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LBN – Thursday, September 21st, 2017


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*Nicaragua Will Join Paris Accord, Leaving the U.S., Syria as Its Only Holdouts

Nicaragua has decided to join the Paris climate accord, and President Daniel Ortega has told state media that his government will “soon” sign on to the landmark agreement. Ortega initially refused to join the deal in 2015, claiming it did not mandate enough sacrifices from wealthier countries. It isn’t yet clear what changed Ortega’s mind. In any case, that leaves the U.S. and Syria as the only two nations that have refused to support the agreement to combat global warming. President Donald Trump has said it creates too many restrictions on U.S. companies.

*Trump Pushes to Revisit Iran Nuclear Deal, and Asks Allies to Help:

President Trump is seeking to revisit the nuclear agreement with Iran to toughen its provisions rather than scrap it right away as he has threatened, enlisting allies to pressure Tehran to return to the negotiating table, administration officials said Wednesday. Mr. Trump, who denounced the agreement in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week as an “embarrassment to the United States,” wants to expand on it by extending its time frame and imposing new limits on Iran’s development of ballistic missiles. Although European officials strongly back the current deal, some signaled openness to negotiating a separate follow-up agreement. The maneuvering suggested a possible path forward for Mr. Trump short of abandoning the accord, but it remains uncertain whether he can reach consensus with the European allies, much less with Russia and China, the deal’s other patrons. Iran on Wednesday ruled out revisiting the agreement as President Hassan Rouhani declared it a “closed issue” and warned that if the United States pulled out, Iran might resume uranium enrichment.

*Spicer: I Never ‘Knowingly’ Lied During Time at White House

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that he never “knowingly” lied to the American people while serving in President Trump’s administration. “I made mistakes,” Spicer said. “There’s no question. I think we all do.” Though he said he will never offer a “blanket apology,” Spicer acknowledged that he has “tried to own” some of his mistakes. Still, he said, “the personal attacks, questioning my integrity … you know, what my intentions were, I think, were really over the top.”

*SINFUL – Pope Candidly Admits Church ‘Arrived Late’ in Confronting Abuse: 

Pope Francis, in some of his most candid and personal comments on the sexual abuse of children by priests, said on Thursday that the Catholic Church had “arrived late” in dealing with the problem.  Francis, speaking in unscripted remarks to a commission advising him on how to root out sexual abuse, also acknowledged that early in his papacy he had made one bad call in being too lenient with an Italian priest who later went on to abuse again. He also said he had decided to change current procedures for dealing with abusive priests by eliminating appeals trials in cases where there was definitive proof.

*WHOOPS – KB Home Cuts CEO Jeffrey Mezger’s Bonus After His Kathy Griffin Rant

Following an expletive-laden rant aimed at comedian Kathy Griffin, KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger will get a sizable reduction in his annual bonus, the company said in a filing on Thursday. In the two-minute recording, Mezger chastises Griffin and her boyfriend for calling the police on the noise-level coming from his home, using anti-gay and sexist language. The company board reportedly decided to chop the bonus Mezger would have “otherwise been entitled to receive” by 25 percent because his “recent behavior in his personal dealings with a neighbor is unacceptable and a negative reflection on KB Home.”

*Study: Fewer Pregnancies, More Fetal Deaths in Flint After Lead Levels Rose

Flint, the Michigan city where lead levels in drinking-water supplies notoriously spiked in April 2014, saw fewer pregnancies and an increase in fetal deaths during the period of time when they were exposed to such levels, according to a new study that examined local and state health records. Fetal death rates jumped 58 percent after April 2014. Fertility rates decreased by about 12 percent among women. The Flint data was compared to the rest of the state of Michigan from 2008 to 2015. Lead can cause infertility in both men and women. It can also damage a baby’s central nervous system, which could have caused miscarriages and stillbirths in the region.

