LBN – Friday, June 1, 2018

*Hawaii Residents Told to Evacuate or Face Arrest:

Residents of a community hit the hardest by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano have been given 24 hours to get out under a strict new mandatory evacuation order that threatens arrest for anyone who decides to stay. Harry Kim, the island’s mayor, issued the order Thursday for approximately 17 blocks of the Leilani Estates subdivision, an area that was already under voluntary evacuation orders and a curfew. The move comes as tensions are running high after nearly a month of volcanic eruptions, with a 62-year-old Leilani Estates resident arrested Wednesday for firing a handgun over the head of a neighbor he believed was a looter. Authorities said the mandatory evacuation order was decided before that incident, however, as the Kilauea volcano shows no indication of calming down. At least 75 homes have already been devoured by lava, and more than 2,000 residents have fled the area.

*Texas Teen Wins National Spelling Bee:

Fourteen-year-old Karthik Nemmani from McKinney, Texas, won the Scripps National Spelling Bee Thursday with the Greek “koinonia.” The Scoggins Middle School student went 18 rounds against two fellow Texans in the finals to claim victory, winning $40,000 in cash, a trophy, encyclopedias, and a $2,500 savings bond. “I had confidence, but I didn’t think it would really happen,” Nemmani said after his win, according toThe Dallas Morning News. Asked when he knew how to spell his winning word, he said, “When I heard it.” Twelve-year-oldNaysa Modi, of Frisco, Texas, came in second place after incorrectly spelling “Bewusstseinslage.” Eleven-year-oldAbhijay Kodali of Flower Mound placed third after misspelling “aalii.” This year’s spelling bee featured 516 contestants, a record number of competitors for the event.

*Roseanne ‘Begged’ ABC Not to Cancel Her Show:

Roseanne Barr tweeted Thursday night that she “begged”Disney-ABC’s TV head Ben Sherwood not to cancel her show in the aftermath of her racist remarks about formerObama aide Valerie Jarrett. “I begged Ben Sherwood at ABC [to] let me apologize & make amends. I begged them not to cancel the show. I told them I was willing to do anything & asked [for] help in making things right,” Barr wrote. “I’d worked doing publicity [for] them [for] free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis. I begged [for people’s] jobs.” She continued in another tweet, recounting the conversation she had with Sherwood. “He said: what were you thinking when you did this? I said: I thought she was white, she looks like my family!” she wrote. “He scoffed & said: ‘what [you] have done is egregious, and unforgivable.’ I begged [for] my crews jobs. Will I ever recover from this pain? omg.” She then lamented that the “saddest part” of the ordeal was that former Roseanne cast member Jayden Rey thought she did “not love her bc she is African American. It’s the most gawd [sic] awful painful thing.” Barr signed “off twitter for a while” and wrote, “they wont stop til I die, I fear – pray for me!”

*White House Demands TBS Cancel Samantha Bee’s Show:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sandersslammed comedienne Samantha Bee’s comments aboutIvanka Trump on Thursday. “The language used by Samantha Bee last night is vile and vicious. The collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling,” Sanders said in a statement. “Her disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast, and executives at Time Warner and TBS must demonstrate that such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on its network.” Bee came out with an apology, and told The Daily Beast that she “deeply regrets” calling Trump a “feckless cunt.” TBS supported Bee’s apology and wrote on Twitter, “Those words should not have been aired. It was our mistake too, and we regret it.” Since her apology, at least two advertisers–Autotrader and State Farm–have announced they would “suspend sponsorship” of Bee’s show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

*Kim Kardashian: Trump ‘Really Understood’ My Clemency Plea:

After their Wednesday meeting, Kim Kardashian said that she felt President Donald Trump “spent the time to listen” to her clemency plea for Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who’s serving time in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. “I went in… to really talk to the president about Alice Johnson and really explain to him why she would be such a good person to grant clemency to,” she told Mic. “The president seems to have a passion for what everything that Jared [Kushner] has been trying to do, and that just makes me happy that that conversation is just moving forward.” She continued, saying that the president “really understood, and [she is] very hopeful that this will turn out really positively.” Kardashian had previously been in talks with Kushner, senior adviser to Trump, about getting Johnson out of prison. Johnson was sentenced to life in jail without parole in 1996 for “facilitating communications in a cocaine trafficking operation,” Mic reports. “I don’t have a personal experience with prison myself, but I believe in family, and her family was torn apart by choices that she made 21 and a half years ago,” Kardashian said.

