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LBN – Special Report – Sunday


Pentagon officials have concluded that hundreds more trainers, advisers and commandos from the United States and its allies will need to be sent to Iraq and Syria in the coming months as the campaign to isolate the Islamic State intensifies. In meetings with President Obama’s national security team in recent weeks, military officials have told the White House that they believe they have made significant progress in the fight against the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, administration officials said. But to deal a lasting blow to the extremist Sunni militancy, also known as ISIS and ISIL, they believe that additional forces will be needed to work with Iraqi, Kurdish and Syrian opposition fighters on the ground in the two countries.

BUSTED – Dozens of Cartel Members Arrested:
At least two dozen suspected members of the Sinaloa cartel were arrested on Friday in an all-day sting that took place at the border between Arizona and Mexico. The sting was referred to as Mexican Operation Diablo Express and involved the cooperation between Homeland Security agents, a unit of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and Mexican authorities. The operation also resulted in the seizure of hundreds of pounds of drugs and some assault-style weapons.

Dating and Relationships
1. Couples usually wait until six to eight dates before they are willing to enter into an exclusive relationship.

2. Speed dating, invented by a rabbi from Los Angeles in 1999, is based on a Jewish tradition of chaperoned gatherings of young Jewish singles.

3. The most common time for breakups is around three to five months.

4. One in three teenagers have experienced violence in a dating relationship.

5. In a survey conducted by and Elle magazine, more than 31% of men said they dumped an overweight partner compared to 12% of women.

6. On average, it takes between 12 to 14 dates before couples will trade house keys.

7. Women who post a photo on Internet dating sites receive twice as many email messages as women who don’t. The same study found that men who reported incomes higher than $250,000 received 156% more email than those with $50,000.

8. reports that 44% of its members in the United States have children.

9. On free dating sites, at least 10% of new accounts are from scammers.

10. If a man can’t decide what to wear on a date, he might want to wear blue. Studies show that women are attracted to men in blue.

*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***Setting up an expected 2017 Oscar run, “The Birth of a Nation,” a searing slave-revolt drama, swept the top prizes at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday night in Park City, Utah. “The Birth of a Nation,” directed and written by Nate Parker, who also plays the film’s leading role, won the grand jury prize for a narrative film and was voted the best movie by audiences at the festival, which concludes its 11-day run on Sunday.


*LBN-INVESTIGATES: Dogs can smell about 1,000 times better than humans. While humans have 5 million smell-detecting cells, dogs have more than 220 million. The part of the brain that interprets smell is also four times larger in dogs than in humans.


*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:   ***The Grand Slam was there for the taking last September in New York, and though Serena Williams faltered there and also faltered in the final here in Melbourne on Saturday, the Grand Slam is still very much on the table. To watch Novak Djokovic sweep aside Roger Federer and Andy Murray – the two men closest to him in the rankings – in the closing rounds of the Australian Open was to watch a man in command.

*LBN-MY REVIEW: “LBN is a strong cup of coffee! It wakes me up with intensely independent information and news.”——Carlton U., an LBN reader from Baltimore, Maryland.

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Maureen Dowd: The White House has a strange, mind-warping effect on its occupants. Presidents are exalted and fawned over. Their every whim is indulged and their image is endlessly and lovingly replicated on every wall. Reaching the pinnacle of power, raised up on the shoulders of Americans to the highest office, often has the perverse consequence of making presidents more paranoid, introverted, insecure, reckless or downright nuts. So what would happen if Donald Trump, a clinical narcissist with a thin skin, touchy temperament and taste for flattery, got into the Oval Office? I call Trump to tell him my fears. Given that he already likes to start sentences, “Here’s the beauty of me,” wouldn’t we be risking a narcissistic explosion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

*LBN-COMMENTARY by Adam Grant: Child prodigies rarely become adult geniuses who change the world. We assume that they must lack the social and emotional skills to function in society. When you look at the evidence, though, this explanation doesn’t suffice: Less than a quarter of gifted children suffer from social and emotional problems. A vast majority are well adjusted — as winning at a cocktail party as in the spelling bee. What holds them back is that they don’t learn to be original. They strive to earn the approval of their parents and the admiration of their teachers. But as they perform in Carnegie Hall and become chess champions, something unexpected happens: Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.