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*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER: China and the world received a fresh warning on Thursday that the country’s dramatic debt binge of recent years threatens the stability of one of the global economy’s most important growth engines. Standard & Poor’s downgraded its rating on China, saying the country’s strong economic growth has been fueled by heavy borrowing — and that it expects that borrowing to continue. That could hurt the ability of the world’s second-largest economy to handle potential financial shocks, like a crisis among its banks, and could lead to longer-term growth problems.  ***Responding to evidence that its tools had allowed ads to be directed at users who used racist comments or hate speech in their profiles, Facebook said Wednesday that it would change how ads can be targeted. That its ad-targeting tools could be used in such a way was “a fail” for the company, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said in a post. She added that Facebook would add “more human review and oversight” to its automated systems to prevent further misuse. Ms. Sandberg, who was directly addressing the social network’s recent advertising issues for the first time, also said the company would do more to ensure that offensive content — including that which attacks people for their race or religion — could not be used to target ads.

*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***The hunt is on for an actress to play groundbreaking studio boss Sherry Lansing in a movie version of her recent biography. Sources say Paramount and “Mission: Impossible” producer Paula Wagner are in early discussions to turn the Hollywood legend’s tome into a film, with an actress attached. The book, “Leading Lady: Sherry Lansing and the Making of a Hollywood Groundbreaker,” was penned by Stephen Galloway.

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*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Beatles’ widow Yoko Ono has sued a drinks firm selling lemonade called John Lemon. Yoko, 84 — who administers late husband John Lennon’s estate — claimed his image was hijacked.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Kate Hudson, Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, Rosario Dawson, Demi Moore and Emanuelle Chriqui at the Ace Theatre in LA seeing poet In-Q’s new show, “The Echo Chamber.” The popular poet started out as a songwriter for Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

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*LBN-R.I.P.:  ***Lillian Ross, who became known as the consummate fly-on-the-wall reporter in more than six decades at The New Yorker, whether writing about Ernest Hemingway, Hollywood or a busload of Indiana high school seniors on a class trip to New York, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. She was 99. Her longtime editor, Susan Morrison, said the death, at Lenox Hill Hospital, was caused by a stroke.   ***Dr.Edmond I. Eger II, a leader in the development of a now universally used technique to determine the proper dose of anesthetic gas administered in operating rooms — an advance that has saved an untold number of lives — died on Aug. 26 at his home in Tiburon, California. He was 86. The cause was pancreatic cancer, said Dr. Steven L. Shafer, a professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford University, and the editor of a coming autobiography of Dr. Eger.   ***Bernie Casey, a professional football player turned poet, painter and actor known for parts in films such as “Revenge of the Nerds” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” has died. He was 78. Casey died Tuesday in Los Angeles after a brief illness, his talent agent Erin Connor said.


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*Lenny Rosenberg, “The Restaurant Doctor”, Is Furious Over $15 Dollar an Hour Minimum Wage Increase

Lenny Rosenberg, since the tender age of seventeen (17), has been investing, rebranding and flipping restaurants. He is often referred to as, “The Restaurant Doctor.” His talent and expertise are unsurpassed by anyone in the past twenty-five (25) years, as he’s continued to perfect his craft by using “I.F.S.”, placing an emphasis always on inventory, food, and service. He started flipping restaurants in New York and has been doing so through the mid-west and Malibu over the years. The $15 dollar an hour minimum wage increase, however, he believes may work against his restaurant flipping efforts as well as other restaurant workers. Lenny says, “The minimum wage in the old days would increase at an incremental rate and over long periods of time. Now what they’re doing is raising that wage one to two dollars a year, and forcing the small business owners to raise their pricing anywhere from 15 and 25% to account for that raise.” He continues, “Not only that, now they also can’t afford to hire as many people, which means more unemployment.” When no other business owner was willing to go on camera to discuss the sensitive issue, Lenny allowed himself to be interviewed by So Cal News over 2 years ago when the accelerated minimum wage raises were first announced to explain why it would be so bad for small business and, eventually, the economy. Now that we are halfway through the process of the accelerated raises, we are seeing massive closings of establishments that have been around for decades. —
*LBN-COMMENTARY by Robert Plant (Singer, Led Zeppelin): I got to a point where I could no longer watch the Trump coverage. The media makes it such a garish feast. I just decided that there’s a process that will sort itself out and rectify itself in due course. Which it will. I keep my head down and dissolve into books.

