqi troops have reportedly taken control of a government complex in Fallujah, two years after losing control of the city to ISIS. The victory followed a nearly month-long offensive against the Islamic State terror group’s fighters. The city, located about 30 miles from Baghdad, is one of ISIS’s most important strongholds. “The counterterrorism service and the rapid-response forces have retaken the government compound in the center of Fallujah,” said Lt. Gen. Abdulwahab al-Saadi. Raed Shaker Jawdat, Iraq’s federal police chief, added: “The liberation of the government compound, which is the main landmark in the city, symbolizes the restoration of the state’s authority.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: The number of illegal immigrant families jumping the border so far this fiscal year has already topped all of 2015, according to Homeland Security statistics released Friday that show the administration’s border problems continue to grow. Some 6,788 people traveling as families were caught on the southwest border in May — a leap of more than 20 percent over April, and putting the total for the first eight months of the fiscal year at nearly 45,000. That’s already well above the 2015 yearlong total of fewer than 40,000, though it’s short of the record pace set in 2014, when a massive surge exposed massive holes in the U.S. immigration system.

*Steph Curry Gets Ejected, Wife Says NBA ‘Rigged’:

Toward the end of Thursday evening’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry fouled out for the first time in his career, was ejected, and threw a tantrum—tossing his mouth guard into the crowd. The ejection and loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers was apparently so frustrating for the Curry family that his wife got in on the poor behavior, tweeting that the NBA is “rigged for money… or ratings,” adding, “I won’t be silent.” She deleted the tweet only after it was shared more than 80,000 times. Curry later explained her deletion, telling Twitter users she “tweeted in the heat of the moment because the call was uncalled for.” And she added a little later, after allegedly receiving threats from Cavs fans: “I’m okay that we lost… I just can’t take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason. Something I don’t understand or stand for.”

*Microsoft Getting Into Weed Business:

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Kind Financial in order to create software for managing marijuana distribution and commerce. Kind Financial is a California-based tech start-up that helps track from “from seed to sale.” With the deal, Microsoft becomes one of the first major publicly traded corporations to take advantage of marijuana’s legalization. Legalized marijuana sales are projected to measure $6.7 billion this year, according to ArcView Market Research.

*Rubio Running for Senate, Says GOP Rep.:

Florida Rep. David Jolly may have spilled the beans Friday morning that Marco Rubio will run for re-election in the Senate, despite previously saying he would not do so. In recent weeks, the failed GOP presidential candidate has teased that he would consider hopping back into the race—especially after the massacre in Orlando that left 49 people dead at a gay nightclub. As one of the Republicans running to replace the senator, Jolly told CNN on Friday morning: “I’ve been running for 10 months, we’ve been polling out front, [but] Marco’s saying he’s getting in.” A more formal announcement on his own run, Jolly said, will come later in the day. “Clarifying Jolly has no actual knowledge of a Rubio decision,” a spokesperson for the congressman later said on Twitter.

*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER: On Thursday night, LeBron Jamesguided the Cavaliers to a 115-101 victory over the Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena to even the series at three games apiece. Game 7 is scheduled for Sunday night at Oracle Arena, where the league will crown a champion, if only because the series will have run out of games and exhausted its supply of drama.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Good friends and media experts Elliot Mintz and Michael Levine at Bob Dylan concert last night at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: Barack Obama is clearly wrong when he refuses to use the word “Islam” in reference to Islamist terrorism. The people who commit these acts are inflamed by a version of an Islamist ideology. They claim an Islamist identity. They swear fealty to organizations like ISIS that govern themselves according to certain interpretations of the Quran. As Peter Bergen writes in his book “The United States of Jihad,” “Assertions that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam are as nonsensical as claims that the Crusades had nothing to do with Christian beliefs about the sanctity of Jerusalem.” On the other hand,Donald Trump is abhorrently wrong in implying that these attacks are central to Islam. His attempt to ban Muslim immigration is an act of bigotry (applying the sins of the few to the whole group), which is sure to incite more terrorism. His implication that we are in a clash of civilizations is an insult to those Muslims who have risked and lost their lives in the fight against ISIS and the Taliban. The problem is that these two wrongs are feeding off each other. Obama is using language to engineer a reaction rather than to tell the truth, which is the definition of propaganda. Most world leaders talk about Islamist terror, but Obama apparently thinks that if he uses the phrase “Islamic radicalism” the rest of us will be too dim to be able to distinguish between the terrorists and the millions of good-hearted Muslims who want only to live in fellowship and peace.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by STANLEY McCHRYSTAL: A battlefield on our soil. That was my reaction on Sunday, like that of so many of my fellow Americans and fellow soldiers, as I began to learn about the horror that unfolded early that morning in Orlando, Fla., when a dangerous man opened fire in a nightclub with a high-powered, military-style rifle. As Americans came together to celebrate the freedom that our great country affords and that our soldiers have given their lives to defend, 49 of them were murdered with a gun. Scores more were injured. But that was just part of the bloodshed in our communities this past weekend, when at least 121 people across the country were fatally shot. The tragedy in Orlando wasn’t even the only mass shooting; in Roswell, N.M., a man was charged on Sunday with shooting his wife and their four children to death on Saturday. The oldest was 14; the youngest was 3. In 2014, 33,599 Americans died from a gunshot wound. From 2001 to 2010, 119,246 Americans were murdered with guns, 18 times all American combat deaths in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Timothy Egan: They will remember, a century from now, who stood up to the tyrant Donald Trumpand who found it expedient to throw out the most basic American values — the “Vichy Republicans,” as the historianKen Burns called them in his Stanford commencement speech. The shrug from Mitch McConnell, the twisted explanation of Paul Ryan, who said Trump is a racist and a xenophobe, but he’s ours — party before country. As well, the duck-and-hide Republicans, so quick to whip out their pocket copy of the Constitution, now nowhere to be seen when the foundation of that same document is under assault by the man carrying their banner.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Diane Keaton needs some help between the sheets. “I am sexually frustrated. Do you know what that feels like, to be sexually frustrated? I do. I know what it feels like, and it’s not good,” the 70-year dished with laughter on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in an interview set to air Friday.
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