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LBN – Special Report – Saturday


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday said that asylum-seeking migrants must return to their home countries once peace has been restored. “We need…to say to people that this is a temporary residential status and we expect that once there is peace in Syria again, once IS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country with the knowledge that you have gained,” Merkel said at a meeting of her party members. The remarks come at a time when Merkel is facing increasing scrutiny for her open-door policy toward migrants. A poll released on Friday showed that 40 percent of Germans want Merkel to resign because of her refugee policy. About 1.1 million refugees arrived in Germany last year.

U.S. Stocks See Worst January Since 2009

Though closing up for the week, U.S. stocks had their worst January since 2009, when the country was still recovering from the financial meltdown. The S&P 500 slid 5.1 percent over the course of the month, and the Dow Jones fell 5.5 percent. The NASDAQ saw a 7.9 percent decline.

*WHO READS LBN? Author Gail Sheehy

Wounded Warrior Project Added to Charity Navigator ‘Watchlist’

Charity Navigator, a leading charitable sector watchdog, put the veterans group Wounded Warrior Project on its donor “watchlist,” indicating to its audience that there are troubling allegations against the organization that contributors should be aware of.  The Daily Beast has been reporting on the excesses of the Wounded Warrior Project since September 2014, with a series of stories on its high overhead costs and its penchant for bullying smaller charities with the term “wounded warrior” in their name. Wounded Warrior Project CEO Steven Nardizzi has also been part of an effort to increase charitable sector executive salaries and have larger fundraising costs.  “Placing a charity on the Watchlist is a way of letting donors know that there is an issue of concern that they should take into account before they donate to that charity,” Sandra Miniutti, a vice president at Charity Navigator, told The Daily Beast. “We have a committee that meets each week. They review the information that has come to our attention about a particular charity and determine if it should be placed on the Watchlist, Donor Advisory list, or neither.”


Facebook to Ban Gun Sales on Site:

Facebook is banning the private sale of firearms on its main site and on Instagram, the company said on Friday. Though Facebook has not directly participated in gun sales, it has served as an online meeting place for the discussion and negotiation. The move comes as President Obama pushes for stricter gun control measures such as more extensive background checks.


1. The main risk factors of depression include past abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), certain medications (drugs that treat high blood pressure), conflict with family members or friends, death or loss, chronic or major illness, and a family history of depression.

2. Even positive events such as graduating, getting married, a new job can lead to depression.

3. Nearly 30% of people with substance abuse problems also suffer from depression.

4. More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from depression in a given year.

5. Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Women may be at a higher risk for depression due in part to estrogen, which may alter the activity of neurotransmitters that contribute to depression.

6. At some point in their lives, about one in four Americans will experience depression.

7. Once men hit midlife, they may face an increased risk of depression due to the decrease of testosterone.

8. Men typically experience depression differently from women and use different means to cope. For example, while women may feel hopeless, men may feel irritable. Women may crave a listening ear, while men may became socially withdrawn or become violent or abusive.

9. Researchers have recently found that those who suffer from depression are at risk for low bone mineral density. Depressed women are especially at risk for developing osteoporosis.

10. Abraham Lincoln first fell into a deep depression after Ann Rutledge, his first love, died. Lincoln reportedly suffered from chronic depression his entire life.

Confirmed: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Back

Netflix confirmed Friday that it will revive beloved WB dramedy series Gilmore Girls for a new season featuring original cast members Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson,Kelly Bishop, Sean Gunn, and Keiko Agena. The original producers, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, are also on board. The reboot’s title, episode count, and premiere date remain unclear. News of a possible reboot first leaked in October.
*LBN-HOLLYWOOD INSIDER:   ***Minnie Driver has returned to CAA after two and a half years at UTA.   ***Fraser Heston has responded to an email from the Academy with a rebuke that invokes father Charlton Heston’s presidency of the Screen Actors Guild and his marching with Dr. Martin Luther King. “I cannot begin to tell you with what consternation I received this missive. But I will try,” Heston writes in a letter to Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and the Board of Governors. The “missive” Heston refers to is an email sent to Academy members informing them that, in an effort to diversify its ranks, the voting status of members will be revoked if they are not “active in motion pictures” during a decade.