*LBN-SPOTLIGHT: Hear the late Frank Vincent’s final media interview on the “Outer Limits of Inner Truth” radio show. Mr. Vincent discusses how he met Joe Pesci, how he got into acting, his experience on the Sopranos, and his real life run in with a famous mobster. —
*100+ Volunteers Needed for “Stand Down 2017” Homeless Veteran Benefit Event in Los Angeles
From October 26th-October 27th, Village for Vets and Brentwood School are partnering to coordinate volunteers for “The Stand Down 2017,” an event providing supplies and services to homeless Veterans, such as food, shelter, clothing, health screenings and VA Social Security benefits counseling. Veterans can also receive referrals to other assistance such as health care, housing solutions, employment, substance use treatment and mental health counseling. The event is taking place at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. 1500 homeless and family members expected to partake in one day of food, showers, housing, assessments, services and more. Volunteers needed for all services. To volunteer, sign up here:

*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Olivia Newton-John isn’t ruling anything out in terms of treatment for her breast cancer. In a pre-taped interview that aired Thursday on “Today,” the “Grease” star shared that she’s using marijuana that her husband, John Easterling, grows to help relieve the pain and nausea that come with cancer and chemotherapy. “People have this vision from the ’60s of people just sitting around and getting stoned,” Newton-John, 68, told Natalie Morales. “I think that it’s not about that. This plant is a healing plant. I think we need to change the vision of what it is because it helped me greatly and it helps with pain and inflammation.”

LBN -Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

*Jihadis used social media giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread 27,000 extremist posts in just five months, shock figures reveal:

Jihadis used social media and other internet forums to spread 27,000 new bits of extremist content in the first five months of this year. Firms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are now hosting 180 new postings per day by ISIS alone. The content ranges from radicalizing propaganda to guides on how jihadis can mount crude knife and truck attacks. Shock figures released by the British  Home Office reveal the spiraling scale of the problem. Theresa May will insist tech chiefs plough more of their billions into developing technology to police their sites.

*Russia’s Lavrov Praises Trump’s U.N. Speech

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hailed PresidentDonald Trump’s United Nations address late Tuesday as a “very welcome statement,” even as other world leaders questioned whether it was too combative. Lavrov told the Associated Press that one positive takeaway from Trump’s remarks was “that the U.S. would not impose its way of life on others.” Trump emphasized the importance of “mutual respect” among “diverse countries” before lashing out at Iran and Venezuela and threatening to “destroy” North Korea in his first-ever speech before the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday. His speech was something “we haven’t heard from an American leader for a very long time,” Lavrov said. The Russian foreign minister said Trump’s comments also seemed to point to a willingness to mend ties with Russia after the “very low point” in relations left behind by the Obama administration. He said it would be “quite useful” for Trump to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an Asia-Pacific summit in November.

*U.S.-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Seized 80% of Raqqa From ISIS

The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announced Wednesday that it has captured 80 percent of Raqqa from the Islamic State terror group, The Guardian reported. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday that the SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias, has taken more than 90 percent of the city. The remaining ISIS militants are reportedly running out of food and munitions.

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*Trump blames Hillary Clinton for North Korea’s nukes:

President Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam “Crooked Hillary” Clinton over her criticism of his hard line on North Korea and to retweet other posts hailing his speech at the United Nations. “After allowing North Korea to research and build Nukes while Secretary of State (Bill C also), Crooked Hillary now criticizes,” Trump wrote in the tweet, also mentioning Bill Clinton, the day after his first formal address to the UN General Assembly. In his 41-minute speech to the world organization, Trump once again called North Korean PresidentKim Jong Un “Rocket Man” and said he “is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime.”

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*Linda Hamilton to Return to ‘Terminator’ Franchise

Director James Cameron announced late Tuesday that Linda Hamilton, the actress who starred as heroine Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise (and Cameron’s ex-wife), will return for the next installment of the blockbuster sci-fi classic series. “As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return,” Cameron said at a private event, The Hollywood Reporter reported. The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred as both villainous and heroic robots from the future in previous installments, will also be returning.

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*U.K. Police Arrest 3 More Over Parsons Green Attack:

Three people have been arrested in a 24-hour period in Wales in connection with the terrorist attack at a London Tube station that briefly sowed panic on the city’s transport system last week, the police said on Wednesday, bringing the number of people in custody to five. Scotland Yard said two men, ages 48 and 30, were arrested on Wednesday under counterterrorism laws in Newport, a university city in southeast Wales not far from Cardiff, as part of the investigation into the attack that injured at least 30 people.