*Trump Tariffs Deal Bigger Blow to Allies Than China:

With the Trump administration’s new tariffs against theEuropean Union, Canada, and Mexico announced Thursday, the United States seems to be dealing a harsher blow to allies than to China, according to a Washington Post analysis. Starting Friday, the three countries will be subject to a 25 tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum. China is also subject to tariffs, but the EU and Canada send “send far more metal to the United States.” Canada sent $12.4 billion worth of steel and aluminum to the U.S. in 2017, and the EU send $7.7 billion worth. China sent the U.S. a total of $2.9 billion worth of the same goods in the same time period. While the economy is not expected to tank due to the tariffs, prices for steel and aluminum goods are set to be higher, and the chance of a new NAFTA deal will be “harder for Trump” to obtain.

*Money Doctor Neil Gallagher Reveals 3 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important:

Founder, President, and CEO of Gallagher Financial Group Inc.Money Doctor Neil Gallagher has been a successful entrepreneur, investment counselor, and financial journalist for more than two decades, managing over one billion in assets and serving over one thousand clients world-wide. In addition, he also hosts weekly radio programs covering financial communication, the psychology of investing, wealth creation, family enrichment, and the importance of estate planning. 3 Reasons Why People Do Estate Planning: 1. Probate Fee & Tax Reduction: If your assets are too high, you will be required to pay estate taxes to your state and possibly federal estate taxes depending upon the value of the accounts. And, probate fees may be assigned as well. Therefore, it is beneficial to work with an attorney who can help explain the laws and help you make smart decisions regarding to whom, where and when to designate your assets. 2. Asset Protection: It is extremely important to protect your assets. A professional may also suggest things like an Umbrella Insurance Policy which provides excess coverage if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident and go through your auto insurance limits. Protect your assets so your loved ones are protected as well. 3.Control and Management: Estate planning alleviates the fear and guarantees your final wishes regarding asset distribution. Family dynamics often can be tricky. Estate planning takes away the guessing and provides a detailed plan of who, what, where and when.

*James Comey Interviewed in Andrew McCabe Probe:

Investigators at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia have interviewed former FBI director James Comeyas part of a probe into former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, according to The Washington Post. The investigation is attempting to determine whether McCabe lied to federal agents about “authorizing a disclosure to the media,” and an interview with Comey suggests that the “office is seriously considering whether McCabe should be charged with a crime[.]” Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz accused McCabe of “misleading” investigators and Comey four times about a leak to The Wall Street Journalabout him “standing in the way of a probe of Hillary Clinton’s foundation.” Horowitz then passed the case on to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to determine whether crimes were committed. Lying to prosecutors could come with a five-year prison sentence, and Comey has previously said he “could well be a witness” against McCabe if he were charged. McCabe’s lawyer told the newspaper that they were “confident” that the U.S. Attorney’s Office would not prosecute “unless there is inappropriate pressure from high levels of the Administration.”