*LBN-HEALTH WATCH:   ***The controversial theory that the “seeds” of Alzheimer’s disease may have been transmitted between patients during surgical procedures involving the use of donated human tissue has been supported by the discovery of new evidence. Scientists have found a link between patients who received nerve-tissue grafts several decades ago and the presence of a protein in the brain that is normally seen in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

*LBN-SPORTS INSIDER:    ***A payment processing company that handles a significant number of transactions for the two dominant daily fantasy sports companies notified the operators this week that it would no longer handle their payments and in fact was leaving the industry altogether. It is perhaps the biggest blow yet to an industry that has been pummeled by legal challenges in recent months. Vantiv Entertainment Solutions, the processing company, told its daily fantasy clients, which include FanDuel and DraftKings, that it would “suspend all processing for payment transactions” related to daily fantasy sports in the United States and its territories on Feb. 29.

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*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***David Bowie left the vast majority of his nearly $100 million estate to his wife and two children, according to the singer’s will that was filed Friday in New York. Additionally, Bowie asked that his body be cremated in Bali and his ashes be scattered “in accordance with the Buddhist rituals”.   ***John Legend will produce his first off-Broadway play in NYC, “3 Mics.” The singer has joined Get Lifted Film partners Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius to produce “Chappelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan’s solo show at the Lynn Redgrave Theater from Feb. 23 through March 3
*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Reality TV show producer Tony Dimondhaving dinner last night at M Café in Santa Monica.   ***Oliver Platt taking in “King Charles III” at the Music Box Theater on Thursday in NYC.   ***Diane von Furstenberg having a late dinner at Da Silvano in NYC with friends, the night before John McEnroe and his wife, Patty Smyth, also dined at the restaurant.   ***Brooke Shields having breakfast Friday morning at the Golden Pear in East Hampton, where she enjoyed organic maple granola with Greek yogurt and berries.   ***Amy Schumer with Justin Long on the New York set of “Inside Amy Schumer”.   ***Andy Cohen having a snack at Haven’s Kitchen in Chelsea in NYC.   ***Popular Rant columnist Ericka T. Bass having breakfast at Pink’s Hot Dogs on LaBrea.

AAA: Daily Fuel Gauge Report

“AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report is updated each day and is the most comprehensive retail gasoline survey available. Everyday up to 120,000 self-serve stations are surveyed.”


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LBN Late Breaking Friday




The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that Hillary Clinton’s home server contained closely guarded government secrets, censoring 22 emails that contained material requiring one of the highest levels of classification. The revelation comes three days before Clinton competes in the Iowa presidential caucuses.

State Department officials also said the agency’s Diplomatic Security and Intelligence and Research bureaus are investigating if any of the information was classified at the time of transmission, going to the heart of Clinton’s defense of her email practices.

The department published its latest batch of emails from her time as secretary of state Friday evening.

But The Associated Press learned ahead of the release that seven email chains would be withheld in full for containing “top secret” information. The 37 pages include messages a key intelligence official recently said concerned “special access programs” -highly restricted, classified material that could point to confidential sources or clandestine programs like drone strikes.

LBN E-Lert Edited By Marcelle Luna

LBN E-Lert Disclaimer: 1.) The LBN E-Lert accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The LBN E-Lert is not associated with any commercial or political organization and is transmitted via the web for the sole benefit of its subscribers. 2.) Unfortunately, computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses.

LBN – Special Report – Friday


According to media expert and author Michael Levine( ) , the Fox News Republican debate beat out Donald Trump’s boycott event in TV viewership. Levine said, “Fox’s event was watched by roughly 8.4% of homes with television sets, while Trump’s veterans event only brought about a quarter of that audience combined on CNN and MSNBC.” The debate, however, was the second-lowest-rated of the 2016 season, edging out only the Fox Business debate from two weeks ago, according to Levine.

INSIDE JOB- Mechanic Suspected in Egypt Plane Crash

An EgyptAir mechanic with alleged ties to ISIS is being accused of planting a bomb on a Russian passenger jet that crashed in October. Egypt’s official statement remains that there is no evidence the flight was taken down by terrorism. The plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, killing 224 people on board. Sources told reporters that the mechanic, whose cousin has joined the terror group, that two airport police officers, and a baggage handler have all been detained in connection to the purported bombing. One of the sources said, “After learning that one of its members had a relative that worked at the airport, Islamic State delivered a bomb in a handbag to that person.”