*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Mitch Lowe has created a monster fit for the big screen. The chief executive of MoviePass took a sleepy, little-known, 20,000-member movie subscription service on Aug. 15 and injected pure adrenaline into its business plan. Lowe cut the monthly, no-commitment membership fee to $9.95 from $40 to $50, enabling movie buffs to gorge themselves on as many flicks as their schedules could fit for less than a 10-spot. In just three weeks, membership spiked to more than 400,000, Lowe said in a recent interview.   ***Chick-fil-A fans across the country should start planning a pilgrimage to the Big Apple, because the chain is planning to open the Mecca of all chicken-sandwich shops in New York City in 2018. The chain announced on Monday that they’re building the “largest Chick-fil-A ever” — a five-level, 12,000-square-foot restaurant complete with a rooftop seating — smack-dab in the middle of Manhattan’s Financial District. And since it’s situated just a half-mile from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Chick-fil-A boasts that the new restaurant “will offer unimpeded views of the Freedom Tower” from the rooftop dining area.   ***The Federal Reserve, which invested trillions of dollars to prop up the American economy after the 2008 financial crisis, is finally ready to take away the crutches. The Fed is expected to announce on Wednesday that it will gradually reduce its $4.2 trillion portfolio of United States Treasury debt and mortgage-backed securities, a move that would amount to a vote of confidence that the economy’s slow-but-steady growth is likely to continue.

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*LBN-HEALTH WATCH:   ***In sharp contrast to the soaring health insurance premiums in many Affordable Care Act marketplaces, the cost of coverage for the vast numbers of people who get insurance through their jobs rose relatively little this year, continuing a period of remarkable stability in the employer market, according to a national survey released Tuesday. The annual premium for family coverage rose an average of 3 percent to $18,764 this year, according the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit group, which conducted the annual survey of employers. That is the sixth straight year that employer-provided policies have increased by well under 5 percent, according to the survey. Employers paid the bulk of the costs, the survey found, with workers shouldering an average of $5,714, a year for a family policy.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Diane Lane and her ex-husbandChristopher Lambert holding a lavish birthday bash for their daughter Eleanor at Bagatelle in NYC.   ***Media expert and author Michael Levine returns from Dallas, Texas where he gave a speech at the Sheraton Hotel.   ***Bill O’Reilly at thePat Benatar concert Thursday night at the Beacon in NYC.   ***Aaron Sorkin at STK Toronto.   ***Kiss rocker Gene Simmons at the London Hotel in Midtown having breakfast solo and wearing sunglasses.

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*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Bob Dylan’s Born Again Christian period of 1979 to 1981 – an intense, wildly controversial time that produced three albums and some of the most compelling and confrontational concerts of his long career – will be chronicled on the next chapter of Dylan’s ongoing Bootleg Series.


James Meredith Is Barred from the University of Mississippi (1962)

After a US federal court ruled that colleges could not deny admission to qualified students on the basis of race, civil rights activist James Meredith prepared to enter the segregated University of Mississippi. On the day of Meredith’s enrollment, Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett stood in the doorway of the admissions office, physically blocking Meredith’s entry, and informed him that his application was denied.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Boxing champion Jake LaMotta died on Tuesday due to complications from pneumonia at age 95. He died in a nursing home, and his condition deteriorated over the past few weeks, his family announced. LaMotta, who began his boxing career in 1941, was known for winning the world middleweight championship and his six-fight rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson, though he won only one of the six fights. Robert De Niro won an Academy Award for portraying him in the 1980 movie Raging Bull, based on LaMotta’s autobiography.   ***Bobby Heenan, a professional wrestler who found greater success managing other wrestlers and working as a quick-witted commentator, becoming one of the most colorful figures in a flamboyant business, died on Sunday in Tampa, Fla. He was 72. His death was announced on the website of WWE, the organization formerly known as World Wrestling Entertainment. Mr. Heenan, universally known by his nickname, the Brain, had been treated for throat cancer and other health problems for years.