*LBN- INTEL FOR INFLUENCERS: Did you know “influencers” in all 50 of the United States and 26 foreign countries daily? ***3 Nobel Prize winners  ***12 members of the White House staff ***Over 100 Academy Award winners ***6 U.S. Senators ***Over 300 Grammy Award winners

*Parkland Parents Launch Anti-NRA Super PAC:

Incensed by political inactivity on gun reform, the parents of Parkland students have banded together to form an anti-NRAsuper PAC, reports the Miami Herald. The group, known asFamilies vs Assault Rifles, won’t back political candidates. Instead, they plan to air negative ads against pro-gun politicians during midterm elections and force a ban on assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines. The group registered with state and federal authorities on May 18—the day of the Santa Fe shooting—and is comprised almost entirely of volunteers. They made a strong statement soon after, when they responded to a Twitter post in which Sen.Marco Rubio (R-FL) offered prayers to victims by asking if it was too early to begin calling the senator “little prayer bitch.” “We don’t have any skin in the game” Jeff Kasky, father of student activist Cameron Kasky, told the Herald, “other than the actual skin of our kids and our families.”

*LBN- VIDEO LINK: Royal Wedding- SNL

Crossing one’s finger is a way of making the Sign of the Cross. It began as a way to ask God for protection without attracting the attention of pagans.

“You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you’re working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success – but only if you persist.” – Isaac Asimov

*LBN- THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Former Slave Isabella Baumfree Becomes Sojourner Truth (1843)

Born into slavery in New York, Isabella Baumfree had four different masters before escaping with her infant daughter in 1826, one year before the state abolished slavery. She traveled and championed abolition, changing her name in 1843. Her dictated memoirs were published as The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave. In 1851, she delivered what is now known as the “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech at theWomen’s Rights Convention.

*LBN- Investigates: Dreams

1. You Forget 90% of Your Dreams: Within 5 minutes of waking half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10, 90% is gone.

2. Blind People also Dream: People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. People who are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams equally vivid involving their other senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion.

3. In Our Dreams We Only See Faces That We already Know: Our mind is not inventing faces – in our dreams we see real faces of real people that we have seen during our life but may not know or remember. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of characters for our brain to utilize during our dreams.

4. Not Everybody Dreams in Color: A full 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white. The remaining number dream in full color. Studies from 1915 through to the 1950s maintained that the majority of dreams were in black and white, but these results began to change in the 1960s. Today only 4.4% of the dreams of under-25 year-olds are in black and white. Recent research has suggested that those changing results may be linked to the switch from black-and-white film and TV to color media.

5. Dream Incorporation: Our mind interprets the external stimuli that our senses are bombarded with when we are asleep and make them a part of our dreams. This means that sometimes in our dreams we hear a sound from reality and incorporate it in a way. For example you may be dreaming that you are in a concert while your brother is playing a guitar during your sleep.


Little Alchemy

This one is a fun little time killer. As its name suggests, the website deals with the process of transformation you achieve when you start mixing different things. You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. For example, earth and air will form dust. There are no rules just mix and match your creations to create new ones. You will not even know where your time went.

*LBN- TODAY’S FAMOUS BIRTHDAY: Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926)

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer. Famous for playing comic “blonde bombshell” characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and was emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Although she was a top-billed actress for only a decade, her films grossed $200 million by the time of her unexpected death in 1962. More than half a century later, she continues to be a major popular culture icon.

*LBN- HISTORIC VIDEO: Happy Birthday Mr. President- Marilyn Monroe

*LBN- A Different View:….

*LBN OVERHEARD:   ***A rep for Donda’s House Inc. says it will no longer use Kanye‘s mother’s name for the non-profit, citing Kim K’s attack of its director, Rhymefest. The statement encourages Kim and Kanye to “pick up the baton of service.” No word yet on what the org will be called going forward.  ***John Cena‘s desperate plea to get Nikki Bella back might’ve totally worked — a month and half after calling off their engagement, the couple is working on their relationship, according to Nikki herself. Cena took the breakup hard — making red carpet pleas for her, and then going on the “Today” show to profess his undying love for his ex. As he put it, “I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work.”  ***Floyd Mayweather says he’s super proud of his son,Koraun, for graduating high school this week … since it’s something he was never able to accomplish himself. The 18-year-old just got his diploma from West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch, California … and Floyd was right by his side to celebrate the big moment. “I’m so proud of my son for doing something that I didn’t do, and that’s graduate high school,” Mayweather said.

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