*YIKES! – 48.9% of Union Members Worked for Government in 2015:
The percentage of American wage and salary workers who belonged to a union was only 11.1 percent in 2015, but the percentage of union members who worked for government was 48.9 percent, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “The union membership rate–the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of unions–was 11.1 percent in 2015, unchanged from 2014,” the BLS said in press release published today.

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: In recent years, shortages of all sorts of drugs — anesthetics, painkillers, antibiotics, cancer treatments — have become the new normal in American medicine. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists currently lists inadequate supplies of more than 150 drugs and therapeutics, for reasons ranging from manufacturing problems to federal safety crackdowns to drugmakers abandoning low-profit products. But while such shortages have periodically drawn attention, the rationing that results from them has been largely hidden from patients and the public.

*SETBACK – HIV Developing Resistance to Key Drug
HIV is developing a resistance to key drug, Tenofovir. A study looking at 2,000 HIV patients worldwide found that the virus was resistant in 60 percent of cases in several African countries. In Europe, that number was 20 percent. Lead authorRavi Gupta called the results, which were published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, “extremely concerning.” Officials said improper administration of the drug may be causing the difference. Gupta said, “If the right levels of the drug are not taken, as in they are too low or not regularly maintained, the virus can overcome the drug and become resistant.”

*LBN-INVESTIGATES: A person is more likely to have a heart attack on Monday morning than on any other day of the week.

Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner Dies
Jefferson Airplane’s founding guitarist and singer Paul Kantnerdied Thursday of multiple organ failure and septic shock. He was 74. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that he had a heart attack earlier in the week. Kantner had been in poor health in recent years and suffered a heart attack last March, according to the Chronicle. In 1965, he formed Jefferson Airplane and scored hits such as “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.” Five of the band’s seven albums went gold. Kantner recorded a solo album, Blows Against the Empire, with Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick in the early 1970s to begin the formation of his second band, Jefferson Starship, which went on to score platinum and gold records. Kantner left the group in 1984, but rejoined in 1992 and continued to play with them until his death.


*LBN-BUSINESS INSIDER:   ***Amazon was expected to run away with the holiday season. Instead, it merely strolled. Revenue for the fourth quarter was a bit lighter than expected, the Seattle company reported on Thursday, and profit was a whole lot skimpier. Wall Street was crushed. The $24 billion or so that investors had added to the company’s market value earlier in the day immediately vaporized, and then some.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Oliver Platt taking in “King Charles III” at the Music Box Theater on Thursday.   ***Kyle Richards and a blonde lunching at Serafina Meatpacking in NYC.   *** Oliver Stone and wife Sun-jung Jung taking a snowy stroll around Battery Park City’s North Cove in NYC.   ***Ryan Phillippehelping Todd English celebrate his Resident magazine cover at new development 88 & 90 Lexington in NYC.

Comedian Paul D’Angelo’s Book Wins Numerous Literary Awards In 2015
Image result for paul d'angelo
Boston Comedian Paul D’Angelo’s debut book, “Stories I Tell,” earned rave reviews and won three prestigious literary awards. D’Angelo’s collection of comedic observations was a Gold Medal winner in the 2015 e-Lit Awards, a Finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards and earned Honorable Mention in the 2015 New York Book Festival.

Paul says, “It’s just one funny story after another presented in the style of my act… stories from my childhood, my days in law school, and working as a prosecutor prior to defending criminals; stories about show business, struggling to make it in L.A. and celebrity encounters; plus social sarcasm, original comedy routines that rarely make it into my act, and material that comes across better on the page than on the stage. It’s a fast, fun read.”