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*LBN-COMMENTARY by Mark Bertin, M.D.Don’t pretend to be happy that you’re ill. Just acknowledge that right now, this is how you feel, for better or worse. Remind yourself that it will change. Noticing your mental state, without falling into indulgence or self-pity, come back as best as you’re able to a sense of patience and kindness toward yourself. Start by taking a few deep breaths, focusing on the subtle physical movements that follow along with breathing. If your illness makes breathing itself a challenge, consider focusing on your feet touching the floor, or the back of your legs on the mattress. Continue breathing naturally for a few minutes, or focusing on body sensations.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Keeping their separation a secret wasn’t without complications for Fergie and Josh Duhamel.“Honestly, it was just getting a little weird for us with all the romantic questions,” the pop star, who is making the rounds promoting her new album, told People Tuesday. “We’re great friends, we love each other so much, and it just got to the point where it was getting a little weird … There’s no perfect time so we just decided to do it.”   ***Laurence Fishburne’swife, actress Gina Torres, has been spotted hooking up with a different man. Photographs of Torres, who starred until recently in USA’s “Suits,” show her passionately kissing a mystery man last week. Torres and “Black-ish” star Fishburne have been married since 2002, but it seems as if the pair may have quietly split. They last appeared publicly together in December 2015, and they’ve both made multiple public appearances — including premieres for their own projects — solo since then.   ***Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s new Beverly Hills, Calif., retirement mansion has an endless wall of wine — but the undefeated champ doesn’t even drink! The fighter, who just raked in $180 million for beating Conor McGregor in August in Las Vegas, posted some pics of his new home on Instagram, including one shot bragging, “My wine cellar in my Beverly Hills castle.”

LBN – Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

*Trump: U.S. Prepared to Take Action on Venezuela
President Trump said Monday night that the U.S. is prepared to “take further action” in Venezuela if the “growing crisis” persists. Speaking at a dinner at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Trump called the situation “totally unacceptable.” He added, “The Venezuelan people are starving… The country is collapsing, their democratic institutions are being destroyed.” Trump directed blame at Venezuela’s leader, Nicolas Maduro, and said the U.S. must “take important steps to hold the regime accountable.” The president also plans to mention the crisis in Venezuela during his speech to United Nations member states Tuesday, according to senior White House officials. During the10:30 a.m. talk, Trump will reportedly ask for increased pressure on North Korea to relinquish its nuclear arsenal.

*German WWI U-Boat Found Intact Off Belgium

An intact German World War I submarine containing what is believed to be 23 bodies has been found by researchers in the waters near Belgium, authorities announced Tuesday. Some 18 such vessels were stationed in the area between 1915 and 1918. Thirteen of them were destroyed in wartime, and 11 have since been found. “It’s quite amazing that we found something like this,” Western Flanders Governor Carl Decaluwe told the Associated Press. “The impact damage was at the front, but the submarine remains closed and there are 23 people still on board.”

*Mitchell Flint, American Aviator and Founder of the Israeli Air Force, Dies at Age 94

Mitchell Flint, an American aviator who helped form the Israeli Air Force in 1948 and served in Israel’s first fighter squadron has died. He was 94. Flint was one of the founding members of “Machal,” a group of non-Israelis who fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. “He was one of the original members of the Israeli Air Force’s first fighter squadron and helped train Israel’s first military pilots”, his son, Mike Flint, said. Flint and other members of the Machal had flown in German planes that were captured during World War II and covered the Nazi insignia with Stars of David. He flew in rebuilt Messerschmitts, Germany’s main fighter plane during World War II, as well as Mustangs and Spitfires. Mitchell Flint also recently met the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. Upon meeting Flint, Netanyahu said…”Your (Mitchell’s) heroics as well as Ezer (Ezer Wietzman future President of Israel) and the others from your squadron in helping creating our Air Force and securing Israel’s command of the skies in the war of Independence are legendary. It is a great honor and privilege to have met you (Mitchell).” When Mitchell returned to the United States, he moved to Los Angeles and became a lawyer. He continued flying until last year. Flint’s exploits and the efforts of Mitchell Flint and his colleagues in the 1948 War of Independence have now been memorialized in the book, ANGELS IN THE SKY, written by best-selling author Bob Gandt, slated for release October 3 from Norton Publishing.

