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Safe, Successful, Practical, and Clinically-Proven

Now you can breathe clearly after any nasal or sinus surgery.

This new medical device, a pair of soft silicone tubes, is inserted by a nasal surgeon at the end of any nose or sinus operation. It allows patients to breathe immediately after surgery, and throughout the first one to five-day post-operative period.

Whether the nose has been packed or not, without being able to breathe through the nose, patients have been miserable and not enthusiastic about the operations. One unhappy patient likened the experience to “having a clothespin on my nose for five days”.

The device’s most ardent champions have been patients whose first nasal operation did not have the airway and the subsequent operation did. These patients, veterans of both varieties of recovery, offer the most powerful testimonials in behalf of the Kotler Nasal Airway™.

The device and accessories establish a new standard of care for any nasal or sinus operation since patient comfort becomes a given.

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