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***After nearly two decades, Esquire editor in chief David Granger is leaving the magazine. Town and Country editor in chief Jay Fielden will replace Mr. Granger.   ***Jim VandeHei, the co-founder and CEO of Politico; Mike Allen, author of the influential Politico Playbook;Kim Kingsley, the chief operating officer; Roy Schwartz, the chief revenue officer; and Danielle Jones, an executive vice president will all leave the company later this year.  Susan Glasser, Politico’s top editor, will step down after 2016 and take on a strategic role with Politico as director of editorial innovation from Jerusalem. Glasser is moving to be with her husband, a New York Times reporter who is being promoted to Jerusalem bureau chief.  John Harris, the editor-in-chief who co-founded Politico with VandeHei in 2006, will take over at Politico’s helm for the time being.



“The fastest way to get customer service by phone, chat, email, or even by having the company call you back. GetHuman has millions of tricks and shortcuts to make sure you get help better and more quickly than ever before.”

*LBN-COMMENTARY by David Brooks: For a few decades, American and British conservatism marched in tandem. Thatcher was philosophically akin to Reagan. John Major was akin to George Bush. But now the two conservatisms have split. The key divide is over what to do about the slow-motion devastation being felt by the less educated, the working class and the poor. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have appealed to working-class voters mostly by blaming outsiders. If we could kick out all the immigrants there wouldn’t be lawbreakers driving down wages. If we could dismantle the Washington cartel the economy would rise. In Britain David Cameron is going down another path. This month he gave a speech called “Life Chances.” Not to give away the ending or anything, but I’d give a lung to have a Republican politician give a speech like that in this country.


*LBN-OVERHEARD:   ***Lady Gaga is planning to marry “Chicago Fire” actor Taylor Kinney in Italy, sources say. “She wants to celebrate her heritage, so they’re looking at places in the Italian countryside. She wants a big Italian wedding,” said a source close to the singer. But the source added that they are taking their time with the planning and have yet to choose a date or venue.

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LBN – Special Report – Thursday


Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday once again repeated provocative assertions about the Holocaust, defying the world on a day that it paused to remember the victims of the Nazi genocide in Europe.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released a video in which he said America “assists the fake Zionist regime” and that when “they say in their slogans that they are opposed to terrorism and ISIS they are lying,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Of the Holocaust, Khamenei remarked: “It is not clear whether the core of this matter is a reality or not. Even if it is a reality, it is not clear how it happened…This is the ignorance that exists in today’s world. We should be awake. [Muslims] should know that we can stand up against the ignorance.”

EL CHAPO – Castillo: Sean Penn Screwed Me Over

Kate del Castillo, the Mexican actress who allegedly helped actor Sean Penn arrange an interview with El Chapo for Rolling Stone magazine, says she has been exposed to life-threatening danger as a result of Penn’s actions. Castillo says she didn’t know Penn was working with Rolling Stone and that it was sprung on her just minutes before they sat down with the fugitive cartel boss, a claim that Penn disputes. The interview took place during a meeting that was supposed to be about a movie El Chapo, born Joaquín Guzmán Loera, was looking to make about his life. TMZ reports that Penn received approval to write the story for the magazine but did not inform Castillo until the last minute.

*WHO READS LBN? Senator Marco Rubio

WELCOME HOME! – Mexico: Affluenza Teen on Flight to U.S.

Several days after “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch dropped his deportation appeal, Mexican officials confirm they’ve put him on a U.S.-bound commercial flight to Dallas, where he will face charges. Couch fled Tarrant County after violating the terms of probation for his conviction in killing four people in a drunk-driving wreck. He and his mother were found in a Puerto Vallarta, Mexico resort in December, several weeks after they went missing.

Serena Close to Grand Slam Win Record

Serena Williams charged into her 26th Grand Slam final by destroying Polish tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska on Thursday in the women’s semifinal at the Australian Open. If she wins Saturday, she would tie Steffi Graf’s all-time Slam win record of 22. Williams has won 21 of her 25 former major finals. “I’m really excited to be in another final, it kind of blows my mind right now,” the 34-year-old said. “I feel I am playing the best I can, and I can’t believe I am in the final.” She added, “I started playing aggressive again in the second set and it worked out.”

*LBN-MEDIA INSIDER:   ***A top editor at Michael Bloomberg’s media empire has left the company, citing concerns over how it will cover the former New York City mayor’s presidential aspirations. Kathy Kiely, the Washington news director at Bloomberg Politics, said she resigned from her post after growing uncomfortable with the way her outlet responded to news that Bloomberg is considering an independent White House bid.