*Republican Texas House Speaker Calls for Removal of Confederate Plaque From Capitol

Joe Straus, the Republican speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, has requested that a Confederate plaque be removed from the state Capitol, The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday. “The plaque says that the Civil War was not an act of rebellion and was not primarily about slavery. This is not accurate, and Texans are not well-served by incorrect information about our history,” Straus wrote to the State Preservation Board. The speaker’s request comes after State Rep. Eric Johnson asked the board to remove the plaque last month. The Preservation Board can alter state-owned property, but the plaque in question was erected through a 1959 legislative resolution and therefore may require lawmakers vote for its removal.

*100+ Volunteers Needed for “Stand Down 2017” Homeless Veteran Benefit Event in Los Angeles

From October 26th-October 27thVillage for Vets and Brentwood School are partnering to coordinate volunteers for “The Stand Down 2017,” an event providing supplies and services to homeless Veterans, such as food, shelter, clothing, health screenings and VA Social Security benefits counseling. Veterans can also receive referrals to other assistance such as health care, housing solutions, employment, substance use treatment and mental health counseling. The event is taking place at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. 1500 homeless and family members expected to partake in one day of food, showers, housing, assessments, services and more. Volunteers needed for all services. To volunteer, sign up here:

*Officials Beg Puerto Ricans to Flee Hurricane Maria: ‘You’re Going to Die’

Officials begged Puerto Ricans in the path of Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm heading toward the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, to get out as fast as possible. “You have to evacuate. Otherwise, you’re going to die,” said Puerto Rico’s public safety commissioner. “I don’t know how to make this any clearer.” As of about 5 a.m. Tuesday, Maria was moving at 9 mph with sustained winds of 160 mph, the National Hurricane Center said. Officials have called the storm, which had developed a “dreaded pinhole eye,” “potentially catastrophic.”

*Protesters: St. Louis Police Used Brutally Excessive Force

Demonstrators in St. Louis say police used excessive force and chemical spray against bystanders who were not even taking part in this weekend’s protests after the trial of a former cop who shot a black driver. Activists question whether police went overboard in trying to control the crowd, by reportedly using the controversial tactic known as “kettling” on protest groups—by surrounding them with officers and forcing them to remain in place. Pedestrians were arrested along with doctors, legal observers, a freelance photographer, and others, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “It was the most brutal arrest I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said activist Tony Rice. “I thought I was going to die.” Meanwhile, police are investigating whether some officers were chanting “Whose streets? Our streets” during Sunday evening protests, as numerous press outlets reported. A judge found Jason Stockley not guilty of murder last Friday.

*Phil Liberatore, Certified Public Accountant, Comments on the IRS Rehiring 213 of their Own Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes, Other Offenses

In August of 2017, the Internal Revenue Service rehired 213 employees who ducked taxes, falsified documents, were convicted of theft, or made unauthorized use of taxpayer data, the latest Inspector General’s report says. “This rehiring act directly contradicts a written statement made by E. Faith Bell(the IRS’s acting human capital officer) a month prior to the Inspector General’s report,” says Phil Liberatore, accountant and owner of Liberatore CPA in La Mirada, California. The statement Liberatore is referring to occurred on June 28th, 2017 when Bell wrote to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) claiming, “To the extent possible by law, the IRS will take all steps allowable to prevent the rehiring of former employees with conduct and performance issues.” This controversy comes after a revealing report from The Washington Times which revealed that the IRS’s leniency rate for employees who have been caught cheating on their taxes was around 60-82 percent. While Liberatore is discouraged by the IRS’s rehiring of 213 employees, he is pleased that the recent Inspector General’s report has brought “accountability to the IRS”, and that the TIGTA now “holds the IRS the same standards as everyone else in the US.” Additionally, E. Faith Bell has implemented a “corrective actions” team that, according to Bell, “will ensure existing hiring practices and policies are updated to reflect our use of IRS employment data, specifically any misconduct and performance prior to making a tentative offer [of new employment] to a former IRS employee.” Phil and his team at Liberatore CPA ( will be closely monitoring the latest in IRS news and provide updates as they become available.


Housing and Urban Development

HUD is a well of resources whether you’re renting (e.g. low-rent apartment search) or buying (e.g. mortgage comparison tools or special home buying programs).

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