1. In Old English, human men were referred to as “wer,” while the term “man” was used to describe humanity as a whole. During the thirteenth century, “man” gradually replaced “wer” as the term for an adult human male while also maintaining its use as an expression for the entire human species.

2. Worldwide, there are approximately 107 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls. Scientists believe the elevated birth rate in favor of boys may be linked to the higher mortality rates of boys in infancy and childhood.

3. Globally, boy babies are 25% more likely to die in infancy than girl babies.

4. Average height today for men in the U.S. is just over 5′ 9″ (175 cm) and average weight is approximately 190 pounds (86 kg). In 1960, average height for men was about 5′ 8″ (172 cm) and average weight was just over 166 pounds (75 kg).

5. Worldwide, men have a life expectancy of 64.52 years, as compared to a life expectancy of 68.76 years for women.

6. The most common cause of death for men in the U.S. is heart disease (the same as for women), and the average age of a first heart attack for men is just 66 years.

7. In the U.S., men have higher death rates for all of the 15 leading causes of death (with the exception of Alzheimer’s disease) and die more than five years younger than women.

8. The brains of adult men are about 10% larger in total size than the brains of women. Because men generally have a larger stature and more muscle mass than women, their brains require more neurons to control the body.

9. Scientists have discovered than men’s and women’s brains actually function somewhat differently. When focused on a task, men tend to use only one side of their brain at a time, devoting all of their attention and concentration to the task at hand. Women, on the other hand, tend to use both sides of the brain at the same time, making them more adept at “multi-tasking.”

10. The word “boy” has been in recorded use since A.D. 1154 as a descriptive term for a male child. The exact etymology of the word is unclear, but it is believed to have descended from the Anglo-Saxon word “boia,” meaning “servant” or “farm worker.”

5 Arrested After California Jail Escape
Orange County officials say they have arrested five people in connection to the escape of three dangerous inmates from a maximum-security prison in Southern California last week. Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens said Wednesday that police were focusing on a Vietnamese gang, but declined to say who was arrested or on what charges. More than 250 members of law enforcement have been searching for Hossein Nayeri, 37,Jonathan Tieu, 20, and Bac Duong, 43, who rappelled from the prison’s roof to escape on Friday.

*LBN-VIDEO LINK: An intimate interview on the new TV show “Without Notes” with Oscar nominated film director Mark Rydell (“On Golden Pond”, “The Rose”) 

*LBN-MY REVIEW: “I love the new format of LBN. World-class design.”—–Rory W., an LBN reader from Boston, Mass.

*LBN-MUSIC INSIDER:   ***Sting will headline the 2016 NBA All-Star Game halftime show, set to take place February 14th at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.   ***Kanye West is in full-on “[I’m] the greatest artist of all time” mode, and not even his label bosses at Def Jam can control him. “Kanye drives Def Jam more off the wall than any other artist drives anyone at any other label off the wall. He tortures them!” says an industry insider.

*LBN-NOTICED:   ***Rooney Mara seeing “Fun Home” in NYC.   ***Naomi Campbell at David Grutman’s Komodo in Miami.   ***Katie Lee, Martha Stewart and Marc Murphy at The Lambs Club in NYC celebrating Geoffrey Zakarian’s100th episode of Food Network show “The Kitchen”.   ***Ivanka Trump at Il Mulino Uptown in NYC.   ***Hugh Jackman at a surprise Sundance premiere of “Eddie the Eagle”.   ***Todd English showing Herb Karlitz how to make white truffle pasta at Bluezoo in Orlando, Fla.   ***Bethenny Frankel at Ocean Prime New York.

*LBN-R.I.P.:   ***Walt Williams, a high-energy, free-swinging outfielder who played for four major league teams but who was probably best known for the unusual physique that earned him the nickname No Neck, died on Saturday in Abilene, Tex. He was 72. The cause was a heart attack, his wife, Ester, said.   ***Barney Hall, whose folksy delivery brought Nascar racing to life for radio listeners across the country for more than five decades, died on Tuesday. He was 83. The cause was complications after an operation, according to Nascar, which did not say where he died. Mr. Hall called his first Daytona 500 in 1960 and missed it just four times in 57 years.


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